Episode 18 – Sera’s will, and a new storm



After confiding our feelings and true intentions to each other, Sophia and I returned to the royal capital from Orbis, where we had been on vacation. On the way, we talked about many things.

The royal city was filled with lights made of shine stones from the Kingdom of Illas, and even though it was nighttime, it felt as if we were walking through a Japanese shopping district.

However, my next destination, the Kingdom of Ernia, would be pitch-dark.

After arriving at the royal palace, we changed into our nightclothes and went to the usual guest room. Sera and Safina are there, too. I sent Sophia back to her room, thinking that she was tired after having been on a date all day, but she told me that the situation was urgent, so the four of us gathered together like this.

Sophia sticking close to me. Sera sees this, her cheeks blush, and she removes her gaze. In exchange, Safina-san looks bewitching as she exclaims with a convinced look on her face.

“You two get along very well, don’t you? Did you have a sweet time? Fufu.”
“! Safina! I-It wasn’t really sweet! It was a little sour..”
“What was sour?”
“……, you can’t say that ……!”
“Haha,……, Safina,……, please moderate it.”
“Fufu. I am sorry. Eric sama”

Sophia looks down shyly and tugs modestly at my hem. I stroked Sophia’s head, which showed an adorable reaction, and calmed her down. Then, Sophia’s cheeks gradually relaxed. After confirming this, I began to talk.

“I’m thinking of going to the Kingdom of Ernia from now on. Of course, you too, Sophia.”

Sera and Safina looked at me with concern.

“Eric-sama,…… Kingdom of Ernia,……?”
“Currently, the Kingdom of Ilas and the Kingdom of Ernia are in a state of cross ……, aren’t they?”
“Yes, Safina-san is right.”
“Your Highness Eric, are you all right? I’m afraid it’s extremely dangerous to go to a country with which you have no diplomatic relations.”
“……, but I have to go. If I don’t show up in person, nothing will get done. ……”
“Eric sama……”
“Sera chan, ……”

Sera’s eyes were moist and she was worried about me. This reaction is in a way natural. The Kingdom of Halkeginia and I are not on good terms, but we are free to move things and people around. However, entry to the Kingdom of Ernia is prohibited in the first place.

I am sorry to involve Sera in this. Besides, there is something I want her to do.

“Only Sophia and I are allowed to go to the Kingdom of Ernia.”
“What? What do you mean ……?”

Sophia, seeing Sera’s bewilderment, turns to Safina and opens her mouth.

“Yes! Lady Sophia.”
“Make Sera a full-fledged palace maid while I leave with Eric.”
“Very well, my lady. I will do it.”
“Eh, Eric sama?”
“In our royal court, all the best maids and butlers have left. I always feel sorry for Sera, who has been on a rocky road for a long time without taking over.
“I am sure that Safina-san is an elite maid in the Orient continent. I’m sure she’ll make a great teacher. Besides, Sera chan, you’ve been sticking close to Safina lately, always asking about the maids, haven’t you?”
“That’s right. ……”
“If you study under Safina-san and learn the culture, knowledge, and skills of a palace maid, I have no doubt that you will become a great maid.”

This is both for Sera’s sake and to make amends. Of course, the Eric of the past and the Eric of today are completely different people, but that’s just for our convenience.

So I have to make Sera happier.


“Is that an order from Eric-sama ……?”

Sera asked me in a trembling voice.

“It’s not an order. I’m sure it would be better for you, Sera-chan.”

I replied with a serious look on my face, but Sera gave me a sorrowful look.

“It hurts …… my heart that I am the only one who stays in a safe place while Eric sama heads out into danger. ……”

It was unexpected. I was surprised that Sera, who was usually struck out by Eric’s past and ostracized by him, would express her intentions so clearly. ……

The time when I was in the capital of the kingdom of Ilas, the time when I was fighting with coach-san and the time when she gave me a massage, Sera may have a surprisingly aggressive and active personality. So I decided to ask her.

“What do you want to do, Sera-chan? Tell me honestly.”

Then Sera said.

“I will follow Eric-sama. Eric-sama’s fiancée, Princess Sophia, is also with him, but this servant girl is not going ……”

“Fue!. WWwwwhat is Sera saying! This is an engagement! Sorely, IIIIII haven’t done such a thing yet!”
“Eh?!? I thought you had done it, but …… I was mistaken! I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”
“No, no! It’s not your fault, Sera-chan! Hahahahaha ……”

The atmosphere had been serious just a few minutes ago, but with Sera’s fiancée comment, the atmosphere suddenly became funny.

While me, Sophia and Sera were looking super awkward, Safina-san chuckled and mumbled something.

“His Highness Eric is also surprisingly indecisive. …… This might be quite a challenge for him. ……”

I didn’t hear the words, but looking at Sophia’s face, it seemed to imply some kind of uncertain future.


Kingdom of Ernia

Royal Palace

In the middle of the night, in an office, a beautiful girl is sitting and looking through papers. She has long orange hair, emerald-colored clear eyes, and a generally pretty face, but her breasts are quite large. She is a little short, but has a well-endowed body for an 18-year-old. One strange thing, however, is that she uses a candle as a light. Shine stone lighting is not to be found anywhere.

Then, a gangly man in his thirties came to her office.

“Mandane sama! I am Isaac from the Agricultural Cooperative.”
“Please come in.”

Then a guard opened the door.

The man, Isaac, prostrated himself before Princess Mandane and opened his mouth.

“The wheat seed has arrived.”
“You are very late.”
“I am so sorry!”
“No. No, Isaac san, it is not your fault. The price of wheat seed is high this year, so it’s better that you got …… it right. Thank you for your hard work.”
“Thank you.”
“By the way, how is the soil this year?”
“Well, it’s …… not so good, because we had to harvest it much harder last year at the request of the Kingdom of Henesys.”
“What about this year?”
“…… we will do the same this year as last year.”
“I understand your situation, but we can’t harvest any more ……”
“This is the last time. It is very sad that the soil of my country will be ruined after this harvest.”

“for the kingdom of Ilas, which has stolen the light of night from my kingdom, will be destroyed.”
“Yes. You are right”
“That being said, I’m sure I’ll be using a lot of my body this time as well! Fufu!”
“If Mandane-sama, the idol of the Kingdom of Ernia, is in direct charge, I’m sure everyone will be very motivated!”
“Raquel chan is doing well, isn’t she?”
“Yes,! She’s as good as ever!”
“Fufu, She is very, very important to us. We have to give her lots of love and affection!”

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