Volume 2 Episode 2 – monster stepsister [Kairi’s amusement, Yuri’s jealousy]



“I’m home.”
“Welcome home~”

When I came home, I found Kairi standing at the door with the answer sheet for the test in both hands.

Well, I wondered if the test results had already come out …….

“Well, let’s see….You got a 98 in English and a 100 in math?”
“Mwah~! Isn’t that great?”

Kairi shows off the paper with a big smile on her nose.

“It’s really amazing! I never got a perfect score in middle school”
“Dehehehe, even gals do it when they have to.”

Kairi shakes her big breasts and stretches her chest out with all her might.

“At any rate, onii, pat my head.”
“Ha? head? Why?”
“Just do it!”

Kairi forcibly takes my hand and makes me pat her own head with my hand.

“…… this, what is good about it? You want me to massage your head?”
“Well, that kind of thing.”

We were fussing in the doorway when Yuri came out of her room.

“Oh, Yuuri, look at this, Kairi got 100 points.”
“How did you do on your test, Yuri?”
“………… sorry, I have to go to cram school now.”

Yuri narrowed her eyes, put on her leather shoes, and walked out of the house.
“What’s wrong with Yuri ……?”
“Onii-i! Don’t worry about onee-chan!”

Kairi put her hands between my face and brought my face close to hers.

“You’re my tutor, so you don’t have to worry about that cram-school-going honor student.”
“Hey! You can’t talk to your sister like that.”
“Onii, focus on me.”

kairi suddenly changed to a serious tone of voice and narrowed her eyes in the same way as Yuri.

“… I haven’t passed the test yet.”
“Y-yes, y-you are right.”

Kairi went back to her room with a serious face.

“……Well, it’s good that Kairi’s grades have improved.”

But I’m worried about …… Yuri.


At the time when Yuri was coming back from cram school, I heard a weak voice saying “I’m home” from the doorway.
I walked out of my room and looked to the front door.

“Yuuri,…… can I have a word with you? If you’re having a bad day or something, please let me know.”
“Sorry onii chan, I’m not in the mood for this right now.”
“W…… wait, Yuu–“
“Oni chan!”

The screeching yell of Yuri echoes through the corridor.

“You……, you’re always nice to Kairi because she’s the most adorable person in the world, right?”
“Yu, Yuuri ……? that’s not true.”
“Yes it is! Onii chan, you haven’t been meddling with me at all lately, you talk to Kairi more often than me, and you go out of your way to put Kairi’s knee socks in the washing machine but leave mine alone until the next morning when I try to take them off, He would buy a lot of additional educational materials for Kairi even if he had to cut his own allowance, but he has nothing for me, When mom comes home late, the two of you eat dinner together at a family restaurant, and my brother’s recent pixi● search history has been “gal” and “knee socks,” all the time Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi! Onii chan siscon!”
“I-I don’t know what’s going on if you suddenly talk so fast. …… Well, anyway, are you talking about socks? Unlike Kairi, Yuri is a very strong person, so I wondered if she had a plan and left her socks there.”

“It’s a lie!!!”

…..I-it’s starting to sound like a game.
This isn’t the Shirakawa-go, is it?

“You just don’t like my dirty socks, but you’re sniffing Kairi’s!”
“Of course not!”
“…… Enough!”

Yuri is distraught and tries to go to her room, upset like a child.

“Haa,……, I’m relieved to see that you haven’t changed at all.”
“Yuuri, you’ve been snapping at me like that every time I praise Kairi since long ago, right? The actual fact is, you’re a spoiled brat, but before I knew it, you’d become a solid person, so I thought maybe you’d already changed, but …… you haven’t.”

Like I did for Kairi, I gently reached for Yuri’s head.

“You are twins, aren’t you? If I’m always meddling in Kairi’s affairs, you might feel a little left out.”
“I’m not trying to make a big deal out of Yuuri, I’m just putting in the effort because Kairi’s not good at it.”
“……, that’s a lie.”
“It’s true. Then, as proof, I’ll buy something for you when I get next month’s allowance. That’s equality, right?”

I quieted her down and Yuri suddenly jumped into my arms.
Kairi was different from her, and the firm marshmallow of Yuuri was pressed against my body.
Oh ………… oh.

“Onii chan.. Suu …….”
“N-Nothing. I’m sorry, onii chan, I was thinking too much …… Thanks, Onii chan.”
“It’s okay. If someone did the same thing to me, I’d be lonely too.”

I try to peel Yuri off my body in a natural way as I say it, but she hugs me with a very strong force and doesn’t move away from me easily.
I want her to get away from me quickly, even though she’s my sister. ……

“It’s about Christmas ……, you know.”
“Are you free?”
“Ehh. ……”

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