In front of her are two men with blonde and black hair who look very flirtatious.

They looked a little older than her, perhaps college students.

When these two men spoke to her, Yuuri’s mood, which had already been depressed, dropped even more.

“If you’re not busy, why don’t you come hang out with us?”

“I’ll treat you to some tea if you like?”

(…… so annoying)

Then she realized that this was an obvious pick-up.

“Leave me alone. It’s none of your business.”

“Don’t say that. I can’t leave you alone if you look like that, can I?”


However, one of the men sat down next to Yuuri on the bench, not caring about Yuuri’s rejection.

And even as she tries to stand up, there is another man standing in front of her, blocking her way out.

(What’s really going on here? ……)

Her discomfort only increased. She sighs as if she is fed up with the situation.

The people around her either didn’t notice, or pretended not to notice even if they did.

The situation won’t change even if she feel resentful towards those people.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“If you don’t tell us, we’re stuck here~”


Calm down, me……!)

She restrain myself from yelling.

If it had been her old self, she would have definitely yelled at him and slapped him, but she would not do such a thing now.

Recently, She have come to think that this area has changed in her since she met Arase.

In the past, She used to think of all beings other than Nanami as depressing and bothersome. That is why she was able to reject people she had never met before without being afraid of them.

Yes, just like when she met Arase for the first time.


Remembering this, her cheeks flushed a little.

I wonder if I went a little too far at that time. But, if he suddenly hugged me on the street, I couldn’t help it, could I? And it was our first meeting. ……)


(I feel self-loathing when I remember it. First impressions are the worst, aren’t they? I wonder if Arase thinks I’m a violent woman who slaps people just for hugging her. …… Yeah …… if I could do it over again, I would. And…..)

“If it were now, I’d hug you back and …… go on and on. …… ehehe.”

“E-Eh, are you okay?”

“Your face is red, but ……”

And now it is Yuuri wandering in a sea of fantasy, leaving behind the duo it had picked up.

The guys can’t hide their slight bewilderment.


Yuuri finally regains herself at the sound of the men’s voices, shakes her head, and then calmly thinks.

(D-dangerous …… now I was being picked on. ……)

These people are so familiar with the trouble they can cause if you provoke them, so it is necessary to deal with them calmly.

Yu uri takes a deep breath once more and turns to the men.

“…… Um. I’m sorry. I have some business to attend to.”

“Hee, What kind of errand?”

“You were looking lonely and alone just now,”

“What’s more, tell me your name already.”

But, as the saying goes, A good deed does not make a good man. She had no choice but to refuse their invitation, even though she was restraining herself, but to the two men, it had no effect at all.

(Aaah Mouu! I’m not getting anywhere!!!!)

Instead of being unable to scream in reality, she screamed as loud as she could in her mind.

Would Arase be there to help me out at a time like this? she thinks


But that person in question is currently working on a date with someone he has feelings for. Remembering this again, her heart sinks.


And then, halfway through, she gave up and muttered a small blur. she muttered.

“Hee, Yuuri. That’s a pretty name.”

“Why were you so depressed, Yuuri? Ah, perhaps you’ve been dumped by your boyfriend or something?”

“It’s nothing …… like that. ……”

“Arara……, this is serious.”

“Let’s go someplace where you can calm down, come one”

The men told her that, and the sadness that she had been trying not to think about filled her chest.

Normally, Yuuri would definitely have resisted, but at this moment, she didn’t think anything of it, and her arm was pulled and she was forced to stand up.


A strong man grabbed her arm, and her head and body wouldn’t listen to what she was saying due to sadness and fear.

The only limit was the sound of a mosquito’s voice.

“Yuuri, my bad. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“…… Eh?”

Then, when she was about to be led away by the men.

Pushing through the men, someone took Yuuri’s hand.

The name finally brought Yuuri to her senses, but she was unable to recognize who it was at first.

“Hey, who are you onii san?”

“I was just about to go out with that girl.”

“I’m sorry. She is my companion.”

“She’s with you? You mean she’s your girlfriend?”



“She looked really sad though”

“Ah, ……? Sad face?”

“Oh? Are you really her boyfriend?”

“……, that’s right. I’m sorry, we had a fight before I came here. We are about to make up and make out, so please don’t mind me! Bye!”

The man who takes Yuuri’s hand takes Yuuri out of the place without having time to interrupt the men while a question mark appears in his head for a moment.



The men were stunned and wooden.

Then, without knowing what was going on, Yuuri was taken away from the place by the boy. Her head was fighting each other with unfamiliar emotions.

They ran through the crowd at a brisk pace for a while. Yuuri finally mentioned the man’s name.

“A-Arase…..! I-it’s all right now. ……!”

“—–I’m sorry.”

The man ─ ─ Arase, in a panic, quickly removed his hand.

And he was nervous about what she was going to say to him.

The reason is that the guys suspected that he had a relationship with Yuuri and he said some strange things.

(There were better excuses for making up and flirting than make up and make out……)

The words came out as quickly as they came out. Just remembering it, he feel a rush of regret.

And the words that Yuuri, who was listening to this, would say were already decided.

──Who would flirt with you!

Even though it was an emergency situation, he had withdrawn his hand, and it was likely to be one of her customary slaps.

But she doesn’t want to think it’s the same as when they first met. At least that time, though, he was hugging her

Although it is Arase, she believe that they have been communicating with each other.

However, wondering why Yuuri didn’t say anything to him after he let go of her hand, Arase calls her name again.

(Maybe she’s angry ……?)

“Uh, Yuuri ……?”

“Uuu …….”

“Eh?! Wait……!?”

Then, what was waiting for him was the sight of Yuuri sniffing her nose and shedding a single tear.

(What am I going to do about this? ……)

It was the moment when Arase’s bad premonition alarm came true.


This is my first update in 3 months.

Sorry for the long wait. I have been busy with my personal life and in a slump for a while, so I have not been able to write.

I have changed my writing style quite a bit in this story. Well, I just changed it from the usual first person to the third person.

I can’t help but feel that writing in the third person makes it stiffer, but if you don’t mind, please let me know what you think.

And then some thoughts on the story…

I’m in a slump, so receiving feedback is very motivating.

I’ll try my best to update again soon.

Thank you very much.

(TL/N : He’s back)

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