Episode 40 – too aggressive!



“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Why would you do that!”

I turn my face away, flailing my body.

“If it’s a dimly lit, soundproofed room with pink lighting and emo music playing as background music, that’s all you’re going to get!”
“You’re the one lighting it pink, and the background music is just you playing it on your own! The soundproofing is because it’s karaoke!”
“I’ve set the mood for you, so get on board.”
“Who’s going to get in if you force me like this? I wouldn’t even get on if it was normal!”

I think it’s crazy to start off with karaoke! High school students often get caught doing it in karaoke by waitstaff or passersby, and the school reports it to the police.
Or they’re secretly filmed and become famous on Twitter’s “ranking” list.

“Give it up already, Saku-kun.”

She puts her hand on my belt and starts unclasping it.

“I-I’m not giving up, no matter what you think! I won’t give up!”
“I don’t think there’s any way out of this, do you?”
“Because if you say it in a questioning way, I’m going to run away.”
“I can’t do it anymore. Let’s just give up.”
“Don’t try to lead me to defeat.”
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take it off first, then, won’t I?”
“We’re not on the same page here, are we?”

Shiina removes her hands from my waist and begins to unbutton her own shirt.
Once the chest area is unbuttoned, the red underwear begins to show in the dark.

“How’ is it? I tried to be aggressive today.”

Shiina proudly opens her chest as she removes her shirt from her shoulders.

“Your behavior is too aggressive before the bra!”
“Saku kun, don’t look away, look at me.”
“Listen to me!”

Shiina forced me to turn my face to the front of her breasts.
The breasts that I see are white, shiny and firm, and deserve the word “beautiful breasts”.
The bra that surrounds them is a scorching red color.

But it is not only the top that interests me.
It is the heat that is transmitted to my lower body, to my thighs. It was being emitted from inside Shiina’s skirt.

This girl is in complete heat. Her eyes are completely hot.

“Come on, Saku-kun, let me serve you with your magnificent Thing!”

At that moment, while drooling, she put her hand on my pants,

“Maybe he’s here. ——“

Suddenly the door opened and our savior appeared.


With teary eyes, I turned my eyes toward the door,

“Ah, ……… yeah. I see.”

Hazuki says in a hushed voice.

“Hey, you’re making a big misunderstanding, aren’t you?”
“No~, yes.”
“Hey, don’t close the door so quietly!”
“Yeah, I understand. ……”
“Hey, I’m here! Help —-“
“………… take your time!”

He looked away and slowly closed the door.

“Hold on! Hey!”

I exclaimed,

“We won’t be disturbed anymore. …………… Come on, be one with me, okay?”
“Somebody, help me! Help me!!!”

The screams were sucked into the soundproof walls.

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