“N-No. Don’t come over here!”
“I’m so lucky to be able to kill a pretty girl like you guys.”

I thought we were done for when I saw the man who was about to swing the knife down with a maniacal smile on his face and mumbling something like that. Both Riona and I would be stabbed to death and die here for sure.
I might have survived if I had abandoned Riona, who had sprained her ankle, but there was no way I could have done that.
I had heard that when one’s life is in danger, the past appears as if it were a running light, but it seems that this was true. As various memories flashed through my mind one after another, a scene of my mom talking with a happy face came to mind.
In the memory, Mom is talking about how Dad risked his life to save her when she was stabbed with a knife and almost killed when she was in high school.
Dad saved Mom in a situation that could have killed him. The scar he got from protecting Mom is still on his back, and Dad used to talk about it as a badge of honor.
Mom’s past is similar to the situation we are in now, but there is a distinct difference. That is, we don’t have someone like Dad.

“Someone, help me …….”

I couldn’t help but let out a cry, but there was no way there was a savior who could help us in a situation where I was about to die.
Just when I was about to give up on the whole thing, there was suddenly a man from our high school in front of us. Suddenly, a boy wearing the uniform of our high school appeared in front of us.

“……Good, I made it just in time.”

It turned out to be Yagami, a less conspicuous boy in our class. He apparently caught a knife that a man was about to swing at us with a bag in his hand.
When I looked closely, I saw that Yagami’s legs were trembling, so he must have been feeling tremendous fear. While I was thinking about this, the man opened his mouth with a clearly unhappy look on his face.

“Hey, hey, you’ve got some nerve interrupting me. Well then, I’m going to kill you first for now.”

The man seems to have completely locked on to Yagami, and starts swinging a kitchen knife at him.
But there was no need to push himself any further. While Yagami was buying time, the police arrived on the scene.

“Police. Quit your futile resistance and drop your weapons on the ground right now.”

The appearance of the policemen made the man realize that he was at a disadvantage, and he threw down the knife in his hand on the ground.
The next moment, just as everyone was beginning to think that he had given up, he pulled out a knife from his pocket.

“I’m going to be put to death anyway. I’ll just make you collateral damage then.”

The man seemed to have thrown away the knife in order to catch Riona off guard, and with a shout, he thrust the knife toward her heart.
The policemen tried to stop him in a panic, but they were too late. However, the man did not take Riona’s life. The reason is that Yagami protected Riona, who was about to be stabbed.


Yagami, who was groaning, had a knife lodged deeply into his back, and his uniform was beginning to turn bright red with blood.
It seems to be in considerable pain from the way his face is violently contorted, and considering that he is also bleeding profusely, there is a very high possibility that his organs are damaged. Yagami-kun may have been unable to bear the pain any longer, and he collapsed to the ground unconscious.

“I got one of you involved. Suck it up!”

The man was shouting such a thing while being seized by the police officers. Yagami was immediately rushed to the hospital by ambulance.
I was completely taken by Yagami’s bravery, and I never wanted him to die.
The fact that I felt this way probably meant that I had fallen in love with Yagami. Yagami risked his life to protect us sisters, so it must be difficult not to fall in love with him.
In my life, I have been liked by someone, but I have never fallen in love with anyone. That is why I have never had a boyfriend, nor have I ever wanted one.
But now, I want this person, Yagami, from the bottom of my heart. My mom used to tell me that if Riona and I had someone we liked, we had to make it ours and ours alone, no matter what it took.

“I see, I finally understand what Mom was talking about.”

I had been heeding her words at random, but now I understand the importance of what she said. I never wanted to hand over Yagami-kun, the savior of us sisters, to anyone else.
Riona, however, is the only exception in this world. Because Riona was born from a fertilized egg that was originally one, but split into two, so to speak.
Riona must have fallen in love with Yagami-kun. So no matter what it takes, I will make Yagami kun mine and my sister’s.

“Don’t ever die, Yagami-kun.”

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