Two hours into the study.
The living room was so quiet that all I could hear was the sound of Kairi running her pencil.

Just as she didn’t notice me coming into the living room yesterday, Kairi seems to be the type who gets into it when she gets into concentration mode.

Just before 6:00 p.m., the living room door opened and Yuri, dressed in her school uniform, appeared in the living room.

“Onii chan, I’m….Wait, are you studying right now?”

Yuri looked at Kairi seriously studying as if she was curious, and then turned to me.

“I’m going to cram school soon. Kairil good luick! Tell Kairi okay?”

She winked at me and turned on her heel.
I gave a small nod and watched her walk out of the living room.

I knew that Yuri was a solid big sister.
It’s hard to imagine how much more mature she has become since we were kids fighting every day.

She has such a good personality and looks like a beautiful girl. She’s the complete opposite of a normal, average-looking, normal-looking brother like me, and I’m very proud of her.

“Hey, onii, tell me about this.”
“Ah, Yeah.”

Kairi asked me a question, pointing at the part she didn’t understand.
Yuri was here and she didn’t even look at her. …… She’s very focused.

Blonde hair, nail polish, and make-up are all part of a bad junior high school girl’s look, but her concentration is in the honor student class.
She is so serious about the boy she is in love with.

“Hey, Kairi. If you can be that dedicated to your studies, I think I can get you into the same cram school as Yuri. …… Is this okay with you?”
“I know that cram schools cost a lot of money, and at this time of the year, there are no cram schools that can teach you everything from scratch. So I’m fine with Onii Juku(Tutoring).”
“Onii Juku huh”
“Besides,……, in my case, there is a high probability that I will fail, so I can’t talk big to mom and dad now.”

Kairi was surprisingly realistic.
Until yesterday, she had been pretending to be comfortable even though she didn’t have the deviation score. ……

“I told you at the family restaurant yesterday, if I get accepted to high school, I’ll give you anything you want as a thank you.”
“You can touch me here and there~, and you can also …… give me Chuu♡.”

Kairi pointed to her soft cleavage, touched her thighs, and finally pointed to her lips.

“I-I don’t demand such a thing.”
“Liar. I know you’re always staring at my boobs, right?”
“No, I’m not looking at them! I never look at my sister’s boobs!”
“Haa……, girls are sensitive to the way they look at us, you know? I can see everything, so stop making excuses.”
“S-Shut up. You’re also to blame for wearing such a T-shirt.”

I pointed out that the neck of her T-shirt was too loose, revealing her cleavage.

“Oh, let’s go shopping sometime, okay? I’ll buy you some clothes you want to wear.”
“Yes, yes. That’s after you finish taking the exam.”
“I’ll tell you something, Kairi, you’re not allowed to have fun until you take the exam.”
“…… R-Really?”
“I told you I’d be strict with you. Even on holidays, you’ll study here with me from morning till night.”
“With onii…on days off.”
“What? If you don’t like it, I’m out.”
“N-no! Thank you, ……, onii.”

Kairi’s mouth is agape as she says thank you.
The fact that she is not accustomed to saying thank you is typical of Kairi. ……

“Well, let’s take a quick quiz on what we’ve covered so far,”

The quiz was given for a few minutes to assess the level of proficiency.
Kairi was just as focused as before and went through the questions one after the other.

“I’m done. Circle it for me.”

I’m in charge of circling.
I had been proudly saying that my deviation score was 40 the other day, but I wonder how much I’ve learned.

“…… hmm?”

I circled the numbers with a red pen.
I gave her a math quiz on the subject I had taught her yesterday, and she got all 30 questions correct.
The results are almost the same as the answers to the difficult proof problems that I knew I would get wrong. ……

“H-hey Kairi. Maybe you saw the answers or something?”
“answer ……? I didn’t see it, and you had it all along.”
“T-that’s right.”

I thought Kairi would forget the mathematical formulas in no time, and I only taught her the proofs lightly with the intention of going over them thoroughly later.

“Are you surprised that I got the proofs right? Actually, I got some tips from a junior high school teacher today, and when I applied them, I was able to solve it without any trouble.”
“Kairi, you …….”
“What? What? Give me a compliment, oni~!”

I’ve been told that she has the ability to concentrate, remember, and also apply her …… skills.
I’ve heard that she has good concentration, memory, and even application skills. …… Could this gal be talented? ……

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1 month ago

She was always talented but she was more motivated about makeup and fashion
but now she is using that motivation to get what she wants. which is her onii chan.