Thus, I sleep in the back of the wagon. They are already in the tent, so I cannot see them. I meditated, praying that they would please get along with each other.

Then, this time, it was not about the two of them, but about the events of my time in Japan that came back to me.

The male friends I had played with since elementary school, my father and mother who took good care of me, and the government officials who always praised me with a smile.

Looking back, I think I was blessed to live a life in such a privileged environment.

But I am a human being. I have a black history or two.

Among them, the one that tormented me the most was

[I don’t like men who are nice to me.]
[I mean, just looking at them makes me want to vomit, and I can’t accept them physiologically.]
[Bye bye~]

When I was a college student, I once confessed my feelings for a girl I liked. The result was, as shown above, a crushed ball.

I want to propose to Sophia and Sera. It would be a simple matter of saying, “Please marry me”. Royalty in the countries of the Orient are allowed to marry polygamously. King Sennacherib, my grandfather, was married to 150 women. My father married only one woman.

In other words, I, who have all of Eric’s memories of the past, felt very uncomfortable at first about marrying many women, but now I accept it as a common sense.

That’s right. It is not strange in this world to have such a relationship with many girls. However,

I have to keep my mouth shut because of the trauma of the past. I may be running away with the optimistic thought that I will be able to handle it once the trip is over.

“…… let’s go to bed.”

Sera and Sophia Side

The two of them are lying down in the tent. Sera was shaking because of her nervousness, and she asked Sophia how she looked. Sophia, sensing her state, giggles and then opens her mouth.

“Don’t be so nervous. Sera is an important companion who will be traveling with us.”
“No, I’m not a fellow ……! I am a lowly commoner maid. ……”
“Fufu. …… I’m a lowborn nobleman now, too.”

Sera’s breathing steadies under Sophia’s attentive tenderness. Sophia, who confirmed this, suddenly became fidgety and said what was bothering her the most.

“I said I was going to sleep with Sera because I wanted to discuss the future with …… Eric. ……”
“I-is that right ……?”

As soon as the word Eric was mentioned, Sera strained her ears and prepared to listen to Sophia’s words.

Sophia clears her throat and then speaks.

“I, who have crossed swords with countless swordsmen and have never lost, have been defeated by Eric.”
“I’ve been courted by the powers of the Orient and by princes from faraway lands, but I’ve never been moved. But Eric easily stole my heart, and I became his woman. ……”
“I have never seen another man with such a gentle nature. It was as if the god of love had taken over and Eric became a different person and filled my heart. I still can’t stop the thrill of it. …… Sera would agree with me, wouldn’t you?”
“I agree vehemently! Eric sama has changed. And he treats this servant girl with a …… very gentle attitude. I think that kindness is out of this world. ……”
“Yeah. I think so too …….”

And they both writhed and writhed, holding their lower bodies. But Sophia, shaking her head violently from side to side and coming back to herself, continued.

“Surely, Eric could make me and Sera happy, …… but.”
“Mandane, who we’re going to see, is a person to watch out for, and that worries me.”
“Mandane…… is the person who will be the next queen of the Kingdom of Ernia, isn’t she? Why is she a person to watch out for?”
“Because she is likely to be a danger to …… Eric!”
“D-Dangerous!? What do you mean……?

Sera’s eyes widened as she looked at Sophia and urged her to continue with her gaze. Sophia looked away shyly and blurted out.

“Mandane’s mmm, her breasts are so big compared to mine …….”
“Ah …….”

Sera realizes that there is a discrepancy between what she considers “dangerous” and what Sophia considers “dangerous,” and she is momentarily confused. Sera, however, regained her composure and followed up with Sophia.

“Sophia-sama has something respectable enough!”
“…… Sure, I’m a little bigger in size than most women, but …… I’m like a moon when I stand in front of that woman.”
“S-she’s that big!?”

Sophia responds to Sera’s question with a silent nod.

“It’s common knowledge that men prefer women with large breasts, by their own admission. So, if Eric is ogling those things, …..”.
“Princess …….”

