Episode 17 – GPS, it’s on!



“I see your point, and I’m sorry I ran away. But that has nothing to do with you knowing my location, does it?”

Slowly, I dismissed Shiina’s hand so as not to irritate her.
Then, with sad eyes.

“Because I get anxious when I don’t have ………… Saku-kun by my side…..”

She looks up at me, showing her cleavage.

“No, that’s a different story.”

I said with a straight face.

“Different story?”

Again, Shiina’s eyes lost their light.

“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

What should I do? If I speak out, I might step on a land mine.
But if I don’t speak, I’ll be killed. Is this a dead end?
No, let’s think this through and talk.

“I understand you’re worried. But if you ask me nicely without looking at my location, I’ll do the same for you, okay?”
“I’m always asking.”
“It’s not that you’re asking me, it’s that you’re forcing me to do it, and I’m just avoiding it.”
“Am I that pushy?”
“W-well, …………… you’d have to ask around to find out, but you’re being very pushy.”
“I-I see. …………”

Shiina cowered her shoulders.
Okay, if I keep going like this, it looks like I’m going to be okay. Now if I don’t screw up, it will be perfect.

“So, tell me about the location information, will you? That way I’ll feel safer and you won’t have to worry about it.”
“If I tell you, will you stay with me?”
“….I’ll do my best.”
“—-I swear.”

I didn’t say I’d stay with you. I’m just saying I’ll take care of it.

“So …………… will you forgive me?”

I ask her, trailing off.

“Of course! How can I not forgive my favorite Saku-kun?”

Shiina hugged me with a big smile on her face.
It seems I’ve been forgiven. Normally, I hate this kind of reaction, but right now, it makes me feel relieved.

“So, right? How do I know where Saku-kun is?”

Shiina pulls out her phone and shows me a certain screen.

“GPS, it’s on!”

She said with a bright smile.

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