Episode 32 – Background of Kohinata-san’s intrusion



~Keiichi side~

“Well, I’m going. If I come back too late, you can go home first without worrying about me.”

Tomoki said in a light tone and left the classroom.
The three of us were each saying, “Tomoki, please don’t forget us when you leave,” “Good luck!” We all responded with a shake of the head.

At first glance, Tomoki seemed to be in a normal state of mind, but I, who have been with him for many years, could tell that he was trying to be strong. He is probably thinking, “I don’t want to worry you,” but it’s a useless act.

Tomoki seems to be fine with Kohinata, who doesn’t talk much, and Saejima is taking care of him, so I guess he’s fine, but I guess it must be tough for Tomoki to be in the student council where all the girls are present.

About twenty minutes have passed since Tomoki left the classroom.

“….. he’s late.”

There were still a few classmates left in the classroom here and there, but most of the students were already gone, either going to club activities or going home. From outside the window, you can hear the voices of students who are hard at work on their club activities.

“But really, why did the student council call Sugino-kun?”

Saejima looks as if confronted with a difficult question – also with a puzzled look on her face. I don’t know too. The most likely possibility is the Kohinata relationship, but whether it is related to the Tomoki rumor or not – it is difficult to determine.

“I’ll go check on him, shall I?”

It’s been some time, and I don’t feel comfortable staying in the classroom, so I make a suggestion to the two of them.

The path from the classroom on the second floor to the student council room on the first floor is limited, and it is unlikely that we will pass each other.

“………… (kokukoku).”

At my words, Kohinata, whose face had been downcast for a long time, looked up and nodded. The atmosphere is darker than usual. I’m sure she’s worried about Tomoki too.

Tomoki’s relationship with women has undergone a major change in the past month.

Just like Tomoki, Kohinata’s personal relationships have also changed over the past month. Of course, that other person is my best friend.

“Yes, let’s go! If the student council people are bullying Sugino-kun, we have to help them!”

Saejima clenches her fists and speaks of justice.

The blade of justice wielded with good intentions is indeed frightening, but if I firmly hold Saejima’s reins, it won’t be a problem. It would be a problem if Saejima went out of control like she did with Tomoki.

–Saejima is a really caring girl, isn’t she?

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The three of us stand in a line, with Kohinata in between us, heading for the student council office.
They are all nervous, including me, and don’t talk. One of them just doesn’t talk from the beginning.

As we approach the room, Saejima seems to have reached the limit of her nervousness and says in an anxious voice

“If it was a misunderstanding about a false rumor, we can help explain it to them. If they don’t like the fact that we are working together with Asuka, we will fight with the student council.”

Saejima broke off the conversation there and turned to me after taking a breath.

“But if …… you say, ‘What if?If someone from the student council told Sugino-kun that he was being a nuisance to Asuka, wouldn’t he back down? If someone from the student council told Sugino-kun that he was being a nuisance to Asuka, wouldn’t he back down? You see, Sugino-kun is very attentive to us. ……”

Her voice was gradually getting lower and lower, and towards the end it was a muffled thing.

I understood what she was saying, and of course I considered the possibility. The student body president and vice president are rumored to be brilliant, and if they were smart enough, they would think of a way to guide him. Well, academic ability and such wisdom may be two different things.

“Ah,……, don’t speak of such speculation lightly.

But I didn’t mention that possibility because it would have caused too much damage to about one person in the room.

And as I predicted, the Kohinata stopped walking toward the student council chambers and turned her face down. Her small hands are clutching her skirt tightly. She must have lost control of some emotion inside her.

Noticing this, Saejima rushed to Kohinata’s side in a panic. Bending over at the waist, in a position to meet her gaze, he says, “I-it’s okay!” she said in a tone that didn’t reassure me at all. I have no idea what she’s doing.

“I’m sure Sugino-kun has been summoned for some other requirement! If you approach the student council room, you might hear some unexpected laughter, you know?”

Taking Kohinata’s hand, Saejima speaks in a cheerful voice.

I guess it would be difficult to find a pattern of laughter, considering that the student council officers are girls. But Kohinata gave a small nod, though her gaze remained on her feet, and to say it was good would be an understatement.

But – as it turns out, it was a huge mistake.

“——–! ——!”

Just as the student council room was right under our noses, we heard Tomoki’s shouts coming from the other side of the door. I can’t even discern what he was saying, but at least it wasn’t laughter.

The volume of Tomoki’s tsukkomi sounded similar, but considering that the other party was an upperclassman student council officer, the likelihood of this being the case was infinitesimally small. In my mind’s eye, I could picture Tomoki arguing with a girl in elementary school.

Suddenly, I hear Tomoki’s loud voice, and I and Saejima stop in our tracks.
Unlike Saejima, however, only Kohinata, who was walking in between us and protected by us, did not stop but moved forward.

Instead of stopping, she accelerated her steps forward and headed straight for the door of the student council room. And without hesitation, she gripped the doorknob.

“–Ah, Asuka!?”

She probably didn’t hear us calling out to her. Even if she could hear us, she may not have the time to think about it. And maybe she doesn’t intend to listen.

Perhaps Kohinata’s mind is occupied with Tomoki right now.

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