I’m glad.
I was really glad.

I had seen in the future where it was thrown away, and I was able to catch it as it fell.

I heard Mitani-san’s scream the moment the bear key chain was thrown, so I called out to her, thinking that she must be there, after I could no longer hear the voices of the trio.

I will surely never forget the look of utter surprise on Mitani-san’s face as I peeked in.

“Senpai! H-How did you end up in such a place ……”

Mitani san, who had rushed down to the riverbed, was bewildered as she spoke to me. The sound of the river also made it a little difficult to hear her.

“I’m glad I was able to catch it. When I heard the argument, I was on the riverbed. And then it just came down.”
“…… R-Really?”

I guess so. Of course you would suspect it. The timing is too good to be true.

“B-but …… thank you.”

But rather than that, Mitani-san seemed to be more worried about the key chain I caught. Saved me the trouble of fooling around.

“Yeah. I’m handing it to you now—!?”

The moment I took a step forward to go to Mitani-san.
I was caught in the current of the river, lost my balance, and fell down on the spot.

“I-I’m fine. ……”

Ugh …… I drank the water. ……
Somehow I managed to keep my hand holding the bear up, and as I fell, I got up and made my way to shore.
I was soaked all over, including my uniform.

“T-This …… sorry. I think I might have gotten a little wet. ……”
“I-it’s all right, but are you alright, senpai?”
“Oh, I’ll be fine. It’s getting a little hot, and it will dry up soon. ……Hachoo!!”

I said I’m fine, and then I sneezed a mighty sneeze.
I am trying to be strong, but the water temperature in the river is still low, and to be honest, it is a little chilly.
Helping others comes at a price.

“You’re not all right! You’ll catch a cold! Please follow me!”
“Eh, wai!!”

With that, Mitani-san pulled me along and took me somewhere.

“Here’s a bath towel. And here is a change of jerseys, though they may be a little small. …… Also, I’m boiling water right now, so for now, please take your time to warm up.”

After saying that, she handed me a towel and a change of clothes and went out of the changing room.

“……Why in the world did this happen?”

I asked myself, but no one answered me.
The mirror shows me with wet hair and a lazy look on my face.

I was given a towel to wipe off my hair temporarily, but it was still damp and wet.

“Anyway, let’s go in.”

I took off my wet clothes and stepped into the bathroom.
The bathroom was not very big, but it had a bathtub.

I pulled the lever and the water started to flow. After a while, warm water started to flow, and it began to warm my slightly chilled body.

After getting wet in the river, Mitani-san pulled me to this house – the house where she lives alone.
This apartment was very close to the river, so she didn’t want me to catch a cold, so she brought me here.

“So you live alone, huh? I see. ……”

A little too vulnerable, don’t you think?
I didn’t expect to visit a house where a girl lives alone …… like this.

I borrowed some shampoo so as not to put out too much and cleaned my head, I finished my shower and decided to take a soak since the tub was just full of hot water.

Although I was staying at Ayako san’s house, I rarely soaked in the hot water at that house.
I always just took a shower.


I naturally squealed when I soaked myself in the bathtub. It felt good to take a bath for the first time in a long time.

“What am I going to do after this?”

It would be nice to borrow a bath and a change of clothes, but my uniform would not dry quickly.
Well, that’s not important.
For now, let’s just take a nice long soak.

While warming up in the hot water, I looked around and saw signs of women living everywhere.
It’s Mitani san’s house where she lives alone, so it’s only natural.

The shampoo was expensive, something I’ve never seen before, and there was even face wash, cleansing oil, and makeup remover.

I can’t ……. I’m feeling strangely conscious about it.
Speaking of which……, does Mitani-san go in here every day?

“……Am I an idiot, I.”

I, sickened by my thoughts of quicksand, washed my face and left the bathroom after a short while.

After leaving the bath and wiping myself off, I thought about getting dressed, but then I realized something important.

“What should I do with my pants? ……”

Of course, my pants were soaking wet.
Should I put on my pants while they are still wet? No, that’s not a good idea. ……
I thought they might dry if I kept them on, but I didn’t want to do that after I had just cleared my head.

Not that there was any way to do it, but I kind of looked around.
Then I saw something yellow falling in the gap between the washing machines.


I picked it up and found it was a bra. It was a bra, and it was a decent size, too.
I wondered if it was a skinny type …….

“No, no, no, this is not good!”

I panicked and threw it in the washing machine to destroy the evidence.

“I didn’t see anything. Huh?”

I told myself, then looked closely at the basket with my change of clothes and saw something in a new bag.

“Why is it there?”

It was men’s underwear. It was probably something she had prepared for me, but I was curious in the usual way.
No way, boyfriend or something? No, no. It’s not a good idea to bring me into the house. If it really was the case, it would be a scene if we ran into each other.

There was no explanation, but I interpreted that the fact that it was here meant that I was allowed to use it, and I was thankfully able to finish changing my clothes.

My relief was short-lived.
This time, I saw a transparent three-tiered box.
Because of the transparency of the boxes, I could see the multicolored …… through them.


I panicked and left the changing room.
There are a lot of dangerous things in there.
A woman living alone, no wonder.

“Thank you, Mitani-san. I’m up. ……?”

After leaving the changing room, the living room was right across a short hallway. I entered there and called out to her, but the room was empty.

“Where’d you go?”

I don’t want you to leave me in a room where I live alone and where the girls live.
I’m feeling strangely soppy because of the earlier incident in the changing room.

I know I’m not supposed to look too much, but please forgive me for looking out of curiosity.
It was a simple room, not too messy and tidy.
However, there was one thing that clearly stood out.

“Wow, this is amazing. Looks expensive.”

On the desk were multiple monitors. And there was a large desktop PC. There was also some kind of equipment and a camera. The chairs also looked very high quality, and I thought I wouldn’t get tired even if I sat on them all day.

“A gaming PC or something like that, huh? So she like it?”

I felt bad, but as I looked at the top of the desk, I saw a picture displayed in the photo booth.

“This is …….”

I picked up the photo and looked at it closely.

There was a girl with a smile on her face.

“It’s Mitani san, isn’t it?”

On one side was a girl I didn’t know, and on the other was definitely Mitani-san. The only difference was that she was different from the girl I always saw, as well as the fact that she was not wearing glasses, and she looked years younger than she does now.

And most of all, she had a bouncy smile that I have not seen very often.
This alone shows that Mitani-san is quite a beautiful girl.

Looking at this, I couldn’t understand why and how she had changed now.

─ ─ Gashak.


As I was staring at the photo, I heard a door open from the front door.
I panicked and put the photo back in its original position.

But I was in too much of a hurry and touched the mouse on the desk.


The screen that came out of sleep mode showed Misaki Akari’s image.

“You saw it, didn’t you?”

I felt as if all the hairs on my body had been reversed.

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