Although there were some happenings in the morning, such as Kuramoto’s one-sided involvement with me, I was able to spend the afternoon without any particular problems.
Well, I had to evacuate to the vending machine space or the courtyard because I was still uncomfortable in the classroom.
After school, I went home with them and went straight to Riona’s room to study. Unlike yesterday, I did not fall asleep suddenly, so today I am going home normally.

“I’m home alone today, so what should I spend my time doing? I’ll definitely study for the test. ……”

My father and mother are away for three days from this evening to Sunday because they are on a trip, and Mio is also not home because she is staying over with her friends for a study session. So I am completely alone at home tonight.
I arrived at the house in a hurry and unlocked the door to enter the house. Usually, there would be someone in the house at this time of night, but since there was no one in the house today, it was pitch-dark inside.

“I think Mio said she won’t be back until tomorrow evening, so I have to do a lot of things by myself during that time.”

I usually do the meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, etc. that Mio usually does for me, but I have to do it by myself.
However, I was looking forward to it because being alone at home meant that I could do things freely without being disturbed by anyone.
With these thoughts in mind, I moved to my room and headed for my study desk. Riona taught me science subjects that were difficult to study on my own, and I tried to study memorized subjects such as world history and classics on my own.
With only about a week left until the test, there was no time for me to stand still. I was concentrating on my problem books when suddenly the intercom rang, completely breaking my concentration.

“Who is it at this hour? I haven’t heard from anyone at all about a package being delivered, and I think it’s too late for a religious or sales person to be here. ……”

Thinking that this happened in the morning, I left my room to check the intercom monitor and headed for the front door. And when I looked at the image on the monitor, I saw a pair of people I recognized.

“It’s Reona and Riona…..”

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought it might be the two of them again, but it seems I hit the jackpot. I pressed the call button and went straight to talking to Reona and Riona.

“It’s been a while, what’s going on at this time of night?”
“I heard that Ryoya-kun is home alone today, so I thought he might be lonely.”
“He won’t be lonely because we’re here.”
“……, I’m going to open the door for now, so please wait a little.”

I was surprised at the ridiculous reason, but since I couldn’t turn them away, I decided to let them in the house for the time being.

“Well, I’m sorry to bother you.”
“Excuse me for disturbing you.”
“……, what’s with the big baggage?”

I couldn’t see them through the monitor, but they were carrying large travel bags in their hands. If they had just come to see me, they definitely would not need that kind of luggage. Reona, who had finished taking off her shoes, pointed to the bag and opened her mouth.

“Oh, you mean this one? We are going to stay at Ryoya’s house today.”
“W-Wait a minute. Are you going to stay over?!”
“Yeah, so here are the things we’ll need for the sleepover.”

Apparently, Reona and Riona came here with the intention of staying at my place. But I must say there are a lot of problems with that.

“No, no, no, as expected, that’s not right. Since we are a man and a woman of our age, it would be bad if a mistake should happen. ……”
“Eeh, it doesn’t matter.”
“Ryoya would never do such a thing.”

I realized that there was nothing I could say that would help them, so I decided to use a more subtle tactic.

“If you don’t go home, I can call your parents, okay?”

I had gotten their phone numbers from Kaito and Ellen while I was in the hospital, so I could contact them anytime. I thought they would give up on this, but for some reason they were completely unfazed.

“Yeah, that’s all right then. I told Mom and Dad that I was going to stay at Ryoya-kun’s house, and I got their permission.”
“Me and my sister won’t miss anything in that area.”
“……Eh, are you kidding me?!”

I could hardly hide my surprise that her parents had given their blessing. I could not believe that they would allow their daughter to stay over at the house of a man they are not dating, let alone someone they are in a relationship with.
Even though I was the one who saved their lives, would they really allow their precious daughter to stay out overnight? But looking at how confident they were, it was hard to believe that they were lying. Perhaps Kaito-san and Ellen-san have a relaxed attitude toward their daughters.

“There’s nothing to worry about now, is there? So you don’t mind if I stay over, do you?”
“I’ll definitely make sure Ryoya won’t be bothered.”
“……Oh, Mouu. I understand.”

I could no longer say anything more, all I could do was to allow Reona and Riona to stay over.

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