I, Asagiri Yuri, was now enduring fear.
I don’t like dark places to begin with. In addition to that, I really dislike the horror genre.

I am in a pitch-dark mountain. And there are several Jizo statues behind me. I feel like I’m going to be punished for saying this, but it’s creepy.
I was relying on a single light held by a man in front of me.

However, that man is also frozen for some reason.

“S-stop that!? Y-You’re not trying to scare me, are you?”

I can’t say that I have a good relationship with this guy ── Ito Arase. Well, we sit next to each other, and maybe I am a talker among boys.

The man in front of me does not even respond to my call.

Eh? Really? C-Could it be that he has been taken over by an evil spirit!?


Worried, I shook his shoulder lightly in desperation.
But he doesn’t say a word.

A-are you kidding me? It’s a bad joke, isn’t it ……?
But if the evil spirit has really taken over, it’s not safe to be near him.

I want to keep my distance, but I’m also afraid of being alone.
My head was already in a panic.

” Asagiri”
“Ah, evil spirits extinguished!”
“Whoa, what is it, out of nowhere!?”

I was spoken to and unintentionally smacked the man in front of me. However, it seemed to have little effect.
Huh? But if I look closely, it’s normal. Aren’t you supposed to peel off your white eyes at times like this? So that means he hasn’t been hijacked ……?

“Evil spirits extinguished? …… You didn’t really think I was being taken over by evil spirits, did you?”

I felt as if he could see right through me with his ridiculous face, and my face grew hot.

“H-Haa!? It’s your fault for freezing up, isn’t it? I’m the one who got rid of the spirit. You should be grateful!”

I reply in a strong tone of voice, angry and embarrassed.
There was no way I could say that I was thinking what I would have done if he really was possessed by an evil spirit.

“W-What’s more, what’s wrong with you? Freeze in the middle of the road.”
“Ah, no? Nothing. ……”
“Ah, …….”

I ask him about it like I always do. But he doesn’t want to answer anything.

Is there something he doesn’t want to tell me ……?

“I-If it’s nothing, just go.”

I don’t know what this guy is thinking, but so far he hasn’t seemed crazy.
So I made it my priority to get out of here as soon as possible.

“W-What should I do? How do I get around it?”

He is mumbling something to himself as he starts walking back the way he came. His voice was too low to be heard.

Then I saw his face turning red or something, and he was buzzing and shaking his head.

I wonder what on earth is ……. Why is he suddenly acting so weird ……?
Scary. I don’t know the true meaning of this behavior, and it makes me even more fearful.

“All right, here we go.”
“W-What!? Don’t yell at me out of the blue.”

I am already half crying slightly. I try not to let him know that I’m crying and look at him.

“Listen, Asagiri.”
“Eh!? -WWhat, suddenly ……”

He had been mumbling a moment ago, but suddenly turned around and looked at me with a serious face.

His usually unmotivated eyes were now more serious than ever.
I felt as if I were being sucked into those pitch-black eyes.

“I have something to say.”

Something to say……?
Oh, wait. This can’t be a confession!
W-Wait, you’re kidding! This is where it’s happening!?

N-No matter how cute I am, we haven’t even gotten to know each other that well yet,……. No, no, no, there’s no way I’m getting to know anyone other than Nanami! And even more so with a boy!

…… I get it. Maybe that’s what he’s after? What is it? …… Yes, the suspension bridge effect! The suspension bridge effect!
You know, the one where you mistake the throb of fear for the throb of love!

That’s what I’m talking about! So you were trying to scare me when you froze up earlier.
So since when did he start …… on me?


I started worrying about something and suddenly my heart started surging.

No, no, no! This pounding is that thing, that thing. It’s because I’m alone with a guy in the dark. ……

That’s it! I don’t know what he would do to me if I’m alone with a guy in a place like this! I’ve been molested before!
I’m scared, not of a ghost, but of this animal!

C-Come on, if you’re going to come, come! Ito Arase!

“The truth is…”

I heard a gurgling sound in my throat.
I was thirsty from the fear I had felt earlier and the nervousness I now felt.

“There’s a cat about to pop out from over there.”
“………… Eh?”

There was a slight pause, and then a distracted voice came out.

The cat jumps out? What’s that

“…… you, do you think I’m stupid?”

He looked so serious that I wondered what it was …… a boring joke. Do you think that’s going to freak me out?

What? I’m so nervous, and I’m losing it.

“No, it’s true. If it really comes out, please don’t jump on me, okay?”
“Me on you? Hmph, I don’t think so. Do you think I’m scared of a cat?”

I feel like I’m being made fun of a lot. I don’t care if it’s a ghost, but a cat?

“No, you’ll freak out. Definitely.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but that’s a low-level joke to try to scare me. How could there be a cat in this place?—-“

I snickered and headed for the place he pointed to.
For some reason, I was fine on my own at this time, as if I had lied about being so scared.



I screamed out loud.
As if it had been predicted by him, the cat jumped out. And then it went past me.
I thought it was just a joke by him, but suddenly I fell on my butt.


When I came to myself, I turned around and saw him.

─don’t say it.

He was looking at me with a face as if he was saying something like that.

