Episode 23 – Sometimes it’s for someone else who isn’t you



Finally, the hellish climb came to an end.
After eating my lunch at the top of the mountain, I went back down to the place where I could pitch my tent.
I would have made my own lunch, but I didn’t have any food at home, so I had to eat at a convenience store.

Aside from that, there is a glamping facility just down the road, and we plan to set up a rented tent there tonight and stay overnight.
There is a place to cook outside, and each group is supposed to cook dinner for the night.
The menu will be a standard curry dish.

Each group will receive their ingredients in the order of arrival and begin preparations.
Firewood was available at the facility, so we had to chop the firewood and prepare the fire by ourselves.
This was hard work again, and it required whipping my body after climbing the mountain.

I was punished for the crime of hugging Kurase by having to prepare the firewood by myself while the rest of the group prepared the ingredients.

Sosuke, on the other hand, was very excited that he could monopolize the girls while I was gone, but he ended up setting up the tent, and that dream did not come true.

And now I just finished chopping wood for the second time.
In fact, I had already started a fire, but the fire was not well lit, or the heat was not strong enough, so I went to get some more wood just in case.
When I returned to the cooking area, I found Sosuke sitting there slumped over, having finished setting up the tent.

“Finally, some extra firewood! You’re late!”
“Shut up. I’m tired.”
“I’m tired too! Why am I being punished for something I didn’t do and I have to set up the tent all by myself? Isn’t it hard !?”
“I don’t know. Are you done?”
“It’s just you and me tonight.”
“Don’t be creepy.”

Apparently, it was over without incident.

“Can you stop talking nonsense and add some wood to the fire? If it doesn’t cook properly, it’s your fault.”
“Ito-kun. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks for the firewood.”

Then Asagiri and Kurase come to talk to me. Asagiri is a bit hard to hit, and Kurase is kind as usual. And Kurase is kind as usual. Her angelic voice sinks into my tired body. ……
Fujibayashi, by the way, is now back in her former group. I think she was quite reluctant to go back.

As Asagiri urges me on, I add more wood to the fire.
As I added more wood, the heat gradually increased.

Kurase then checks the pot.
The cooking process is almost finished, and all that is left is to cook the rice and stew the curry.

To be honest, neither Kurase nor Asagiri had the image of being able to cook, but Kurase seemed to be more adept at cooking than expected and was cutting up the ingredients without difficulty.
When Kurase said she could cook when she was lost, it seems she was not lying.

And Asagiri was …… yeah. That was a bold cut!

“What are you trying to say?”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“Oh, yeah. Hey, if you’re not busy, why don’t you go pitch our tent?
“Haa? Sosuke can set up the tent.”
“There’s no way he can handle a girl’s tent all by himself.”
“Ah, yeah. ……”

I could have trusted him to set up the tent. But I don’t know, I just feel a little sorry for him.

“But hey, I had just finished chopping wood.”
“We were cooking too.”
“Kurase did most of the cookin—”
“It’s fine. We have to watch this!”

She pointed at a rice container and a pot. I don’t know what I’d do if I watched them alone.

“Or what? You gonna make a wounded Nanami put up a tent?”

Kurase’s leg injury is minor, but we can’t push her too hard. And with her natural condition, I don’t feel safe. The tent could collapse on her while she is sleeping. No prediction of the future has been made yet, but it is quite possible.

“Asagiri could have come, couldn’t she?”
“I still haven’t forgiven you for what you did to Nanami, okay?”
“I know you and Kurase are close, but Kurase would have already forgiven me.”
“No. Nanami is very kind. That girl’s not going to be able to get mad at you, so I have to protect her. From the beasts.”

Who is the beast?

I wanted to tsk tsk, but Asagiri had a serious expression on her face. Maybe Asagiri is right. Kurase is kind to everyone and doesn’t seem to show it even if she has a bad day. However, because of that, she might tend to keep her feelings to herself.
So, by taking Asagiri’s place, I might have been able to do well.

“I’m telling you, I won’t allow you to touch Nanami while my eyes are black, okay?”
“I’ll keep that in mind…..”

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

“If you understand, then please make the tent.”
“……Haa, got it.”

I didn’t know why Asagiri wouldn’t go, but I knew there was no use in continuing the argument here, so I had no choice but to go set up the tent for the girls.

“Sosuke, help me set up the tent.”
“I can’t. I’m hungry. I cannot move”

I tried to invite Sosuke to join me, but he sat down on a chair and wouldn’t move.
It was no use. I had no choice but to force him to come with me.

“Wait!? Ouchhh! Don’t force pull!?!”
“Just come on.”
“No! I’m going to enjoy seeing Asagiri and Kurase while you’re gone!”

Sosuke fiercely resists. I wonder if that’s the reason for his quirk. If they hear you, you can’t just don’t do it you know. ……?

“This guy—–?”

When I tried to pull hard once again. The image flashed through my brain again in an instant.


“Wow! Yum! Kurase and Asagiri made this?”
“I’d love to try it~. it’s absolutely delicious!”
“Hey, Kurase and Asagiri, why don’t you eat with us?”

A boy from another class was talking to Asagiri and Kurase who were left in the kitchen.
They seemed to be taking advantage of the fact that we were gone.

“Ahaha I’m sorry, okay? This is for everyone in the group to eat.”

Asagiri looked heartily displeased, and Kurase refused with a wry smile.

“Eh? That’s fine! Sometimes we like to talk to Kurase and the others too!”
“Yes, yes! If it’s for the others, just take ours!”
“Oh, that’s great! Let’s do that!”

The three of them proceeded to talk on their own, ignoring the reaction of Asagiri and the others.

Asagiri was about to lose her temper.



What was that?
It was a strange sensation. Usually, my future self was watching the scene.
But this time, it happened in a scene in which I did not intervene at all.
It was as if I was watching a scene on TV …….

For some reason, that bothered me more than the fact that something troublesome was going to happen.

However, now is not the time to be worrying about such things.
If I force Sosuke to go with me, this future can happen.

It’s a hassle in my absence, but I’m a member of the group, after all.
It would be troublesome if I was hit by a grumpy Asagiri when I came back.

“What’s up with the sudden daze?”
“I can’t help it. Sosuke.”
“I’m going out on my own. You take care of Kurase and the others.”
“What’s with you all of a sudden? You were trying to force me to go with you just now.”
“I’ll leave it to you. A man who is dependable is popular with the ladies.”
“!? That’s what you mean! I don’t know what you entrusted me with, but I’ll take care of it!”

Thus, I ended up going alone to set up the tent on the girls’ side.
I left the two girls behind and came to the conclusion that if that was going to happen, I should just leave Sosuke there.

I know it’s unreliable, but if I can fire him up like that, they’ll be fine even if the rest of the class comes over.

“Oooooohhhh !! I’ll do it! I’m gonna do it !!!”
“Shut up!”

A noisy voice could be heard from the distant galley.
…… you’re okay, right?

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