Sera looks at the sad Sophia with concern. But Sera already had the words in her head that she needed to say.

Sera caught Sophia with confident eyes and said loudly.

“Eh! What?”
“In my hometown, we have a saying: ‘Big breast are a woman’s enemy.’”
“Big breast are the enemy of women?”
“Yes! Any lecherous woman who sees her worth only in the size of her tits must be condemned!”
“…… Indeed, I have the impression that so-called “big-breasted” women are insolent people who use their breasts to play tricks on men. Even in our country’s royal court, a servant with large breasts seduced so many men that she was eventually disciplined and dismissed.”
“That’s right! Big breasts are the enemy of women!”
“…… may have a point. …… but ……”
“Mandane is one of the three most beautiful women in the Orient. Not only are her breasts beautiful, but so is her face, so I’m sure Eric will ……”

Sera, unable to look at Sophia who was mumbling to herself, squeezed Sophia’s right hand and said with a glint in her eye,

“Lady Sophia is also one of the three beautiful women of the third generation!.and I am sure that Eric sama’s love for you is bigger than the size of her breasts! Besides, I am sure that Eric sama’s love will not be diminished by the size of her breasts! Let’s trust Eric sama!”
“But we must not let our guard down! So let’s …… form an alliance to defeat big breast!”
“The Big breast Alliance?”
“Yes! We are the Big breast League!”
“…… sounds really good. The princesses Eric is going to meet are all called big-breasted, so it might not hurt to have some coverage. ……”
“All the other princesses have big breasts!?”
“Yeah …… so it might help …… if Sera backs me up.”
“Of course, I’ll do my best to support Princess Sophia! I, I will support Princess Sophia as much as I can!”
“Fufu I can see why …… Eric cares so much about Sera.”

Sophia whispered with a meaningful smile to Sera, who was holding her own hand.


Sera twitched her head, unable to hear, but Sophia nodded with a hmm as if satisfied, and then opened her mouth again.

“Thanks to you, the haze in my mind has cleared up. Thank you. And as I said before, Eric and I are Sera’s friends, despite our differences in status. You don’t have to try to force me and Eric together.”
“It should be a long journey. So, let’s all get along well together. I’m sure Eric would want that.”
“As you say!”

They felt comfortable in the relaxed air and talked about many other things before falling asleep.

Sera has small breasts, so small that she is said to have poor breasts. However, Sophia seems to think highly of them.

If Sera had been a maid with big breasts, Sophia might not have opened her heart to her.

So, during the conversation with Sophia, Sera was relieved that she is a poor breasted woman.

And the alliance to overthrow big breast was formed.

Eric Side

I wake up. The sound of running water and sparrows chirping gently flutter in my ears.


Sera and Sophia, did they sleep well? I was worried, but as I got out of the carriage, I was surprised to see them.

“Do I just cut it off like this?”
“Yes! You are very good at it!”
“Fufu, Cooking is a lot more fun than I might think.”

I looked down at the water and saw Sera and Sophia cooking together.

The two were working together, chatting and laughing amiably.

That’s good

I patted my chest and walked quickly to the waterfront where Sera and Sophia were. Then, they noticed me, paused their work, and turned to me.

“Good morning!”
“Eric…… good morning…….”

Sera looked very cheerful. Sophia looked a little embarrassed. Seeing these two, I secretly made up my mind in my heart to protect their smiling faces.

I will keep their smiling faces.

And when the trip is over, I will say, “Let’s get married.”

“Good morning. What’s for breakfast today?”
“Today’s menu is a salad with meat from the deer Princess Sophia hunted and lots of fresh vegetables!”
“Looks delicious!”
“Fufu, it’s almost ready, so wait by the fire.”
“Yes ! Okay.”

I felt more at home than I had felt just after leaving Halkeginia.

We enjoyed the venison salad and hurried on our way to our destination, the Kingdom of Ernia.

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