Episode 15 – Lower and upper nobility




I woke up. It had been a long time since Sera and I had arrived in the Kingdom of Halkeginia. But most of that time was spent getting treatment for my wounds.

Thinking back on yesterday’s events still makes my skin crawl. The king and queen thanked me over and over again. However, both of them were concerned because they still had a bit of the old image of Eric. But I continued to express my view that the matter had already been resolved. As for Shine Stone, I promised to severely punish the insolent members of the merchant association of the Kingdom of Ilas for their selfishness. The king and queen were very pleased, and in return, they offered to supply the Kingdom of Ilas with the highest quality iron sand, which is only distributed in Halkeginia.

However, in order for this story to come true, I must also make peace with Mandane of the Kingdom of Ernia and Rubia of the Kingdom of Henesys.

But today is a special day, so let’s think about the future after I enjoy my precious time with Sophia.

The pleasant morning sun was shining on this room, and the quiet atmosphere was giving me peace of mind.

Sera was already awake and not in this room. According to her, Safina-san, the royal palace maid here, is so good that she wants to learn the skills as a maid from Safina-san. She is probably with Safina.

In the Kingdom of Ilas, since my father, as well as Eric in the past, used people like slaves, capable butlers, maids, and bureaucrats have quit their jobs, and those who remain are mostly those who flatter my father and I. I have a lot of work to do.

I almost sigh when I think of the mountain of work that needs to be done, but when I think of the smile Sophia showed me yesterday, my wide angles involuntarily fish out.

“Shall we get going?”

I said to myself in a small voice, and then I went to the guest room, where Sera and Safina were chatting and laughing with each other. On the table were some very tasty-looking bread, jam, fruit, and juice.

“Eric sama!”
“Good morning! Everyone!”
“Fufu, good morning. Eric sama.”

The two maids welcome me with smiles. My maid of honor, Sera, who is very young, but trusts me and follows me around. And Safina, who looks mysterious with her striking purple color. My cheeks relax when I see the two of them standing side by side.

“Um, Eric-sama!”
“That …… date with Sophia-sama, I’ll support you!”
“Thank you! Ah, Safina-san! Please take care of my sweet Sera!”
“Yes! I’m going to work with her from now on, and I’ll show you how to make Sera a great maid!”
“I’m glad to hear you say so,……? Working together for a long time?”
“Your Highness Eric, I am also rooting for you and Sophia. If it is His Highness Eric, I’m sure it won’t be a problem. ……”
“Haha,…… I’ll do my best,……”
“Well then, excuse me. Sera, this way.”
“Oh, yes! Safina-san. Eric sama! I finished eating, so go ahead!”

And they left the room.



After finishing my meal, I put on the clothes of a lowly nobleman and came to the appointed place. The appointed place. It was the stables where the horses and carriages of royalty and noble guests were kept.

Therefore, several people who looked like caretakers could be seen feeding the horses. The most conspicuous among them is the Guard.

I look at him and he beckons me to a carriage. The carriage was not of one of the royal family, but of a form that would be used by a high ranking nobleman.

“His Royal Highness Eric, the conversation has gone through, so please go through the main gate of the castle.”
“Thank you!”
“Um, …….”

As I was about to get into the carriage and grab the reins, the Guard stopped me. I tilted my head and urged him to continue.

“Please take care of Lady Sophia!”

The Guard bowed his head deeply and asked me to take care of him. In response, I nodded my head and opened my mouth.

“Yes, I will! I’ll take care of her!”

The Guard looked at my expression and nodded back with a satisfied face.

“I’m off!”

I waved to the Guard and tugged on the reins. The horse then moved its shapely legs to move the carriage. Perhaps Sophia is sitting in the back, in a carriage made of fine cedar.

There is a glass window so I can essentially see what is inside, but the curtains prevent me from seeing it.

Quick, let’s get out of the palace.

As the Guard said, I was able to leave the palace safely without being suspected by the others. If we go straight on this road, we will come to the royal city, but our destination is not the royal city.

The people of the royal city know Sophia’s face well. Therefore, it is not a suitable place for a private date.

So we are going to Orbis, a famous resort in the Kingdom of Harkegini, a short distance away from the Royal Capital.


We don’t really talk to each other, but just keep going, listening to the sound of hooves hitting the ground and the whinnying of horses.


Still, it’s strangely quiet. ……

Are we really riding?

Suddenly, such an uneasy feeling passed over me.

“U-uumm …… Sophia-chan?”

I called out to her, but she didn’t answer.



Hey …… really?

I can’t see Sophia’s cute face?

