“I thought so.”
“I knew that if it was a date, I’d want to go on it at least once.”
“Don’t make it a date without my permission. I’m just following you to work.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself~. Even going to work is a date.”
“That’s fundamentally different.”

What’s a date?
I’m tired of this exchange. This is going to go on forever.

“Forget the details, let’s just get in the car.”

And with that, I was taken by the hand into the restaurant.
As we entered, the stylish background music tickled our eardrums, and the aroma of savory coffee and the sweet smell of pastries caressed our nostrils.
There were various people seated at the tables, some quietly enjoying their coffee, others working on their computers, and so on.

“What do you want to drink, Saku kin~?”

Shiina rushes over to the menu on a stand and looks at it, beckoning to me without looking at me.

“Well, I think I’ll go with a green tea Frappuccino. I’ll have a matcha Frappuccino with more whip.”

He pointed at the menu and said

“naive, Saku-kun.”

Waving her index finger from side to side, she looks at me with one eye.

“What is it?”
“Starbucks is all about fun and challenge, you know?”
“Like what?”
“Well, you’ll see.”

Shiina tapped me on the shoulder and headed for the cash register with a translucent look on her face.
I thought it would just be a little customization anyway,

“Caramel Frappuccino with extra whip, extra caramel sauce, extra chocolate chips, extra caramel chocolate vanilla classic syrup, extra matcha powder.”

It was a spell.
I don’t know how she could say it so smoothly. Can you say it because you’re dead-eyed and menacing to me on a daily basis?

But it’s also amazing that I cannot remember it.
When she finished ordering, she looked at me with a sniff and a humph.
I think it’s great, but it’s not something to brag about.

“Ah, and I’ll have a cookies and cream doughnut and a chunk scone, please.”

I added, paying for my order and holding the receipt as I moved to the pickup counter.

“I’ll have one too.”

Proceeding to an empty register, I asked, “Matcha Frappuccino with extra whip. And the chocolate donut, please.”

“How’s that? My playful order!”

Shiina asked with sparkling eyes.

“Too sweet, it’s making me sick, and the waitress looked at you with a drawn look, huh?”
“Sweet is righteous! The waitress is probably just a newbie.”
“Maybe you’re just crazy.”

It seems that no matter where she goes, Shiina is still a psycho.

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