The night of the day I stopped the girl’s fall from the rooftop. I was watching VTubers, as Sosuke had told me to.
I didn’t know which one to watch, but I decided to watch it because it had just started live streaming.

The VTuber, called Gosaki Akari, seems to belong to an agency and is basically a virtual idol. I thought there were a lot of video game videos, but I thought that’s the way it is nowadays, so I decided not to pay attention to them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a week~! I’ll try my best to stream again little by little. So please support me. ⭐︎”

It’s all right!
Cheer up!
We’ve been waiting for you!

The comment section was filled with warm comments. This is the proof of her popularity.
The number of subscribers was close to a million, as expected from a major agency.
VTubers are amazing. With that many subscribers, must she be flush with money?
Oops. I’m still stuck in my old habits. I still think about money. I’ve decided to be frugal and save little by little. So I don’t envy anyone!

“Thanks for all the comments! Akarin is so happy to have everyone’s support. I’d like to spend an hour or so chatting with you today.”

The pink-haired girl on the screen began to speak casually in a sweet voice.
It seems that tonight is a chit-chat session. I decided to use that as a substitute for the radio and study for the test.

………. Let’s do math first. It’s that teacher’s subject, and if I get a red mark, I don’t know what she’ll say.

“Akari, as you all know, is an active JK, and she has a test coming up. So I have to study hard after this stream is over. Akari is not very smart!”

Oh, really? You’re in high school? I mean, is that kind of thing something you’re allowed to disclose? Well, it’s no use worrying about that.

“So, today. I skipped class on the rooftop because I felt it was a bit of a hassle to go to class at school. ⭐︎”

Don’t say that. Just a few minutes ago you were saying that you weren’t smart and needed to study harder.
I don’t know if it’s okay to say such a thing in a broadcast. Wouldn’t this kind of thing cause a firestorm?

She made me feel uneasy when I listened to her.

Two panels of immediate fallout.
Don’t skip.
The rooftop is a classic spot.

I don’t know what the comment is, though. I don’t really know what two panels of immediate drop-off is.

“Haha, sorry, sorry! It’s just for today, so forgive me, nyan?”

Gosaki Akari winked in a sweet voice, and the commenters got excited.
The emotion on the part of the viewer is also somewhat amazing.

“The next thing I know, I was skipping school when I felt a presence from behind me and when I turned around I saw a boy I didn’t know. Akari was so surprised! Who is it? I asked him who it was, and he started talking to me in a friendly way, and I was a little surprised.”

“…… hmm?”

I couldn’t help but stop writing the equation. It was an episode that sounded familiar.
Just like that, I watch the screen of my phone.


Suspicious person.
Are you okay? Were you attacked?
Too scary!
Is that a pick-up?
Run, Akarin, run!

When I looked at the comment section, it was full of comments about Gosaki Akari.
And most of them treated the guy who talked to her as a suspicious person.

It’s true that I would be scared too if someone suddenly spoke to me from behind. But….

“No, I don’t think so.”

She shakes her head and say no

I did talk to a kouhai female student I didn’t know on the roof today.

I know it’s a similar story, but I don’t think it was …… me.
First of all …… wasn’t that creepy, was it? Oh, was it familiar? No, no, I talked to her pretty politely!

How many schools are there in the country? What are the odds that a girl I met at school today is a super popular VTuber?
The way she talks to begin with, even her character is totally different.

” I’m overthinking it.”

“But I was just surprised because he came out of nowhere, but when I talked to him, he was pretty easy to talk to, so I’m fine! He was also someone I didn’t really know very well!”


I’m glad.
I’m relieved.
I’m sorry for being suspicious.
Well, you can never be too careful.
I’m sorry, suspicious san.

However, Gosaki Akari followed up with the person after that. Hearing that, I felt somewhat relieved, even though I was a stranger to the situation.

But if something like that happens again next time, I’ll talk to her carefully.
She might have felt the same way, and it would still be suspicious.


Once again, I told myself that and tried to work on my studies, but this time I heard a cute sneeze from my phone.
Somehow, even though I know it’s not the same as what I said earlier, I feel like it’s being said about me, and every move she makes is bothering me.

Sneezing helps ¥1,000
I like it ¥5,000
Ha? She’s cute. 10,000 yen
Dead ¥2,000
I’m just going to stay in two dimensions now ¥9,999

Then, I looked at the chat column that I saw, and my eyes darted.
……Eh, what’s this?

Next to the comments, the amount of money is displayed in colors.
What the heck is this ……?

Curious, I immediately looked it up.
found it immediately.

It seems to be a so-called “super chat” function. It is also called “throw money. It is said that by throwing comments with money, you are more likely to get your comments read at the end.

I’ve heard of it.
VTubers are awesome. I want money too. …… The will that I had just made was about to crumble.

I mean, that last one isn’t Sosuke, is it?
Ten thousand is a lot for a student, right?

In the meantime, the chat stream came to an end.
It was a stream that left me wondering about a lot of things.

In the end, I didn’t make a hair’s breadth of progress in my study after solving the first few questions.
I promised myself that next time I would study, I would do it without looking at anything, because I couldn’t concentrate.

I couldn’t concentrate on my studies, so I went straight to bed.
Once my concentration is broken, it is difficult for me to regain it.

As I was lying on my bed looking at my phone, I received a line.

“…… images? Which one is good? What do you mean?”

Fujibayashi sent me a mysterious message with an image.


I was so shocked that I dropped my phone.


I picked it up and looked at the screen fearfully.
There were two images. Both images were of a woman in her underwear, without her face on the screen.

T-This can’t be Fujibayashi, can it?

My imagination began to grow.
I knew I shouldn’t look at them, but my gaze was drawn to them.

I brushed away my worries and hit a series of angry stamps.

“I’m kidding. You’re blushing anyway, aren’t you? These aren’t mine, okay? The ones I’m looking at on the Internet. I was wondering which one I should buy next time~!”

Even on LINE, I was teased. I can’t let her get away with it.
She sent me a picture of her underwear as a matter of course.
Once again, I sent her an angry stamp.

“Did you get excited because you thought it was mine?”
“I didn’t.”
“Oh, really?~”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Well, I’ll just leave it at that! Even I’m embarrassed to send you my underwear.”

I didn’t do it. Absolutely not. I mean, you’re embarrassed to send me your own, but you’re not embarrassed to send me something you’re planning to buy next time?
I don’t understand.

“So, did you come on line just for this?”
“Uh, I can’t?”
“No, not just for Fujibayashi.”

When I replied, the other side sent me a stamp with a pouty face of some character.

“So let me get to the point, are you good at studying, Arase?”
“You have a real question?”

I asked, not knowing.

“Well, then, if you want, you can teach me how to study, right? I don’t know anything about studying at all.”
“I’m sure you don’t.”
“Oh, Rude! Then it’s decided!”
“No, I’m not gonna do it.”
“It’s decided! I won’t accept rejections.’

After that, no matter what I sent, I just got rejections of rejections.
Even I have to go on with my own study with my injured left hand. ……

Tomorrow, I’ll have to teach Fujibayashi how to study. ……

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