Let’s put the name of this unintentionally mind-boggling club – the “Kohinata Tan chu ChukiChuki Club” – to oblivion for the moment, the question is what its activities are.

I’ve heard the name of the club, but it’s a fact that the …… girls have feelings for Kohinata, which is needless to say. It’s not surprising that they have an almost stalker-level affection for her.

It’s not surprising that this club’s members have feelings of dislike toward me, who has recently become involved with Kohinata.

” …… senpai, you don’t like it because I’ve been hanging out with Kohinata lately?”

I thought the gag-like club name would change the atmosphere of the place, but it didn’t.

And I, too, was slightly annoyed at the sound of their voices, thinking that the reason I had been summoned was to try to get me out of Kohinata.

I thought that the other party would counterattack in some way because of my quarrelsome tone, but to my surprise, when Chairman Ikaruga heard my prediction, she muttered bitterly, “As I thought,” and put her hand on her forehead.

“I guess our hunch was right on target.”

With a sigh, she turned her attention to the student council officers standing in front of the whiteboard. What do you mean by a hunch?

“Yes. It was the right call.”

The board member answered briskly, while I was thinking of a cushion mark on my head.
The student council officer standing postureably in front of the whiteboard was a small person, not quite a kohinata, but small in stature. She has shoulder-length black hair with bangs pinned back and swept to the side. She seemed serious.

After replying to Chairman Ikaruga, she turned her body toward me.

“I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? I am Shiraki Rin, vice president of the student council.”

After saying this, the vice president – Shiraki-senpai bows her head to me with a polite manner.
I’m not sure if such a normal person really belongs to the crazy club called KCC like President Ikaruga. ……? Is it possible that she’s actually just going along with the student council president because she has no choice?

“Sugino Tomoki kun, I know that you are not good at talking to more than one woman. Of course, we have already investigated that all the bad rumors about you are untrue.”

Investigated? You’ve gone that far?
Is it because I’m related to Kohinata? Or is it because I’m a student at Sakura Sei Gakuen? I don’t know.

“The reason why only myself and Vice President Shiraki are here is also out of consideration for you. I will have Vice President Shiraki alone explain to you why I have invited you this time so that you can easily listen to what we have to say. She has the best brains in the school year. I’m sure it will be easier for you to understand than for me to speak.”
“Even you, Vice president Shiraki, came in second in the last test, didn’t you?
“There is a big difference between first and second place, you know.”

The chairman Ikaruga is smiling in a funny way. While that expression doesn’t seem to contain the emotion of “regret”.
No, I don’t care about test rankings or anything else, just get on with the subject at hand. I mean, how smart you are doesn’t have that much to do with how well you explain things.

Perhaps my voice from my heart got through to him, Shiroki-senpai coughed and began to speak, “Well then.”

“Sugino Tomoki kun. Do you know the number of students who collapsed due to anemia in April?”
“Ha? ……N-No, I don’t know.”

The conversation suddenly took a strange turn, and a strange voice came out.

“Including myself and the chairman–there are a total of 30 students. The number of times the infirmary has been used is well over 100.”

For some reason, Shiraki-senpai is proudly saying this, but I’m too busy replying with “Haa”. I don’t understand what she means. Moreover, there are so many of them.

“Our angel, Kohinata-tan, who has now become a god, gives our brains a narcotic-like effect just by appearing in our sight for a second.”

Oh no, I knew she was a member of the “Kohinata-tan Chukichuki Club. She’s not just a person who hangs out with the president.

“The amount of energy it produces surpasses that of the Big Bang, the birth of the universe.”

It won’t! The earth will disappear! The universe is born all over the place!

”We at KCC are getting by by releasing that amount of heat out of our bodies in the form of nosebleeds.”

How can she say that she is “getting over it” while collapsing from anemia? Is this person the most brilliant student in the school year or …… is Sakura Sei Academy okay?

After that, I was too dumbfounded to say anything and just listened to Shiraki’s story in a daze.

She even used a whiteboard to explain that “We are free from the laws of physics” and “I was definitely faster than light at that time, wasn’t I?” What am I supposed to say?

Shiraki-senpai seems to be talking very seriously, but I’m not in the mood for it. Because it’s a gag.

“Last year, too, there were students who collapsed from anemia, but the number per month was about 10% of this month’s – in other words, the number has rapidly swelled tenfold in the past month. The reason for this is you, Sugino Tomoku kun.”

Shiraki-senpai suddenly said something that caught my attention.

“Me, you mean?”

I wrinkled my brow and tilted my head, and Shiraki nodded with a mysterious look on his face.

“Our angel – Kohinata-tan has become a god by spending time with you. She used to be a quiet and cool angel, but that teasing appearance she had when she was with Tomoki Sugino kun – the way she sat on her haunches while looking embarrassed – I’m sorry, president, could you pass me a tissue?”

At Shiraki-senpai’s request, Ikaruga-senpai nodded as if to say “yes, yes, I understand,” and handed her a box of tissues. Upon receiving it, Shiraki-senpai picked up several tissues and stuffed them into both nostrils.
She looked so dumb.
By the way, the chairman of the KCC also started stuffing tissues up her nose.

“We at KCC want to watch over that god forever – in other words, we don’t want Sugino Tomoki kun to leave Kohinata-tan – if I say this much, you understand why we have called you here, don’t you?”

Shiraki-senpai said in a stuffy voice.

So it’s that. I didn’t have lunch with Kohinata today, so the KCC guys were in a hurry because they ‘couldn’t see the cute little Kohinata.

As Shizuka-san said, I am very happy to hear that I am having a positive influence on Kohinata. But, KCC guys, you’re the ones who caused this in the first place.

“I can’t even have dinner with her if someone is staring at me like I’m being watched.”
“I apologize….. for that. There was an agenda item in the club, ‘How can I be in the position of Sugino Tomoki,’ and that was the effect of that. But this time around, inadvertent observation has become taboo, so please feel free to flirt with her in the future.”
“I didn’t mean to flirt with her!”
“We would like to climax when we are lucky enough to see the scene.”
“Will you please stop talking like that! Even if it’s a metaphor, please make it more serious!”
“huh? It’s not a metaphor.”
“It’s too late! This guy might not make it!”

Run away, Kohinata! And I want to get out of this den of evil right now, too!
I mean, I guess I can go home now! I can go home, right! I’m done talking, aren’t I!

The chairman and vice chairman of the board were like, “That’s normal, isn’t it?” While they were conversing, I put my hand on the chair I was sitting in and slowly stood up.

I greeted them appropriately and slipped out of the room before I heard their response – or so I thought, and turned my attention to the entrance door – just as the door was about to be opened with a clang.
I was impatient, wondering if another student council officer had arrived,


What came in was a person I did not expect.
Kohinata entered the student council room without hesitation, leaving the three of us in a daze.

She had tears in the corners of her eyes as if they were about to fall out, and instead of her usual expressionless face, she had a clearly angry look on her face.

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1 year ago

That kohinata chick should absolutely be going to a teacher and reporting this bunch of freaks. Man Japanese highschool books are super weird.

7 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

They love seeing Asuka being happy and freely expressing herself like a maiden in love. That’s what they allude to as the higher incidences of anemia caused by the much more frequent noseleeds. They aren’t bullying her.