–23:00 midnight.

At this hour, the twin sisters’ room still had lights on.

“Kairi, can I talk to you for a minute?”

After taking a bath, Kairi was drying her proud blonde hair with a hair dryer when Yuri, who was sitting in front of the study desk, spoke to her and stopped the hair dryer.

“What’s wrong? onee-chan?”
“We’re going to start the ‘stepsister meeting’ now.”

Suddenly, Yuuri said she was going to start a mysterious meeting called “sisters-in-law meeting”.
She was asked to sit on a chair by Yuuri, and Kairi sat down on her study desk chair from her bed.

“The agenda is, of course, about [Onii chan].”
“What of course?”

Yuuri ignores her and continues talking.

“Kairi …… seemed to be having a lot of fun with onii chan earlier, didn’t she? I haven’t seen Kairi looking that happy in a long time …….”

Yuuri mutters nonchalantly as she recalls the two of them having a study session in the living room.

“W-Well, it’s not like I’m having fun.”

Kairi turned away and denied it.
Yuuri realized everything from Kairi’s gesture.

“Kairi, for someone who makes fun of me for being a ‘Brocon,’ don’t you think you love onii chan, too?”
“I-I’m not! I just want to go to the same high school as onii”
“That’s called a ‘Brocon’!”

The normally mild-mannered Yuri suddenly raised her voice.
Looking at her, even Kairi was overwhelmed.
“Well then, Kairi, look at this.”

Yuuri took out a black cloth from the pocket of her pajamas and handed it to Kairi.

“W-What is this? Trunks?”
“Those are onii chan’s trunks that he just took off.”

The moment Kairi realized that they were Yuto’s trunks, she threw them on the floor.

“Why did you hand over such a dirty thing?”
“You don’t have enough love for him, Kairi. You don’t even know how to enjoy onii chan’s pants.”
“E-enjoy ……?”

Yuri picked up the trunks that Kairi had thrown away and without hesitation put her nose close to them.

“The first thing to do is to smell the sweat around the waist soaked into the elastic of the trunks, then enjoy the lofty scent of the outside, and finally turn them inside out,…….”
“Eh………, what have you been doing since a while ago, onee chan?”
“How do I enjoy onii chan’s underpants? Do you even know how to do this?”
“O-onee-chan, you’re so gross I feel like I’m going to throw up. Oe……!”
“Gross!? If you love onii chan, this is normal!”

Kairi managed to hold back a sob and feel like throwing up.

“I can’t believe you and oni chan were so close in the living room, and you don’t even know what this is like.”
“I don’t want to understand. That’s beyond the realm of a brocon”

Kairi sat back in her chair, looking dazed.

“So, onee-chan, did you want to make that gross boast?”
“No. I saw Kairi and onii chan getting along well in the living room and I thought of something. ……”
“What did you think?”
“Kairi …… didn’t tell onii chan about that, did you?”

That thing is, of course, the secret that they are stepsisters.

“I-I haven’t told him, but I don’t …… think it would be a good idea if I did.”
“You know that onii chan traumatized you in junior high school, don’t you? kairi”
“The one where his girlfriend treated him like a purse, right?”

Yuri nodded.
“onii chan, he’s been dragging that thing around for a long time. The high school students at the school told me that onii chan has hardly talked to any girls since he went to high school. And you know how he’s been looking at 2-dimensional girls lately?”
“You know, the ones called …… v something?”
“His wounds are so deep that he runs away to the 2-D world. If he finds out about us, he will inevitably distance himself from us.”
“Distance ……”

Hearing this, Kairi recalled the conversation they had when they got on the elevator.
At that time, Yuto had said, “If I were a stranger to you two, I would keep my distance.”

“I held this sister meeting to make you promise not to tell onii chan about ‘that thing’.”
“But …… if I don’t tell him someday, we’ll always be sisters, won’t we?”
“So, I have a suggestion.”

Yurr interrupted Kairi’s words and narrowed her eyes.

“Let’s play a game,…… Kairi.”
“The one who can defeat onii chan first can tell him about this fact.”

The first one to corrupt onii chan first is the one who can tell him this fact.

“What do you mean by ‘corrupt’ ……? What exactly?”
“It’s the one who is told ‘I love you’ by onii chan, of course. Like, and then just before you take away onii chan’s virginity, you tell him about this.”
“V-virginity …….”

Yuri’s eyes were no longer the sole of an honor student.
The lewd, mellow look in her eyes and the slobbering slobber in her mouth that looked as if it was about to drip at any moment made her look like a wild beast in front of its flesh.

“It’s good, isn’t it, Kairi?”

Kairi found out how bad Yuri was.
At the same time, she made up her mind that she had to protect Yuto from this beast.

Thus began the battle between the pure-hearted gal and the slutty neat girl for her brother.

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1 year ago

I mean, i don’t know if its strange to call it “fresh air” but seeing someone calling that behavior sick is like a breath of fresh air