I speak up, not knowing if I should talk to my phone or to her in front of me.

beep. Kitajima-san tilted her head and walked toward me.

“A few minutes ago. I believe I sent you a message?”
“….. message.”
“‘Yes. ‘I’ll be waiting for you’ and ‘I’ll be waiting for you no matter how late it is’. And I told you earlier that I would be ‘in front of your house’ I told you that right?”

S-so, that wasn’t waiting ‘in front of the house’ for a ‘phone call’…..

“Fufufu…I wanted to hear the story from Sakurai kun’s mouth, not over the phone. Besides, ……”

Kitajima-san comes up to me and pulls herself closer to my body.

“I can’t leave you smelling so much like Minamino-san as you are, can I?”

Kitajima-san, smiling at me, continued.

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I come over to your house?”
“Y-yeah. It’s all right.”

I led her inside.

“I’m sorry to bother you out of the blue, but I’m thinking of staying at Sakurai kun’s house today.”

I lead her to the living room and serve her barley tea. Then, after taking a sip of it, I heard such a line from Kitajima-san.
T-That, is that luggage supposed to be “overnight” luggage!


“You and Minamino-san had plenty of fun, didn’t you?”

Kitajima-san smiles smugly. Only her eyes are not smiling.

“I’ve…..I’ve…I’ve been waiting to hear from you all along. I’ve been having a hard time getting in touch with you, so I thought I’d ask you this.”
“I-I’m sorry. ……”
“What is this apology for? Fufufu. If it is something that you have made peace with, you don’t have to apologize, okay? Because what happened with Minamino-san was something I asked you to do. The problem is what happened after that.”
“A-after that……”
“After you made up, what were you doing with Minamino-san, Sakurai-kun?”

I-I was sleeping with Rinne in her current state. How can I say that! I have no ulterior motive, and I didn’t do anything weird. But to tell you this ……

“Ah, …… Sakurai kun. Please don’t hide it, okay? I hate liars.”
“I was ………… sleeping with …… her.”

Hearing my words, Kitajima-san smiles cheekily instead of getting angry.
W-why ……

“You really …… really are good friends, aren’t you? When you’ve been childhood friends for ten years, that much is a daily occurrence, isn’t it? I envy her.”
“……N-no, it’s not an everyday occurrence. ……”

“Sakurai Kun ?”

Kitajima-san says to me with a thin smile.

“I don’t have a childhood friend, and I don’t have anyone of the opposite gender with whom I am close, except for you. But what would you think if I told you that I was sleeping with the opposite gender while you were studying hard at school? How would you feel?”

I-I’d like to make that guy a dead man.

“….Fufufu, Sakurai kun. Do you realize how sinful you have been?”
“……S-Sorry. ……”

I-I wasn’t thinking straight……
I should have refused Rinne’s invitation at that time, no matter what……
And I should have contacted her right away……

“But, you know. Sakurai kun, I like you very, very much. So I’ll forgive you ‘just once’”
“……T-thank you very much ……”
“But, I’m not going to forgive you for free. I’m still very angry with you.”

She said this with a smile and pointed to the bag she had brought with her.

“I have prepared enough luggage for two days. Twice as much time as you slept with Minamino-san. Please sleep with me, okay?”

S-seriously, …… I don’t care if it’s Rinne, I’m not going to share a bed with Kitajima-san and keep my reason……..

She laughs at me

“I understand your concern, Sakurai kun. So I have prepared this for you.”

Saying this, she handed me a paper bag.
I looked at the contents.


“Fufufu. I was a little embarrassed to buy a few, you know?”

With a slight blush on her cheeks, she said shyly

I’m not the kind of boy who doesn’t know how to ‘use’ this.
She gave me this means…

“Ah, yes. Sakurai kun. I personally don’t think you need to use that.”
“Don’t need it…….”

I mean, we don’t want that to happen. That means…

“I don’t care if it’s done, do you?”

She laughed at my surprise.

“Fufufu. Just kidding, right? Surprised?”
“…… yes.”

She takes another sip of her barley tea, as if satisfied, and then says.

“May I borrow your shower?”
“…… Eh?”

Y-you bring that up after the topic we just discussed. ……

“I came home from school and got ready right afterwards and came here. I’m sweating a little. I want to cleanse myself.”
“Ah …… yes.”

T-that’s right. She’s serious about staying the night. ……
And tonight this girl and I are going to …… sleep ……

I led her to the bathroom.
She thinks it’s clean because I clean it every day.

“Thank you for the tour. I’ll borrow it then.”
“……umm I think you can tell which one Misuzu uses, so you can use that one. I think it will probably suit your skin better than the men’s version.”

“Thank you for your concern. I will borrow it from your sister tomorrow with my greetings. I will talk to her about it.”
“Y-Yeah. Well, she won’t get mad at you or anything if you use it without permission……”

As I was about to leave the changing room after saying that, she snapped and winked at me and said

“You can take a peek, okay?”
“No peeking in there, right? I think you said you not!”

She laughed at my words.

“Fufufu. It’s fun, isn’t it, Sakurai kun?”
“….. yes.”

Then I returned to the living room to find Kitajima-san humming and the sound of the shower firmly in my ears.

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