Episode 53 – I Am Reborn as the Son of the King of the Most Tyrannical and Powerful Kingdom but When I Am Kind to the Princesses of the Neighboring Kingdom, They Pressure Me to Marry Them



It had been almost two months since Father and Queen Esther had returned to each other.

“We cannot let blood stain Eric’s hands,”

Saying this, Father joined hands with Queen Esther to purge all those in the country who were trying to start a war with the Kingdom of Henesys.

What surprised me was that the people who were trying to make war with Henesys in our country and the people who were trying to make war with us in Henesys were in league with each other.

Those thugs who escaped from Queen Esther’s hands fled to our country, and our nobles, who wanted war, sheltered them.

The situation was terrible. About half of all the titles in our country, dukes, viscounts, and counts, had disappeared, and countless people had died. Among them was Baron Bach, whom I met when Sophia and I were dating at Lake Orbis. And the president of the Antiochian Chamber of Commerce, the most prestigious chamber of commerce in our country.

I can say that the national character of the country has completely changed.

The Queen Esther has been close to father, and father has given her his true love. There is no longer a single person on the continent of the Orient who would say NO to this King and Queen.

And I moved to keep my promise.

I have installed the Marquis of Berne, the vice president of the Antiochian Chamber of Commerce, who tried to help the country of Mandane, as its chairman. And I raised his knighthood from marquis to duke.

Then there is Kelz, the commoner guard who followed me.

Because of him, I was able to defeat the Nephilim boss. So I gave him the title of marquis and part of my domain, and made him one of the guards who served me. I also had him create a unit to use the locksling and put him in charge of it.

The rest is

And the rest….


I should have brought up the subject of marriage by now in terms of timing, but I couldn’t quite tell those three.

This is because when I was Seiji Yamaoka, I had been cheated on and dumped by the girlfriend I was dating……

[I dislike men who are nice to me].

I was shocked when she told me such a thing without hesitation. Since then, I stopped having a girlfriend.

I was afraid that she would say something that would negate everything about me again. I was running away.

It is the same now that I have been reborn in another world.

The three beauties of the Orient still send me some kind of sign at the royal palace in my country.

Sophia, Mandane, and Luvia all look at me wistfully with pheromones that tempt men, instead of their usual expressions. But I have been fearing that the nightmare will come back, and I have been trying to cover it up.

I already knew the answer, but I was miserable, lost in the ties of the past. Sera accepted me, but the three of them kept giving me impatient glances.

After another month passed with this frustrating feeling, I went back to my room and sat on my bed after finishing dinner alone.


I have shed blood, sweat, and tears to win three princesses for myself. But, am I really fit to be the next king, if I stumble at the most crucial point?

As I was blotting my face with mixed emotions, someone knocked on my door.


But no one answers.

As I stared at the door suspiciously, another knock on the door came from outside.


I stare at the door for a moment, wondering if it might be an assassin trying to kill me, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“No, Truth san…. told me, so it can’t be an assassination.”

After saying this, I keep my mouth shut and walk to the door.

One step and then another.

Then I open the door with shaking hands and ……

“Eric !!!”
“Eric !!!!”
“Eric !!!”

Three immensely beautiful women shouted my name loudly in their revealing nightgowns.

“Uoooo! You scared me!”

I fell down on my buttocks, my backside slipping out of my seat at the sound of their ringing voices. Glaring at my dumb appearance, Sophia, Mandane, and Luvia came up to me on all fours.

“Eric…… what in the world is going on! How long are you going to make us wait?”

Sophia shoots me a look with her vivid azure eyes as she rakes up her soft light blue hair with her hand. Under her well-defined nose and eyes, a moderate bulge is visible through the fabric, as if to assert that she is a woman.

Sophia, who was closing the distance from my left, left me speechless. Then something softer than a marshmallow hit my right arm. I turned my face to the right and say wwwwwwwhat…

“It’s terrible …… that you’ve made my heart so hot and you haven’t said anything to me! Eric! I’m ready to take it all in Eric, but I won’t allow …… you to make me wait this long! It’s just a fantasy…. No!”

Long orange hair, emerald eyes, and a cute little nose. But the huge bulge below is ferocious enough to confuse my reason. It is so ferocious that it is pressing down on my arm.

I think I’ve never seen Mandane so angry. ……

As I shuddered, I noticed a presence looming over me.

“Eric…… don’t tell me you’re going to abandon me like my father did?”
“Luvia! II-I’m not! I’m …….”
“Well, it looks like …… I’m going to have to punish you.”

The pink hair, the red eyes, the face that looks as if it were made by a sculptor. And the large breasts, which are on the same level as Mandane’s, are hanging down due to gravity. B-big ……

But it’s not so peaceful to be punished, is it?

Luvia, who speaks out of the blue, signals Sophia and Mandane with her eyes. And,

The three of them join their voices together.

“Marry me, quickly!”
“Marry me now!”
“Marry me quickly!”

The words were uttered with a devilish expression on their faces.

In response, I said

“I will marry you! I will marry you! I will marry Sophia, Mandane, and Luvia. !!!!”

I replied, shouting at the top of my voice.

Upon hearing my response, the three of them opened their eyes and looked at me. Then, as if on cue, they put on a bewitching expression and pressed even closer to my body.

“W-What’s wrong?”

I panicked, and the three of them each replied with a blush on their cheeks.

“Eric is …… gentle, so if we don’t take good care of him, I’m sure the other girls will ……”
“That’s right! It’s that kind of indecision that promotes needless misunderstandings! So to prevent that from happening, we have to take responsibility and manage it properly!”
“Eric ……, you should consider this. It’s your own fault for stealing our hearts. Eric can’t escape us. Forever. ……”

“Wait a minute, you three, let’s …… calm down first. …… This is no good. …… We haven’t even had the ceremony yet… …not like this.”

I don’t care about past traumas anymore. I am not a perfect person. I am a weak man with both good and bad qualities.

But the three of them accept everything about me. And I also embrace all of their weaknesses.

Their weaknesses become their charms, and they strengthen our love and bond.

Seeing the expressions on their faces, I now realize this obvious fact.

From now on, I will be united with them, and we will love each other and make the Orient continent prosper.

Imagining such a daunting thought, I muttered secretly in my mind as I looked at the three of them.

I Am Reborn as the Son of the King of the Most Tyrannical and Powerful Kingdom but When I Am Kind to the Princesses of the Neighboring Kingdom, They Pressure Me to Marry Them

Looking at the four of them from outside, Sera’s expression is different from usual and glamorous.

“Fufu, Eric-sama. It looks like it’s quite a difficult task. But I am your property. When you’re tired, you can have your fill of this servant girl ……!”

But halfway through, her expression hardens as if she is possessed by something.


“Dear truth san,…… I have no such qualification. I am an insignificant piece of dust. I am nothing. Please don’t test me like this …….”

Muttering nonsense, she stared at Eric until a hole appeared in her eyes and a sad expression appeared on her face. Her cheeks had long since turned red, and she looked as if she was desperately trying to hold something back.

one wondered what she had heard from truth san,

No one knows but Sera.

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