As I was talking with my friend back in the classroom, I suddenly noticed that Shota-kun was not there.

However, after a little wandering of my gaze, I soon found his back, and it looked like he was consulting with the executive committee members about something again.

(…… Shota-kun, you seem to be having a hard time.)

I move away from the friend I was talking to to go help Shota-kun.

……Then that person stood in my way.


I silently tried to avoid him and move on.

However, seeing me in such a state, that person’s face contorts a little in pain, and that person grabs my arm.

“Wait, Sana.”

I haven’t forgiven her, but Shota-kun has told me not to deal with her.

Being entangled like this is surprisingly troublesome.

I asked, hoping that she would just tell me what she want to do


“Hey, ……, can you give me some time now?”

“I can’t. Besides, we’re already cleaning up”

I looked lightly in the direction where the last customer had just left.

“Oh, wait a minute! There’s someone I want you to talk to…….”

“I don’t want to talk.”

I’m already in trouble.

I tried to move away from her as she pulled out her phone and fumbled around with it.

After I turned my back to her, I heard her say a word or two to the person on the other end of the line, then she switched to speaker and a voice through her phone called out to me.

[It’s been a long time, Sakurae Sana]


When I turned around at the sound of a familiar voice, she handed me her phone, looking a little happier than ever.

……After all, it was you who was connected, wasn’t it?

I took it without saying a word, turned off the speaker function and put the phone to my ear.

“…. hello?”

“Fufu, thanks for picking up. How are you?”

“Well, …….”

I step out into the hallway to get away from the noise of the classroom.

I didn’t have to say anything because she also came to me, so it wasn’t a problem.

“Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy the school festival with Shota-kun. I heard that you might get in the way, but thank you for your consideration.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’m sure you feel the same way I did a year ago…”

After a little pause, Tachibana Rio said.

[I wanted you to experience the feeling of despair afterwards as well]


I could tell she was still planning something in those words.

“…, the festival are over.”

“Don’t be a bore. Even …… you want to settle things, don’t you?”

“Certainly, I think so too. But if I do something without permission, Shota-kun will get mad at me, so I’ll have to do it another time.”

The dull sound of grinding teeth could be heard.

[..Are you running away?]

I almost snickered at the cheap provocation.

“You’re in a hurry, aren’t you? Maybe it’s because all the friends you’ve gathered will be wasted?”


Tachibana Rio let out a sigh as if she had given up.

[Even if I try to get these guys to go back like this, they probably won’t listen to what I have to say.]


[….If you won’t play along, I guess I’ll have to ask Shota-kun directly after all]

“!? If you touch …… Shota-kun, I won’t forgive you.”

[In that case, why don’t you deal with me from the beginning?…Ah, don’t worry. I won’t let him touch the guys I’ve gathered yet.]

“And I’m supposed to trust that?

[I can’t prove it. but I do have another use for them. ……, and of course, when this is all over, I’m going to let you away.]


At least, does that mean she won’t move them now?

The one who loses will become their toy…

(Sorry, Shota-kun. …… I still can’t forgive these guys.)

I went to Tachibana Rio under provocation.

“Welcome, thank you for coming all this way. …… Oh, Akane followed you too.”

“I can’t wait to finally be able to help Sana.”


I was called to a classroom at the end of the third floor of the school building, which was not used even for the school festival.

They leave us alone and I look around the classroom.

“…..It’s okay, they are not here. I’ve asked them to leave.”


She sensed that I was wary of the people Tachibana had gathered, and said so.

“Well then, let’s get right to it. Akane, will you stay away from me for a bit?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Tachibana Rio approaches me with an eerie smile on her face, even though she looks calm.

We faced each other in the deskless classroom, a couple of steps apart.

“……. You guys seem to have gotten along pretty well since then.”

“Yeah. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be dating already.”

“I doubt that.”

Tachibana Rio let out a disappointed sigh.

“As you know, Kokonoe-kun is kind. I think you’re wrong.”

“I don’t know, only Shota-kun can know that.”

It’s not a definite love relationship yet.

It was as if Tachibana Rio’s shoulders had taken a little bit of pressure as she said that.

“…. but it seems like Shota-kun is looking at me in a special way from the people around me.”

I said this to Tachibana Rio with a winning smile, just like before.

Tachibana Rio was clearly ticked off and retorted.

“You have a lot of friends who don’t know what to look for.”

I said to Tachibana Rio with an even deeper smile.

“Really? Didn’t you think so too when you were looking at us?”


I don’t know if Shota-kun noticed, but I felt this girl’s gaze on me several times when the two of us were going around the cultural festival.

I believe that by the way Shota-kun and I were looking at each other today, it would not be surprising that most people felt we were dating.

When I confronted her about it, she clearly began to express her anger.

“…… you, you are still disturbing me. ……Why are you even next to him?”

“Shota-kun is the one who allows me to do that.”

“…… No, it’s not. That’s my place.”

“annoying…I hope the habit that I let go of doesn’t show up now.”


Suddenly, Tachibana Rio’s teeth creaked.

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore…! I want to make you disappear.”

“That’s the same …… for me. I told you, I’ll never forgive you,…….”

We glared at each other.

It would be useless to talk about it anymore …….

I understand that we both think the same way.

“R-Rio. W-wait…”

I don’t know what I was thinking, but the thing that was far away started to approach me.

For a moment, my gaze turned to that direction.

(Damn ……?!)

In the gap, Tachibana Rio moves at the edge of my vision.

Somehow, I managed to spray the item I had hidden as Tachibana Rio approached me while trying to retrieve something.

“….. baaaaaaaaaaaah!!!?”

Tachibana Rio rolls on the floor in pain.

I breathed heavily with my shoulders, still a little stunned by the success in the nick of time, “Haaaa haa”

“Ri, Rio! ……!”

That guy who was delayed for a moment and ran up to Tachibana Rio.

‘Ah! Aaah! !’ looking down at Rio Tachibana, who was still writhing in agony.

“…I told you to be prepared, right? Today, I’m going to summarize it and make you understand it thoroughly.”

“Hii!? S-Sana! Please wake up!”

“You’re the ones who are sleepwalking, aren’t you ……!”

I won’t allow it anymore.

This is the end.

Thinking so, I approached the two.

…Ah, I can finally get rid of the person who hurt Shota-kun.

I’m going to beat you up so bad that you’ll never be able to show your face in front of Shota-kun again. ……

“F-Fufufu…., ahhahhah!!!”


“Ri, Rio ……?”

Tachibana Rio is still in pain and cannot stand up. She can’t even open her eyes.

Still, she seemed genuinely amused and let out a very eerie laugh.

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Love how Sakurae refers Akane as a thing.