Sophia and I pushed forward to our destination, defeating the giants. Sophia told me that we had to work in pairs to be able to defeat the giants.

When the Nephilim attacked, Sophia would be the first to block the attack, then attack the legs so that they couldn’t move, and I would finish them off.

Even the best swordsman cannot win. But if we helped each other, we could eliminate them. The more we fought, the stronger our bond became, and at night, under the silent forest, we would confirm our love to each other without crossing the line.

“Eric,…… I’ll do my best, so when I get back, make me happy,…….”
“Yeah, Sophia-chan’s hard work for me will surely be rewarded.”
“…With Eric, I can do anything.”
“Sophia ……”

The more time goes by, the more crisis we face, the deeper and stronger our love becomes. I never felt this feeling when I was in Japan. I want to cherish it for the rest of my life.

With this in mind, we finally arrived at the cave where a piece of the fruit of the tree of life existed.

“Finally, we’re here.”
“Yeah, it took us a few days, but we made it thanks to Sophia-chan’s presence with us.”
“Are you scared?”
“…… I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little scared. But that’s okay. Courage is better.”
“Fufufu …… That’s my man.”
“Let’s go.”

And just as we were about to head into the cave, an eerie sounding presence appeared from behind us. My eyes fluttered open and I turned around,

“W-What? How many are there?!”
“I’d say there are roughly twenty of them. …… Eric, draw your sword.”
“…… yeah.”

The twenty or so Nephilim who were aiming at us as we entered the cave made zombie-like noises like “uuuhhhh” and “gaaaahhhh” and held swords in their right hands. Also, all of them, without exception, have red hair, 12 fingers on each hand and foot, and a double dentition structure.

So far, we had managed to handle them one by one, but with so many of them gathered together, it was quite dangerous.

As we drew our swords and kept a watchful eye out for the herd of Nephilim, suddenly half of that herd charged into a large tree beside us.

“W-what? Why are they crashing into that thing?”

Sophia said to me but I couldn’t answer her and I looked towards the big tree beside me.


“Your Highness!”

With the sound of swords clashing, a familiar voice could be heard.

“Why is Luvia here?!”

She is dressed in a modest dress, but there is no hiding her pink hair and too beautiful face.

Elze san was fighting about 10 Nephilim with her sword. Rather, she was repelling their attacks and trying not to get in between them.

“! That idiot!”

Sophia frowned and then ran to where Luvia and Elze were. Then the remaining 10 or so Nephilim who had been watching us also headed for the big tree, aiming for Sophia.

In short, all twenty or so Nephilim are aiming at Sophia, Luvia, and Elze-san.

“Luvia, run to Eric’s place! If you stay here, you will definitely die!”
“E-Eric! Why would I go with a man like that ……?”
“If you don’t want to die, go !!!”
“Her Highness Princess Luvia! Obey the words of Her Highness Princess Sophia! I beg you! Princess Luvia must not perish!”
“……, I understand!”

Luvia then runs to me, just in time.

“Why did you come to this dangerous place?”
“…… won’t tell you.”

Luvia said in a sultry manner and then looked away. But I can see the upset on her face.

Luvia said in a squeamish manner and then looked away. But I could see the upset on her face.

More importantly, it was the two of them. I looked at them to see if they were safe.


“Elze! This Nephilim is very fast and strong. So, if we fight separately, we will surely lose!”
“I will follow the orders of Her Highness Princess Sophia, the strongest swordsman.”
“It’s all about coordination. Focus on the Nephilim’s legs! If he falls down, we’ll both finish him off! I’ll leave the rest to your skill!”
“Yes! It is …… an honor to fight the enemy together with Her Highness Princess Sophia.”

And as we are conversing, Sophia suddenly comes up with something and shouts at me.

“Eric! Go into the cave with Luvia and look for a piece of the fruit of the tree of life!”
“…… got it! Luvia! Quickly!”

But Luvia’s lips quivered and she didn’t respond to my words. Was she scared, or did she not trust me? Probably both.

Time is running out. Right now, I’m holding my own thanks to the two of them keeping that mass of Nephilim at bay, but if even one of them were to come this way, it would be a catastrophe. So we have no choice.

“Luvia! Sorry!”

I held Luvia’s hand tightly and ran into the cave.

The inside of the cave was surprisingly bright. I wanted to confirm why it was bright, so I went deeper into the cave.

“(Luvia), it’s hot …….”
“(Eric) Is this …… lava?”

There was lava flowing down the cliff, emitting a tremendous amount of heat. Luvia and I were just looking at the lava in a daze when Luvia suddenly shook off my hand.

“Hmph, hmph!”

I’m honestly very curious. I wanted to know why Luvia was here. But if I told her, she would probably just dismiss me again without a second thought.

Anyway, the first priority was to understand the current situation. So I looked around. Then

“This is …….”

A sword over 3 meters long and a huge suit of armor. And gorgeous jewelry and gold and silver. I was overwhelmed by the visual of the huge size of everything. Of course, Luvia was the same.

Then someone called out to us as we were stunned and speechless.

“Human …… delicious human …… eat …… to protect the past glory …… human …… eat.”


Our skin crawled to the side, and we looked over to where the low voice was coming from,

There it was,

A Nephilim, wearing gleaming armor and holding a jeweled sword in his hand, was standing there, staring at us.

Beside him was a small, glowing tree, which bore pure white fruit.

Perhaps that is the fruit of the tree of life. ……

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