Episode 46 – Duel with the Nephilim



It looks much stronger than the Nephilim we saw earlier.
“WWW….What is this”
“Luvia, don’t move. If you provoke him, he will attack you immediately.”

Fortunately, Luvia listened and followed my words. Well, I guess we would all be like that if we witnessed that ferocious creature.

One strange thing is that the Nephilim so far could not speak, but the giant Nephilim in front of us was speaking in a language we could understand, albeit awkwardly.

As we both stood in front of the cliff, staring at the Nephilim, he suddenly spoke.

“Human, why are you here?”
“….. I came here to get a piece of the fruit of the tree of life.”

I managed to calm my trembling legs, and the Nephilim’s eyes widened as he asked me once again

“Why do you need it?”


“I need it to protect the one I love and to see the smile on the face of the beautiful girl that give birth to that loved one!”
“Eric! What, what are you talking about……”

I shouted to the Nephilim. Then the Nephilim get upset.

“You came here not for yourself, but for others…….”
“Strangers,…… not to put it in the wrong way, but they are both very important to me.”
“Is it …… love?”
“So you want to protect the people you love……, is that love?”
“I don’t know …… but I want Luvia and Her Majesty Queen Esther to be happy.”
“What do I get in return? A title? Money? Power?”
“I don’t want any of those things. I just want to make up with Luvia.”
“Well, it’s …… definitely love, …… one of my most hated feelings, ……. love is the last thing I need in this world.”
“Human beings are only at their best when they kill, curse, and kick the shit out of each other.”
“T-That’s not true!”
“What’s the difference?”
“It is true that human beings have many such ugly traits. But there is also happiness that comes from sacrificing oneself! I have experienced that! It was very hard and painful, but every time I see smiling faces, every time I see the faces of people who are doing their best for me, I feel a gushing desire to sacrifice myself more and love them more!”

When I clench my fists tightly and speak forcefully, the Nephilim retreats, shaking their heads and yelling loudly.

“Aaaaahh!!!!! Shut up, shut up!!! Hate is the spice thing that makes humans more palatable.
Rebellion against God is the only way given to man. The only way. !!!!”

“I don’t think so!”
“You are a man who must die. So I’m going to eat all of you! Aaahhh!”

The Nephilim throw the sword in his hand near the entrance. Then the stones and earth near the entrance collapsed and blocked it.

Then he picks up the huge sword beside him and heads toward me at a furious speed.

“…! Luvia! Get away from him! I’m his target.”
“Eric ……Why”

Luvia hears me and runs away from the bluff to the edge, out of sight. And I,



A single sword couldn’t catch the Nephilim’s blow, and I was blown to bits.

“Eric,……, why ……?”

I knew I was too weak to be a match for that giant Nephilim. Even sophia can’t defeat an ordinary Nephilim by herself. And I’m not even……

“… Keho! ! Blood ……”

I found myself coughing up blood. The amount wasn’t that much, but if I didn’t do something about it, I would lose.


When I was gasping for air, the Nephilim immediately jumped towards me again. Barely standing up, I grabbed my sword again and blocked the attack,


I was blown away again with a tremendous force. My sword was knocked away and my body hit the wall.

“Ah ……, painful ……”
“Why …… would you go to such lengths for me and my mother ……?”

Luvia muttered, looking at me from a distance.

I had a clear answer to Luvia’s mumbled question.

“I’ve been telling you this for a long time, haven’t I? I want to make up with Luvia.”
“You …… idiot…… Eric is such an idiot. I did terrible things to you,…… and then I remembered the old Eric and did whatever I wanted,…….”
“I don’t care. I’m willing to suffer whatever it takes to see Luvia’s smile.”
“There are a lot of good people around Luvia. Elze, Blinken, and Kelz ……, so I am sure that our country and the Henesys Kingdom will be able to reconcile. I am sure me and Luvia will be …… too.”
“Oh, by the way, Kelz-san ……”
“The young young man who was keeping an eye on me ……”

Speaking of which, I think Kelz-san gave me something when we parted. I was so excited that I had to go back to my room and check the bag with my trembling hands,


A weapon that is released by placing a stone in this bag and holding the tips of both strings and turning them. This is the only weapon I have at the moment. In addition, there are a lot of rocks lying around. Let’s put it on this.

So, I took a fist-sized stone in my hand and stood up with all my might. I placed the stone in a bag-like place in the middle of the rock sling, gripped the ends of both cords, and turned them as hard as I could.

“Guuu…I’m going to eat you …… love is an emotion that should not be human …… and you’re trying to spread it …… Dieeeee!”

He really is going to jump on me with the force to kill me.

I had only one chance.

If I mess up here, we’re both going to the other side.

“Good luck …… Eric ……”

I thought I heard Luvia say something, but I couldn’t make it out. For now, let’s focus our attention on the Nephilim in front of us.

After telling myself that, I let go of one of the strings.


The released stone flew with tremendous force,

It hit the head of the running Nephilim.


The Nephilim, unable to maintain their equilibrium, staggered and collapsed at the edge of the cliff. But he hadn’t stopped breathing yet. If I didn’t finish him off quickly, he might get up again someday.

So I picked up my sword and ran toward the cliff.


I shouted, and I climbed on top of the Nephilim and thrust the sword into their heads.

And then


With a roar, the giant’s body convulses.

However, this Nephilim did something unexpected.


With his claws, he scratched my back.


Luvia screamed, but I was speechless at the sheer amount of blood flowing from my body.

And, then,

Nephilim grabs my legs and tries to jump under the flowing lava.

“You …… kill …… love …… lose …… for the sake past glories.”

Due to the large amount of blood, only a gravelly voice comes out. I’m going to die like this. ……

I was about to give up when the smiling faces of Sera, Sophia, Mandane, and Luvia flashed through my mind.

“I will not be beaten!!!!!!!”

And with all my strength, I kicked up the hand of the Nephilim who were trying to take me along with him. Then the Nephilim’s hand let go of my foot.


It is already too late.

I’m falling into the lava.


Subconsciously, I reached out my hand.

There is no one here to help me, so why am I doing this?

It was as if I was waiting for someone ……

Just then, a thin, soft hand catches my wrist.


Luvia was there.

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