Arase’s mind went blank at this completely unexpected event, and he immediately took Yuuri and moved out of the place with his brain fully occupied.

If he had stayed there, Arase would have been called a “jerk” for making his female companion cry by the person around him.

He can’t help but feel that some people were giving him the white eye, but since he didn’t really do anything himself, he forced himself to think that it was all in his mind.

The destination of the move was a bench set up in a different location than where Yuuri was sitting earlier. This building, which also serves as a commercial facility, has benches and soft-type round chairs set up everywhere for resting.

He looked around for an available bench, being careful not to run into the men from earlier.

In the past few minutes, a sense of fatigue had quickly set in on Arase.

“Have you calmed down?”


He called out to Yuri, who had finally stopped crying. Yuri nodded her head silently, her eyes reddening.

She turned her face away from Arase and looked in the direction of tomorrow.

“Um, Yuuri san?”


Again, when he called out to her, all that came back was silence.


“—–. Don’t look at me!”

“I-I’m sorry. ……”

When he tried to call out to her again and look into her face, what he received was a strong rejection. And then a glare that told him how unhappy she was right now.

(I guess I was too persistent,……, I made her angry,…….)

While he is curious about the reason for the tears Yuuri shed, he wants to do something about this awkward situation first.

(And ……)

He comes out and tells Suika he has to go to the bathroom. Arase, who saw a future where Yuuri would have a bad experience, made such an excuse to Suika to come out.

(Well, let’s just say we met her on the way at worst……?)

What a thought to put this situation in perspective.

Yuuri was entangled with a couple of college-aged guys.

He pulled Yuuri by the arm and took her out. Then, for some reason, she burst into tears and wouldn’t even face him.

Normally, Yuuri has a strong attitude toward everyone. He wondered if Yuuri would cry just because she was picked up.

Maybe, but it is hard to imagine. In fact, if she had been taken by force, she might slap them.

But in fact, that did not happen. So why was that?

(Was she really scared ……? No way. ……? Or maybe she was really trying to have fun with those two? No, that’s as expected. I don’t know. ……)

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t understand the reason for Yuuri’s tears.

Being unfamiliar with the female mind, Arase does not have the answer in this case.

(It seems I’ve offended her, so I’ll apologize anyway.)

So, Arase decided to apologize while asking how Yuuri was doing.

Meanwhile, speaking of Yuuri, who had checked up on Arase…

(should be ……)

Yuuri was filled with shame inside.

She was shocked by the sudden appearance of Arase, who was not supposed to be here.

She was scared, happy, and relieved. She was scared, happy, and relieved, and she was so overwhelmed with emotions she did not understand that she naturally burst into tears.

Normally, she would never have cried. She would not have been afraid of the men. However, because of the instability of her mind, she had exposed herself in an ugly way.

Realizing this after settling down, Yuuri was no longer able to look at Arase’s face properly.

Even though she had been seen crying once, the situation was different from that time.


She was screaming. Screaming. While trying not to look at Arase’s face, while dyeing her face like an apple,

(What shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, what shall I do, …..!)

She was shouting.

In the end, he almost saw her with such a face and she strongly rejected her.

(C-calm down, Yuuri. He seen me crying once before! Even that time …… even that time ……)



Remembering that time still makes her want to bury her face in the futon and jiggle her legs.

“Uh, sorry Yuuri.”

“…… eh?”

And when she was wondering what to say, for some reason he apologized. Not understanding the meaning of this, her thoughts stop again.

“Sorry if it was by any chance, did I interrupt you?”


What in the world is this guy talking about? Yuuri thought in her mind.

Then she circled back around and became calm.

“There’s no way I’m going to go out with that guy. Are you stupid?”


Yuuri told him, and he was relieved that he was still wrong in his guess. However, he doesn’t even know the reason for the tears. So, Arase decided to boldly ask.

“….. then why were you crying?”

“……! I-I just got a piece of trash in my eye! N-No delicacy! No delicacy!!”

“N-no delicacy?!”

