“Good morning, Saki chan. Can I ask you about yesterday?”
“Good morning, Mikuri. I’m sorry, Kanata, I’ll go first.”

Just before arriving at the school, Saki met Tanaka Mikuri, a friend of Saki’s.

“I’m sorry, Sagami-kun. I’m going to borrow Saki chan for a bit. As soon as I hear what I want to ask her, she’ll come back.”

The discussion itself was already over.
Next weekend, on our dating anniversary, we are going to a movie theater. On that day, I had decided to say goodbye to her as revenge.

“Well, I’m sorry. I’ll go first.”
“Okay, call me if there’s anything wrong.”

Saki looks apologetic and leaves with Tanaka san.

As I watched, I realized that our paths had crossed after all.
Recently, we have been spending a lot of time with each other, and I thought I was making an effort to make up for it.
But I realized that it was no longer possible.

Shaking off my thoughts, I headed for the classroom.



“Hey, what was that you wanted to ask me?”

My former friend, who was walking next to me as if in love with me, was talking about something.
No, I told her I had something to ask her, so it was only natural.
I was so irritated that I almost forgot.

“Well, I saw someone who looked like Saki chan on my way home yesterday, and I was wondering what she was doing?”
“Oh, you know, …… I think you probably have the wrong person. I’m sure it’s not me.”
“I see. …… I’m sorry.”
“No, they say there are three people in the world who look like you.”

She laughs mischievously. No, in fact, she is laughing in a deceptive way.
I know that. We’ve been in this situation for a long time, and it’s not that long that we’ve known each other since high school, but the expressions on people’s faces are easy to recognize. I have been accustomed to seeing the smiles she makes for a long time.

Yesterday, when I saw someone who looked like her in the car, I had my suspicions, and when I gathered information and saw the expression on her face, I was convinced that she was cheating on him.
After all, I understood that it was so.

“Haha, that’s right. So, let me change the subject. ……”

I suppress my hatred as I let my guard down with a pleasant smile. No matter how unsympathetic my mind may be, I now have perfect facial expression management.

One of the few things I’m proud of. Well, it doesn’t really matter. For now, I’m convinced that I’ll never forgive this bastard.

(Ah! If only we would have met longer! If we had met again sooner, this wouldn’t have happened! Why oh why did I not try harder! It would have been easier if I didn’t feel like an idiot …… I couldn’t get him anymore …… but this is my chance!)

I remember him helping me when I pushed him away.

While I had to go there to look at all the expressions on all the faces except mine, I let him go.. He found the real me and told me I was pretty. That alone filled me up big time and made me like him.

I would do anything he told me to do and look like anything he told me to look like, but when I saw him again …… she was there.

What can I say about that time? I felt so black that I wanted to congratulate myself for putting up with it.

But then again, I am a tolerant person. I was thinking that once he was with someone else, it wouldn’t do him any good, and he should just come to me eventually. ……

(What should I do ……? Should I thoroughly protect him here? It would be great if he depended on me and thought only of me and I was the only one he could depend on and depend on him……. his step sister [Stalker], childhood friend [Muscle gorilla], junior [menhera], and rich girl are in the way, but I have no choice, let’s go for it)

“What’s up, Mikuri?”
“No, I was just wondering what we should eat at the cafeteria today.”
“Fufufu, it’s still early for lunch break.”
“I guess so. ……”

Wait for me, Kanata-kun. I will always protect you.
Rely on me if you want to okay? If it’s your request, I’ll grant you anything.
While smiling, I was suppressing this killing intent.


“Good morning, Kanata.”
“Good morning, Yuma.”

When I arrived at the classroom, I was greeted by my friend Aida Yuma, who had already arrived at school. His eyes were a little darker, as if he hadn’t slept well, and I realized that he had been up all night playing games again.

“You were up all night again?”
“Oh well. It was released yesterday, so I was up until the last minute.”
“Until what time were you up?”
“Let’s see, just barely past 5:30 a.m. ……?”
“After 5:00 a.m. is just a regular morning.”
“Well, let’s leave it at that. I made it a full lap and a half, thanks to you, okay?”
“Great, but don’t spoil it for me!”

I was thinking about the future while talking about such unimportant things.

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11 months ago

La chica rica ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

giogio who likes yanderes
giogio who likes yanderes
9 months ago

oh boy oh boy, our dude unknowingly made an army of yandere consisting of different kinds of them. damn boy run 4 your life.