Episode 25 – New Goals



Through Arisa, I was able to see a hidden and unexpected side of myself that I had never known before.

I was filled with emotion and feelings. I poured all of them into Arisa without any wrappings.

Arisa accepted everything I did.

Looking back, what I did to Arisa was something that could have been reported to the police. She was a virgin and I was ……

I looked at Arisa’s sleeping face as she lay on the bed, her face scrunched up in guilt.


Arisa wearing my shirt.


The awkwardness I feel because I had a relationship with my childhood friend, and the relief I feel because my desire to find a deeper relationship has been fulfilled, even if only a little. And then there is the possessive desire that grows when I see her sleeping with a really happy expression on her face, like a child who has never been soiled.

My head, which is a jumble of various emotions, never gets tired.


Then Arisa wakes up at the right moment, rubs her eyes and opens her mouth.

“Yuu, ……”
“Good morning, Arisa.”
“I’ll make breakfast quickly.”
“Take your time.”
“You used up a lot of energy yesterday, so you’ll have to watch what you eat from now on.”
“Ara, yuu ……, you’re looking good.”
“I’m sorry. Yesterday, after what I did to Arisa,…….”
“Yu, I was …… so happy yesterday.”
“I said that I’m your property right?””

“Let’s shower together.”

The maid’s eyes in my shirt are fading again.


“I’ll see you at work.”
“Yeah, have a safe trip home.”

After finishing my delicious breakfast, I waved to Arisa as she got into her car.

“Yuu ……”
“We’ll be waiting for you.”
“…… yeah.”

I looked at the back of the car as it drove away.

Three sisters who want to live together. The house was a bit old and had poor security, so it would make sense for me to go to the high-class tower apartment where the three sisters lived.

Anyway, I had a relationship with both Ai nee and Arisa.

I spent an intense night with a beautiful woman whom everyone admires.

I am happy about it.

However, I can’t help but feel a strange feeling stirring in the corner of my heart.

After letting out a short breath, I went inside the house.


An empty room.

Before I met the three Kirie sisters, I didn’t feel anything in particular in this quiet, deserted space, but now my heart is aching.

After letting out a pained sigh, I entered my father’s room.

Here I am with Arisa ……

As I looked around the room with an ecstatic expression on my face, I saw a picture frame neatly propped up on the desk.

Inside was a picture of me, my father, and mother as a child.

The precious person who gave birth to me. People who are no longer with us.
I tried to think of the good old days I spent with my parents. But they were drowned out in an instant.


I noticed that Arisa’s fragrance filled the air.

Ai nee, who spoiled me and cared for me, and Arisa, who accepted all my desires.

Could there really be anything better than that?

To be honest, I was a little scared.

I was too happy and too anxious. ……

When I used to spend time with the three Kirie sisters, I was happy every day. I thought this happiness would last forever.

But then disaster befell us and we were separated.

So, subconsciously, I kept thinking of ways to avoid the same mistakes.

I am still thinking about it.

Then I see a lock of flaxen hair around the frame. I pluck it and stare at it.

For now, I’ll do my best to protect the three of them.

I will only think about what I can do to make the three of them happy.

If I think more than that, I might come up with an absurd idea.


I silently stroke the family photo gently. At the same time, the image of the three grown-up Kirie sisters flashed through my mind.

Ai nee


And ……

Sera, who is cute, though she’s slow-paced and sassy.

She is an exclusive model for Reganda with short blonde hair and glowing emerald eyes. She has a beautiful body and a big marshmallow that is the bomb.


I was reminded of the scene when I had a relationship with Ai nee and Arisa.

Although they are sisters by blood, their personalities and bodies are similar but different.

If that were the case

Sera is ……

“…… what am I thinking?”

I slapped myself on the cheek with both hands and then walked out of my dad’s room.

Seeing the clean room was a refreshing feeling, but feeling the presence of the three sisters in my mind growing larger and larger, I went back to my room and

I pull out my cell phone.

I admired the photos Sera had sent me so far.

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