I was so embarrassed …….
I had told him that his level was low and all that, but now this is what he’s doing. …… And even though I said I wasn’t scared, I screamed as hard as I could.

It’s the worst ……. I’m sure he will make fun of me tomorrow.
He’ll say that I screamed even though I said I wasn’t scared. I’m sure he’ll say that.

A-Anyway. I’m going to get up and leave this place as soon as possible!

“–Hee? Huh?”

That’s what I thought, but I can’t get off my back.
N-No way… ……?

“…… what is it, Asagiri?”

I couldn’t say anything. I can’t be ugly in front of him any more!
But if I don’t do this …….

“No way, have you lost your back?”

I gave a small nod in response to his question.


As of right now, I was back the way I came, carrying a hunchbacked Asagiri on my back.
I ended up doing this, and when I sighed heavily before carrying her on my back, she glared at me.

I wanted to say, Whose fault is this?

Asagiri was surprisingly light on my back. Suika was also light on my back the other day, but I felt the same with Asagiri, who is taller than Suika.

Are you eating …… properly?
You have thin legs, and …….


I was unconsciously conscious of the feeling of it hitting my back.

No, no, let’s not be delirious and compare the weight of women.
It’s …… but it’s surprisingly …..
In the end, I was able to avoid being hugged, but if you ask me if this was a good thing, I can’t answer that.

We were both silent. Asagiri seemed to want to say something, but I didn’t say anything to her.
Come to think of it, she was no longer as scared and trembling as she had been earlier. Why is that?

While I was thinking about that, Asagiri finally opened her mouth.

“How did you know earlier at …… that the cat was going to jump out?”

I wasn’t sure what to answer. Was it because I knew? I won’t answer that.

“Oh, …… I have a pretty good ear.”

That was the answer I came up with after thinking about it for a while. It’s a bit harsh, but I guess that’s about it.

“I see. But is that how you know it’s a cat?”
“Well, by footsteps or something? I’m pretty good at picking out their features.”
“Hmm. ……”

Lies come out of my mouth one after another. I don’t know why the lies I tell at times like this come out so flippantly.
Asagiri looked unconvinced somehow.


We also become silent to each other. And immediately Asagiri says something I don’t understand.

“But I’m a little relieved.”
“What….., out of the blue.”

What on earth could have made her feel relieved? The question is immediately answered.

“Because you looked a little funny at dinner, didn’t you?”

My heart jumped.
I could not hide my surprise. I didn’t think that in that one moment, she could see that I was in a bad state of health.

“I knew it.”
‘Why do you think so, ……?’
“Because of the way you just reacted. I mean, I know the look you were giving me.”

It’s not a reason.
The look I was making? What kind of face was I making? It should not have been any kind of face. No, if anything, I should have been smiling along with everyone else. So what in the world was that all about?

“…… what does that look like?”

That’s all I can say. That’s the best I could come up with.

“Okay! I’m all right now. Put me down.”
“Eh, Yeah.”

I did as I was told and lowered Asagiri, who did not answer my question, to the spot.
Asagiri’s dislocated hip seemed to have returned to normal, and she stretched out her body as she landed on the ground.

“We’re finally back ……! It was a long time ……”

The test of courage is over.
On the other side, I could see the lights of the facility.

“Do you carry a phone?”

I have it, but it’s so sudden. I don’t understand.

“Just get it out if you have it!”
“…… okay.”

If I didn’t comply, that would be a hassle, so I took my phone out of my pocket with a small sigh.

“You’re on line, right?”
“Yeah, I’m on line.”

Asagiri pointed her own contact QR code at me.

I have no idea what Asagiri is thinking.
What do you want me to do with this ……?

As I froze, unable to read the true meaning of her action, Asagiri said in a frustrated tone

“Scan it quickly!”

I did as I was told and scanned her QR code.
My terminal displayed an icon of Asagiri. She was smiling with a nice two-shot with Kurase.

“So why all of a sudden again?”

I’ve only had two more contacts on my phone since I came to this town.
One is my guardian, Ayako san, and the other is Sosuke.

“Are you the type to study with someone before a test?”
“…… depends.”

I’ve never had that experience before. I’ve just never been invited to do it, and now I would do it with someone if they asked me.

“Yes. Then that’s why.”
“It’s hard to understand.”
“Read between the lines!”

That’s why I said I don’t get it.

“When you’re in trouble, what do you do?”
“I don’t.”

In the past, I would have managed on my own. Now …… don’t know is right.
But I’m sure, as long as I have this future vision, I’ll eventually figure it out on my own.

“Hmmm …… Well, okay! Let’s get the hell out of here!”

Asagiri went without making me feel as if I had lost my waist. I think her ears were a little red, without a thought.

So, is that it? You mean, if you’re in trouble, you should ask for help?…… Asagiri?

I slowly returned, puzzled by Asagiri’s unfamiliar change.
After all, she didn’t tell me the answer to the question I asked.

I knew it.
He is just like me.
I had never heard about his past, but that was the moment when I became convinced of it.

Somehow, I think that may have made me happy.
I didn’t say much, but I felt like I got to know him better through this climb.

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She has future vision too?