Episode 50 – Study, and ……



“By the way, Sugino-kun, don’t you think anything of Asuka’s clothes? Look, isn’t that a logo you’ve seen somewhere before?”

As I was about to take my textbooks out of my bag to get ready for studying when Saejima tossed such a bomb with a chuckle as she led me into the guest room.

Is this the battlefield of the eight-mat room?

Huh. ……. I’m sure there’s a lot to think about if you ask me if I don’t think about it.
When I observed the clothes that Kohinata was wearing, I couldn’t find any difference between it and my hoodie, even though I thought they wouldn’t be exactly the same. The only difference is the size.

I would feel bad if I purchased clothes that Kohinata already had after me, and if she purchased them after me, that raises the possibility that she went out of her way to purchase matching clothes with me.

If it’s the latter, I’m simply happy that Kohinata seems to like me, but if it’s the former, I’m just sorry. I wore it the last time we played, so it would be hard for Kohinata to wear it outside.

“There are times when you just happen to be together, aren’t there? Yea, it’s a coincidence, isn’t there?”

Keiichi is grinning as if he is enjoying my reaction. From the atmosphere of the bar reading, I felt that this guy was convinced that it was not a coincidence.

However, if it is not a coincidence, that is to say, Kohinata bought my hoodie after seeing it. …… How is that possible?

That’s okay, if that’s the kind of attitude you guys are going to take, I’m not going to keep quiet about it either.

“You guys seem to be getting along too well these days, don’t you think? You guys are like a lovey-dovey couple in my opinion. You know, the way you guys talk about hair as soon as you see each other.”

I said this in a slightly triumphant manner, but Keiichi was nonchalant, as if he knew I was going to get even with him. By the way, Saejima said, ” He? Heh?” Saeshima’s face was red.
“Well, we talked a lot about overcoming Tomoki’s difficulties, and we even play together on weekends, so we must be good friends. Even with regard to the haircut, Tomoki just isn’t used to girls, but there are those who would say that much – well, I don’t think it’s very common for anyone to carry a classmate on his or her shoulders.:

I was going to throw a cross-counter, but he evaded me and hit me with a metal bat. Tomoki Sugino, my nose was broken in a spectacular manner.

I couldn’t argue with Keiichi’s statement beyond biting my lip, and looked at Kohinata as if asking for help.

For some reason, she had her hands on her hips and her chest averted proudly.

Unlike when I wore the hoodie, the logo on the hoodie was gently curved, suggesting that there was a woman’s bulge underneath the clothes.
Ah, Kohinata may be tiny in stature, but she has a firm, feminine body! You can’t stare at a girl’s breasts, me!

“But why are you bragging ……?”
“You’re right to be shy for now, okay?”

Ah, so that’s how it was! As if to say, Kohinata’s eyes widen in astonishment. What an angel.

I am aware that Saejima and Keiichi are grinning at us as we are exchanging such comments, but I dare to pretend that they are not in my line of vision.

Somehow, I get the feeling that the words “husband and wife comic dialogue” are floating around in Keiichi’s head.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

It seems that the effect of the “head butt or whatever” comment from the other day was still in effect on Kohinata, who was having trouble concentrating on her studies, and she was seriously engaged in her studies again today.

As a matter of course, Kohinata and I sat next to each other, and Saejima and Keiichi also sat side by side. I had already learned that if I bombarded these guys, I would get hit myself, so I quietly concentrated on watching Kohinata study.

For some reason, she was smiling at me, and I had a feeling that she was up to something behind her smile, but there was no way I could ask her, “What are you up to?” I decided to tell myself that it was just my imagination.

The only things of note that happened during the study session were some light chit-chat related to the gymnasium during a break and the fact that Kohinata would rub my head every time I praised her. It was depressing to see Keiichi and the others grinning without saying a word when they saw that, though.

Then, when it was past seven o’clock, we decided to split up, as it was bad form to stay out too late.

As for Kohinata’s study progress, …… it was so-so. I wish I had one more day tomorrow, but since I don’t have the ability to manipulate time, I decided to take it as a lesson for the next exam.

“By the way, is Shizuka-san out somewhere?”

Saejima asked Kohinata at the entrance on the way home. However, Kohinata did not seem to know the details of her sister’s situation and tilted her head curiously.

Well, Shizuka san, she said to me, ‘Come to my house,’ but I didn’t see her.

“Fufufu, Shizuka is going shopping on her way home from playing with her college friends. Very important shopping.”

In place of Kohinata, who couldn’t answer, Kohinata’s mother, who had come to see us off, answered with a smile that seemed to have a backstory again. If this was normal behavior, it would be very rude, but honestly, it is eerie.

Then, with that expression on her face, Mother Kohinata continued.

“I’m sure they’ll be home soon, so–I’m sorry, Tomoki kun, but could you help me carry the luggage? We don’t have any male help, so it’s not easy. You live close by, right?”
“? I guess so. I’ll just go home to eat and sleep anyway, so I’ll be fine.”

I kind of did what she asked me to do. But I don’t mind that much. …… Did you buy something so big that you need a man’s help, Shizuka san? Is it a large TV or something? I have to make sure I don’t break it.

“I’m so relieved to hear that,” Kohinata’s mother replied with another smiling expression, and then Keiichi, going with the flow of the conversation, said, “Well, then.”

“We’re going home first. Thank you for your time–Kohinata and Tomoki, see you tomorrow. Good luck with the luggage carrying~.”
“Thank you for your time! Bye bye, you two!”

The two who were not nominated by Kohinata’s mother had expressions on their faces as if something was stuck in the corner of their minds, but they could not discern what it was, or they went home without saying anything in particular.
I guess tomorrow they will ask me what happened.

And right after I saw Keiichi and the others off – the car Shizuka was riding in stopped in front of the Kohinata family’s house. It is a large, black family car that seats about seven people.

“Well then, Tomoki-kun, take care of the transportation!”

I guessed that Kohinata’s mother had already told her what was going on.
Shizuka-san opened the door and came out and said to me as soon as she came out.


I replied shortly and stepped toward the car.
I can somehow see it from the car window. …… I see, this is indeed a big deal.
The back seat is almost completely filled with luggage. At least I’m relieved that it doesn’t look like any electronic equipment that could break.

“It must be a lot of work for the women to carry a whole set of futons.”

I muttered to myself, not imagining why someone had decided to purchase such a futon.

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