“It’s true, isn’t it? You should be more careful with women! Otherwise, you’ll never get them back!”

“Ugh. ……”

There was no sound. It was indeed a careless thing to do. Pressured by Yuuri, Shinsei shrinks.

Yuuri, on the other hand, was pointed out that she had cried, and again cursed in embarrassment.

(I feel like an idiot. Even though I was so worried about Arase. ……)

She was heartbroken. That should have been a big part of her heart, but just by talking about it, before she knew it, she felt lighter.

(Ah mouu! I knew it, Arase ……)

Realizing her favoritism again.

It’s not like she’s going to give up any time soon.

“Rather that? You’re dating Takimoto-san, right?”

In the first place, he should have been on a date with Suika right now. Although she doesn’t know why it came to her, if she were his girlfriend, he wouldn’t feel good about being with another woman on a date, even if he had a reason to be there.

So, having cooled down somewhat, Yuuri was able to ask Arase about it again.

“No, I’m not on a date, but how did ……you know I was with Suika?”

“Eh, What!? I mean, ……, I saw her by chance, or …..somehow….”

“…… Really?”

Sure, she might come across it by chance. If you live in that rural town, your entertainment options are limited, and if you go somewhere on holiday, there’s a high chance it’ll be here, in the neighboring town.

However, Yuuri’s bland attitude here made him suspicious.

“I-I didn’t come all the way here looking for Arase! It’s not like Ayako-san told me he was going to Nagahama with someone or anything!”

“Didn’t you already confess to that?”

“……, M-my bad!”

And then, she was backhanded.

“So, what about it!! It’s a date, isn’t it!”

“I don’t know why Yuuri is so concerned about whether it’s a date or not,…… but me and Suika don’t have that kind of relationship.”


Arase sighed deeply and told the story of what led up to this point.

Suika is not doing well. That Fujibayashi had asked him to try to cheer her up.

And that somehow, after all this time, the two of them had decided to play together.

He told her all about it without concealment. He was silent for a long time, but when he saw the stunned look on Yuuri’s face, he felt uncomfortable.

“Eh,…… then, what about when Arase said he liked Takimoto-san?”

“…When and who said that?”

“B-Because you were talking to Nakashiro the other day! You said you liked her”

“Nakashiro ……?”

Arase frantically searched through the memory drawers in his brain.

When in the world had they ever talked about such a thing?

In the beginning, Arase has only had a few conversations with Nakashiro.

And out of those few conversations, he remembered one that he had just recently.

“Oh, that. …… That was just as a friend, you know. That black-hearted bastard just wanted me to say it like that. I mean, did you hear that?”


He hadn’t expected such a conversation to be picked up, but it would be troublesome if Nakashiro was just teasing and then someone eavesdropped and took it seriously.

Yuuri was at a loss for words, not paying attention to Arase who looked at her with such thoughts.

(What was all that time I spent worrying about ……?)

And then she felt irresistibly embarrassed that she had acted on her own mistake and ended up here.

“H-heeee, I see. Hee~ …… hmm?”

But now that he knows the truth, that doesn’t matter to Yuuri. She no longer forgot to hide the fact that she was happy about it, and her face was all relaxed.

“What’s with that face? Why are you grinning a little?”

“I-I’m not grinning at all! I mean, you’re perverted to stare at a maiden’s face!”

“……, isn’t that too unreasonable?”

“More importantly, are you sure you want to waste your time here? You need to get back soon and cheer up Takimoto-san, don’t you?”

“No, whose fault is it ……?”

“Just go!”

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Arase stood up with an unconvinced look on his faces.

“Ah! Arase! I’ll tell you this!”

“What, you still have something ……?”



Arase, who was stopped, was amused by the sudden gratitude, but somehow accepted it and left the place.

(Damn ……)

Then, as if to cool down his heated cheeks, he quickly returned to Suika.

Arase himself did not know why his heart jumped so much.

And after Arase was gone, Yuuri,

“You didn’t like her……, did you? Hehehe.”

She grinned to herself.

This time without anyone seeing her.

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