Unable to control this feeling of urgency, I stopped my horse.

Then I put my mouth close to the glass on the back of the horse and called her name out loud.


“Hyaaa!!!Wwwwhat?! Aaaalready there?”

Apparently, I was mistaken.

“Sorry! I couldn’t see anything through the curtains and you didn’t answer my calls, so I thought you might be in the back of the coach. Also, we’re not there yet.”
“…… I’m right behind you Eric, …….”

To be honest, I really want to see what Sophia looks like, but I can’t peek at her because the system is designed so that you can’t see her without removing the curtains from the inside. If she wanted to, she could show herself to me as much as she wanted, but she doesn’t, probably because she doesn’t want to show until we get to Orbis.

Ugh…… frustrating.

I sigh deeply and then take the reins again. After an hour’s ride, the soothing scent of Orbis lake tickles my nose.

Rumor has it that the source of this lake is inhabited by spirits that relieve fatigue and beautify the skin. Hence, it is said that royalty and aristocratic women from all over the world buy up soaps and cosmetics made here with great gusto.

“have we arrive ……?”

Sophia said from behind me, apparently I was not the only one who smelled the scent of the lake.

“Yes! we are here.”

The greenery surrounding the lake. The greenery surrounding the lake and the stores lining the streets. According to my memory, Eric had visited here only once before. I had been here at the time of the terrible sexual harassment of Sophia, and I had been with the bureaucrats and the aristocrats, indulging in all their extravagance.

This time, however, I am here with a beautiful lady whom I have reconciled with, dressed as a lowly nobleman. I am so happy about it that I can’t help but let out a gasp.

I stopped the carriage by the lake.

In order to see her.

“Sophia chan, please get off.”
“Y-yes. ……”

I opened the carriage door and reached out my hand, and a thin, ivory-colored hand emerged from the curtain. It’s strange, because even though she is so thin, she lightly flew me a few meters in the game.

Thinking of this, I grasped Sophia’s hand and gently pulled it out. Then Sophia relaxed as if surrendering herself to me and got off the carriage with slow movements. She has been holding the sword for so long that she has calluses on all sorts of places on her hands, but even these seem endearing.

“D-don’t stare at me so much. …… And my hands …… are so calloused, it’s disgusting. ……”

I held Sophia’s hand as she stepped out of the carriage, and I was speechless at her beauty.

Normally, she was dressed in armor and a dress that allowed her to move easily, but now she was dressed in gorgeous hair, ear, and hand decorations, a white dress that showed a lot of skin, and scarlet high heels to add contrast. Beautiful good looks and glamorous outfits. All of them are extremely elegant, although it seems that they were put on to seduce men.

And on her waist was her usual sword.

It was an unthinkable appearance from Sophia. Her eyes were moist, and she looked away from me, showing me her profile.

“After all, such a glamorous style doesn’t suit …… me, does it?”
“N-no. ……”

“You’re so beautiful, I didn’t know what words to say to you. ……”
“Sophia’s hands, hair, eyes, nose, lips, belly, feet, …… everything was so beautiful that my head got a little confused or …… haha ……”
“…… Eric …… mouu…….”

As I scratched the back of my hair, a little embarrassed, Sophia hugged me in her arms. Confused by the exquisite feeling of Sophia’s soft skin and two pieces of fruit softer than marshmallows, I try to remain as calm as possible as I stare into her face.

She gives me a sexy look, then suddenly pokes her head at me.

Of course, I know what that means. So I pat Sophia’s head with my free left hand, not with my right hand, which is feeling Sophia’s skin.

“You smell so good Sophia-chan.”
“….. pervert……”
“Ugh! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that. ……”
“Fufu, I was joking. But ……”
“But what?”
“Eric told me to dress up as a nobleman so as not to reveal my true identity, but, well, won’t that …… be obvious?”
“Yes,…… I’m sure you’ll stand out,…………. but if you need me, I’ll protect you!”
“How can you say that when you can’t even handle a sword,……?”

Sophia looked up at me and gave me a cold stare. I couldn’t help but lift the corners of my mouth.

I guess she didn’t like my expression, because she puffed out her cheeks and glared at me.

A blessing that will prevent me from being assassinated. A piece of truth san imprinted on my “unconscious” that it also applies to those who work with me.

It is true that I am weaker than Sophia,

I protect Sophia.

From a distance, we would appear to be the lower nobility and the higher nobility. If the people of the Kingdom of Ilas knew about this, I think they would be shocked.

However, status, custom, and the like are meaningless to me now.

Because I
I love Sophia.

I love her.

We both headed for a nearby store.

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