Christmas Day.

Originally, I was supposed to be sadly playing ear licking ASMR and having a white Christmas with a tissue in my hand, but I suddenly decided to spend the day with my sisters and walked alone through the noisy arcade.
Dressed in a dark brown coat, I hurry to the meeting place while listening to Teshigaoka Yururu on my earphones, which I had planned to listen to in the comfort of my room.

Although I thought to myself, “Why don’t they just go with me from home instead of meeting up with me?”They were not going to budge.
Both Yuri and Kairi were talking about the atmosphere, but I don’t really understand it.
I have no idea why they would spend Christmas with their brother in the first place.

I wonder if the boys in the same grade are not after those two.

Are those two too cute to make a move on the contrary? No, I think good looking guys and flirtatious guys would go for those two even if they wanted to. ……

Yuuri has a hard-guarded image, so I can understand why she doesn’t have the scent of a man, but what about …… Kairi?

She’s so pure that she thinks kissing is the highest form of love, and she also has a maidenly side, like wanting to go to the same high school as the boy she likes.

Well, I wonder if Kairi has ever been with a guy?
She’s a gal, so I’m sure she’s been with a guy at least once.

“W-Well, I don’t really care about my sister’s romantic history.”

When I came to the front of the station where we were to meet, two beautiful girls, one with blonde hair and the other with black hair, were sitting on a bench at the bus roundabout, playing with their phones.
Yuri was wearing a white coat that made her easy to spot even in the dark of night, while Kairi was dressed in a black coat and short skirt that looked very girly and matched her blonde hair, making me wonder if she was cold.

As soon as I spotted them, I made a short run for the bench where they were waiting, but at the same time I was heading for the bench, a pair of guys who looked like they were having a flirtatious time appeared in front of them.

Hey, hey, they were caught in the act of picking up a girl, just like in the picture.
The punks, dressed in very severe attire, were relentlessly entangling with the two of them, trying to lure them somewhere.

They don’t look like junior high school kids, so I can understand their feelings, but it’s a common crime to touch them.

They were looking at their phones without making the slightest move.
I guess these guys are used to it.

“Hey Yuri, Kairi!”

I called out to them as if to offer a helping hand.

“Hey, what is it you? Now we’re here to help these girls.”
“Well I am their—”.
“My (My) boyfriend.”

The two of them stand up, talking in unison, and immediately embrace me in their arms.
Kairi’s glutinous breasts are pressed against my right arm, and Yuri’s firm breasts are pressed against my left arm.


I’m just a ciscoon if I’m conscious of my …… sister’s breasts.

“Hey! You’re a lousy man for monopolizing two such beauties by yourself!”
“Nono, I am not monopolizing”
“Did you just say something bad about my boyfriend?”

Yuri moves away from my left arm and confronts the guy.

“W-What, your boyfriend is also dating that blonde over there, right? T-that’s crazy!” 

“Haa? You low-bracketed, pretentious yankee types are talking shit about my high-bracketed, elegant onii chan. If you keep coming at me like this, I’ll call the police right now.”
“W-What the hell!”
“Who’s going to go with an unattractive, shoddy yankee who’s sadly picking on two girls on Christmas Day?”
“Well, ……, that’s…”
“Oh, come on, let’s go. These girls have terrible eyes.”

The two guys were running away towards the station with their faces scrunched up, probably because of Yuuri’s aggression.

“Yu, Yuuri, you ……”
“What’s wrong, oni chan?”
“You’ve got a bad mouth.”
“What are you talking about?”

Yuuri was trying to keep a low profile.

“Hey, oni, you saw what just happened, that’s onechan’s true nature.”
“True nature’? I’m sure she didn’t mean it, but she said it to protect us, didn’t she?”

Yuri smiled and nodded when I asked her about it.
“Of course. I am the eldest daughter of the Otaru family. I would do anything to protect onii chan”
“I see. I’m so thankful for you, Yuri.”

When I thanked her, she grabbed my left hand and brought it to her head.

“I want onii chan to stroke me as a reward, don’t I?””
“Hee? Oh, ou”

I stroked Yuuri’s head at the roundabout in front of the station.
What’s this?

“Wait a second! I’m the one who’s always protecting onii, not you!”
“I can’t remember the last time you protected him.”
“Muu ……!”

Kairi was disappointed and moved away from my right arm.

“We’re siblings and you’re flirting with him there, it’s really gross!”
“It’s not gross, is it, oni chan?”
“I mean, it’s gross. I’m embarrassed, but…”
“It doesn’t matter. Because onii chan loves his little sister.”
“I-I never said I love my sister.

Yuri smiled wryly for a moment, took my hand and walked ahead of me.
What’s that …… laugh now?

“Today, we’re going to go see the illumination, you know? Kairi and I decided to go together.”
“Illuminations ……?”
“It looks like it’s going to be at a flower park near here. I looked it up.”
“For someone like Kairi, who likes to show off, it’s surprisingly romantic.”
“Are you making fun of me?”
“I’m not making fun of you.”
“Oh, so you’re happy that you can go to the illumination with me?”
“No, no, no. I’m just…”
“Onii chan. Don’t make out with Kairi too much.”

Yuri’s sharp gaze pierced my eyes.
Recently, Yuuri seems to be doing this eye more and more often …….

“Onee-chan jealousy is lame”
“…… Kairi’s is the one who’s tied, so can you not date with too much of a victorious look on your face?”

I don’t know what these guys are talking about, but I did notice one thing.
Perhaps the reason why they are not getting along with each other is not because of the school they want to go to, but because of me. ……

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