I Am Reborn as the Son of the King of the Most Tyrannical and Powerful Kingdom but When I Am Kind to the Princesses of the Neighboring Kingdom, They Pressure Me to Marry Them…

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A young working man (Seiji Yamaoka) with a gentle disposition dies unexpectedly and wakes up to find himself the son (Eric) of the king of Ilas, the most powerful kingdom on the continent of the Orient.

His father was running a government of fear, and not only within the country, but even in neighboring countries, there was no time to relax.

Eric decides that this is a bad situation and goes to the neighboring kingdom.

In the past, Eric had said terrible things to the beautiful princesses of the neighboring country in an attempt to make them his own. Therefore, they are deeply hurt.

First of all, he needs to be kind to them and heal their wounds!


Eric: The only prince in the Kingdom of Ilas. The one who will be the next king since all his other brothers and sisters were killed. His father always told him that he must treat people as tools, and in the past he followed his tyrannical father’s example and treated people like objects. However, his personality changes drastically after his reincarnation.

Sera: A maid in the royal court of the Kingdom of Ilas. She works for Eric. She is the only beautiful girl who has remained with Eric until the end, while the other maids quit after being harassed by him.

Sophia: Princess of the Kingdom of Halkeginia. She has soft light blue hair and is skilled in swordsmanship.

Mandane: Princess of the Kingdom of Ernia. She is weak compared to the other kingdoms, but she is proud of her kingdom.

Luvia: Princess of the Kingdom of Henesys, which is as powerful as the Kingdom of Ilas. Together with the other kingdoms, she tries to destroy the Kingdom of Ilas.

Episode 1 – My Exclusive Maid, Sera chan’s Crisis

Episode 2 – reconciliation

Episode 3 – Marriage to the princesses is the only solution

Episode 4 – Sera chan is good at bargaining

Episode 5 – Kingdom of Halkeginia, Incident

Episode 6 – Sophia and Eric

Episode 7 – coming out

Episode 8 – Doubtful Sophia

Episode 9 – Sera’s massage and moaning

Episode 10 – Two reasons

Episode 11 – Sophia side

Episode 12 – Sophia calls him Eric

Episode 13 – Fainting Eric, white space and judgment

Episode 14- Payback and Wound Value

Episode 15 – Lower and upper nobility

Episode 16 – Eric’s Seriousness

Episode 17 – connected heart

Episode 18 – Sera’s will, and a new storm

Episode 19 – Journey that begins and Sophia and Sera

Episode 20 – Sophia notices. Eric makes up his mind

Episode 21 – Declaration of Possession and Sophia’s desire to sleep with Sera.

Episode 22 – Formation of the Alliance to Defeat Breasts!

Episode 23 – Mysterious girl talks about “the one”

Episode 24 – Mandane

Episode 25 – Sharp Mandane is astonished

Episode 26 – Sweat and Blood

Episode 27 – Mandane looking into Eric and Sera

Episode 28 – Soft mandane and looming threats

Episode 29 – Alone in a cabin in the pouring rain

Episode 30 – Gaia’s Prophecy and the Naked Mandane

Episode 31 – Negotiations over Seeds and Tears of Mandane

Episode 32 – Mandane’s true feelings and a raging, immensely beautiful girl

Episode 33 – occurrence of a problem

Episode 34 – Feelings of each

Episode 35 – disbandment

Episode 36 – Luvia’s speech

Episode 37 – Ironically, fate does not allow even a moment’s peace of mind

Episode 38 – Fearful Conversations

Episode 39 – Eric, Luvia, and the Mystery Person

Episode 40 – Taboo and Determination

Episode 41 – hatred

Episode 42 – Luvia’s state of mind and final mission!?

Episode 43 – Eric and Sophia leave on a trip

Episode 44 – Fake is no match for truth

Episode 45 – Into the cave

Episode 46 – Duel with the Nephilim

Episode 47 – Calm Truth san and Luvia’s Past

Episode 48 – Luvia had never known the pleasure of love

Episode 49 – Queen Esther, and the conversation between the three women and one woman looking in on it

Episode 50 – Sweet~~~~time

Episode 51 – Return and Judgment

Episode 52 – blood

Episode 53 – I Am Reborn as the Son of the King of the Most Tyrannical and Powerful Kingdom but When I Am Kind to the Princesses of the Neighboring Kingdom, They Pressure Me to Marry Them


Everyday life (Sophia’s story)