I, Takimoto Suika, was filled with a sense of apology inside.
On the way to the infirmary, there was an awkward atmosphere between Arase-kun and me.

It never occurred to me that I was being carried around by a boy I had just met today.
I am a girl who usually has no interest in men, and I call myself a lover of basketball. So, my friends around me were cheering me up.
I’m not used to it, and just remembering it makes my face burn with embarrassment.

I’m sure they’ll ask me about it when I get back …….
Ugh,…… because of the captain,…….

And I know a lot of people in the gym besides the basketball team.
There was also a ballet club and a badminton club, and I can’t believe I was seen being piggybacked by a transfer student, Arase-kun,…….

Dead. It’s definitely rumored …….
Besides, Arase kun must be annoyed too. He must be annoyed to be gossiped about with a woman like me who looks like a man.
I should apologize for that.

I finally opened my mouth in the heavy air.

“I’m sorry. There was a strange atmosphere.”
“No, it’s my fault for suddenly coming in as an outsider. I’m sorry too.”
“No, no, no, I’m sorry if you hear rumors about me because Suika. You see, Suika doesn’t look like a woman, right? Even boys often treat me like a guy!”
“…Is that so? I think you’re normal.”

I’ve often been treated like a man in the past and never been told that way, so I’m a little confused.


After having a piggyback ride, now I’m starting to worry about whether I smell sweaty or not.
Even just after sweating, this close contact …… is the worst.

“U-um….I’m fine now, so can you let me off?”
“No, your feet hurt, right?”

I tried to get him to let me down because I couldn’t stand the embarrassment at this point, but Arase-kun wouldn’t let me do it.
I still try to force him to let me down.

“I-It’s alright now! Please!”
“No no no, it’s not alright”
“Ah, come on. Don’t be violent!”

Finally, I shook my body like a spoiled child.
Arase-kun, not to be outdone, tries to hold me even tighter.


While we were fighting, Arase-kun’s hand stroked my thigh and a strange voice leaked out.

“That …… sorry …….”
“No, Suika too……”

Arase-kun immediately apologized, but we were back to the awkward atmosphere again.

I want to get away from this air as soon as possible. ……I have to talk about something. ……
As I was thinking of something to talk about to break the air, my right calf started to hurt a little now.

I thought it was just my imagination, but as soon as I start worrying about it, it starts to hurt more and more. It feels as if it’s tense.
The competition is next week.

“I don’t know if I can make it to the tournament with this kind of pain. ……”

I’m not having a good day.
I was so anxious that I let out a small sigh.

“You should not overdo it.”

It was a small murmur, but it was close to my ear, so I think Arase-kun heard it.

“Well, that’s true. But if it’s nothing serious, you don’t know yet! If I rest today and tomorrow, maybe I’ll get better!”
“Maybe so, but …… I think you should go to the hospital to make sure.”
“uuu….. I know,…….”

I don’t know why this happened. ……
Arase-kun had warned me to be careful.
It was my own fault for ignoring that advice and practicing. ……

But why was he so worried about me, whom he just met today?
As if he knew I was going to get hurt?
Thinking back, it’s also strange that he took the trouble to come and advise me one more time before returning to practice.
And not only my sprained left leg, but also my right leg.

“What’s wrong”
“Could it be that Arase-kun is a prophet?”

I said what I thought without thinking. Arase-kun’s shoulders twitched.

“Why do you think so?”
“You told me many times that Suika might get hurt, didn’t you? It was strange that you would warn me like that even though we just met for the first time today!”
“That’s exactly what I’m talking about, did you know that Suika was going to get hurt? Oh, maybe Arase-kun time-slipped from the future or something!”
“Ah ……”

Arase-kun clammed up.

Oh, maybe they think he’s saying something stupid or something?
I’m so embarrassed. No matter how much I like sci-fi stuff,…… I spoke too fast.

“I’m not sure if that’s true! Ha ha …… ha …….”

I was so embarrassed that I faked an empty laugh.

“……W-well, I guess that’s how it is…’
“………… Muu.”

Even I, who was quite a stickler, recognized the flow of the story.

“Y-You thought it was childish, didn’t you?”
“Not at all.”
“Ah, You’re making fun of me!”
“Ah, Wait!”

Arase-kun was surely laughing inside, but he stubbornly refused to admit it. I was so frustrated by this that I went wild on his back again.

“Don’t be so violent, or I’ll touch something weird again,”
“I’m sorry.”

Arase-kun couldn’t stand my silent air and immediately apologized.
I was so cold-hearted because he said such a thing again after the awkwardness of the previous conversation was gone.

“Look, we’re already in the infirmary.”
“Oh, I faked it.”
“……, you’re already in the infirmary.”
“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me!”

Ignoring my criticisms, Arase-kun enters the infirmary.

“Ara, Ito-kun…… and Takimoto-san, isn’t it? Are you hurt, Takimoto-san?”

When we entered the infirmary, the school nurse greeted us.
Arase-kun took me to his chair and said, “I’m going to put you down,” and then he put me down.

“Haa …… this is it. I can smell a …… romantic comedy when Takimoto-san, who is doing club activities, and Ito-kun, who should have left earlier, come to the infirmary together.”
“…… is that popular?”
“Hmm? What are you talking about?”
“No,…… it’s just that I happened to be in the vicinity of the injured Takimoto-san.”

Arase-kun and Sensei are getting excited about something without me.
I’m sure that she might have a hunch that Arase-kun and I are getting along, but I don’t have any special feelings for him since we just met today.

…..well, I was embarrassed to be beaten, and I thought he was kind enough to seriously warn me that I might get hurt.

“Well, I’m going home.”

After exchanging a few words with the teacher, Arase-kun heads for the exit to leave the infirmary.

“T-thank you!”

I hurriedly thanked him for walking me here.

“….You’re welcome.”

The first time I saw him, I thought, I’ve never seen anything like this before.


The teacher was watching her with warm eyes.

“Do you talk to Arase-kun a lot, …… Sensei?”
“Not at all. I met him for the first time today.”

I thought he was friendly to talk to.
…… Is that me?
It was kind of a strange encounter.

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