Episode 19 – Angry prey






To summarize Ai Nee’s story, there is an organization like association consisting of fashion-related companies, and she wanted me to go with her to a party hosted by the organization.

I was a little worried about whether it was worth it for me to go to the party, since I knew there would be a lot of fancy people there, and I had nothing to do with fashion, but Ai nee said she needed me.

So I couldn’t say no.

It has always been like this.

But I don’t feel bad about it at all, rather I’m worried that I might do something wrong. So I studied how to style my hair and how to wear a good-looking suit by referring to YouTube videos and so on.

Now I’m waiting for Ai nee, checking my suit in the mirror.

As I managed to suppress my impatience, someone rang the doorbell.

I quickly went to the front door and opened it.

“Good morning, Yu-chan.”
“Good morning to you too, Ai-nee……”

Long ponytail and neat face. Wearing glasses, she looks very intelligent, but looking at her well-endowed body, a healthy man would be perplexed. And me, of course.

“Yu-chan, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, it’s nothing. You look very good in the suit.”

Yes. Now Ai nee is wearing a suit. White shirt and black skirt. This contrast really accentuates the beauty of Ai nee’s body. Looking at the marshmallow that pushes up and the beautiful legs that stretch out from the black skirt, Arisa’ words came back to me again.

[I …… we’re not interested in any man but Yuu.]

I had no choice but to look away from Ai-nee. But Ai nee, without blaming me, gave me a bewitching look. But there are some dark circles in her eyes. However, she had a working beauty look including that.
“You’ve become a man. You’re looking good.”
“W-Well, it’s been fifteen years. ……”

Ai nee giggled and laughed. Then she looked into my eyes and moved her glossy lips again.

“Let’s go together.”
“Oh, yeah. Driver, Shall I drive? I heard you’ve been busy, so you can rest while we go to the party.”

When I told her, she suddenly cowered, her cheeks turning slightly cherry red, and the corners of her mouth turned up. Her reaction was somehow different from what I expected.

“Yuu chan”
“You don’t have to worry about me. Since Yu-chan is spending time for me today, you can be as lenient as you want with me.”

This conversation reminds me of the old days. I was desperate to please Ai nee, and she spoiled me. This is an extension of that.


I feel something different.

In the end, I decided to take her word for it and sat in the passenger seat of an expensive foreign car.

While we were in the car, we talked about many things. We talked about the situation of the company, the black company I was working for, etc. ……

One interesting thing was that Ai nee and Arisa had also worked as models for “Reganda”. They were extremely popular, but Arisa didn’t like to be seen and Ai nee quit modeling when she became too busy with her work.

Sitting next to her, I realized once again what an amazing person she is. According to Sera, she has been on the cover of fashion business magazines quite often.



The party hall was crowded with people. Men in flashy clothes, men and women in suits, women in revealing dresses. It’s like the saying goes, There are ten different kinds of people. When I was admiring this, Ai nee spoke to me kindly.

“You don’t have to strain yourself.”
“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”
“Fufu, No need to apologize. Just being with Yu-chan makes me feel refreshed.”
“Yu-chan? What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.”
“No, it’s nothing.”

I think I know why Ai nee invited me to the party.

The stares from the people around me.

The women are looking at me with curiosity, and the men are giving me unwanted glances.

Ai nee stands out from the rest of the party. She is wearing a suit, but the pheromones emitted from her good looks and blessed body are enough to stimulate a man’s instincts.

If one of them gets Ai nee, there is no way the other guys will leave her alone. They would try to get close to her by any means necessary.

In other words, I was called to keep the men away.

I think something similar to this happened to me in the past. When I was in elementary school, Ai-nee didn’t like it when boys at school confessed their feelings for her, so she stuck with me, who went to the same school as her. Because of this, I ended up being disliked by the guys who had feelings for her, but I didn’t mind.

I was happy that I was protecting her and that she was spoiling me. I thought I would miss her if she got a boyfriend, but I always followed her words and we were together all the time.

But she never had a boyfriend.

This situation must be similar.

With this in mind, I made up my mind to protect her again.

I stayed with her all the time. Even when the men approached us to talk, they were not making much progress, perhaps because of my presence, and they turned on their heels and returned to their posts. I was worried and asked Ai nee about it, but she replied that it was just a guy looking for a pick-up and that I shouldn’t worry about it.

The women came up to her and we talked a lot. During the course of the conversation, they glanced at me, and Ai-nee introduced me as someone she knew who could take care of the whole reganda system. But the women gave me meaningful glances, squinting at the corners of their eyes and mouths.

One thing was for sure, Ai-nee’s communication skills were really good, and the women’s eyes lit up when they were talking to her. The guys look at us with frustration and suck their fingers.

After the conversation is over, Ai-nee and I take a moment to relax while eating the food that has been prepared for us.

“You’re great, Ai nee.”
“Hmm? What?”
“Well, everyone who was talking to Ai nee had a twinkle in their eyes.”
“You’re exaggerating. I think Yu-chan is more amazing than me.”
“M-me? I didn’t really do anything. ……”
“No. You’re wonderful.”

My body stiffens at the sight of Ai nee smiling at me with a thin finger on her cheek. I’m sure I’m going to lose my mind when I see her expression like this.

“I’m going to the bathroom.”



I looked in the bathroom mirror and gave a small sigh.

“Ai nee is my childhood friend, and I shouldn’t be looking at her like that.”

I made a smug face, telling myself that in the mirror. Then I went back to where Ai-nee was.

But there was a handsome guy talking with her.

Talking with a guy is not a problem for me. I sometimes talk to girls in my office, and I sometimes have a drink with a girl I met in college.


My blood starts to boil.

The look on his face is the same as the one the criminal had at the time. Of course, the guy I’m talking to is more handsome, taller, and classier, but I feel something similar to the atmosphere the criminal was giving off.

Ai-nee is also giving him a cold stare.

So, I quickly walk over to her.

“I have politely declined your invitations to dinner many times.”
“Don’t say that. I’ll do anything for you, …….”
“Then please leave me alone.”
“I’m sure …… you will be satisfied. I’ll have the food and wine you like, Ai san.”

They were exchanging something like this.

I grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her.

“Let’s go, Ai-nee.”
“Yu, Yu-chan!?”

I took her outside the venue.

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  1. That Whatsapp association sounded sus, the line says なるなんちゃら会みたい = Like that Narunanchara association. Well, no idea what that is tho…

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