“I’m going to sleep. Do you want me to turn off the light?”
“…… fine.”

The stepsisters meeting is over and the lights in the room are finally turned off.

The meeting was held at my suggestion.
I had been thinking that I had to ask Kairi about it ever since I saw that scene in the living room when I came home from cram school.

But the fact that Kairi was in on the game meant that she liked onii chan as much as I did.
I could know Kairi’s true feelings, and after I provoked her so much, I think she will be very active for a while.

Because Kairi is a dim-witted girl, she will probably end up getting onii chan’s nerves in the end, and I can take my time while watching her.

After lights out and about three minutes in bed, I hear the sound of “Supiiii” from Kairi’s bed.

“Munya…… o, onii.”

Kairi is as silly as ever.
She is beautiful on the outside, just like mother, but she is childish and crass in her behavior and actions.
Even in junior high school, she hardly ever listens to her classes and always misses gym class because of her menstruation.

There is no way Kairi can be the girlfriend of my noble brother.
No…., I can’t let her.

In the past, onii chan was called a child prodigy, was kind to us, and was always cool.
A hardworking, honor student like me would be the perfect person to be next to him.
I thought so, and I never became a greedy person like Kairi, and I have lived my life thinking only about onii chan.

There was no way that Kairi, a gal, could pass Gakutoku Gakuen High School, which has the same high standard as onii chan’s.

If Kairi failed and went to a different high school, I would have onii chan all to myself, whether it be going to school in the morning, eating lunch at lunchtime, or taking a side trip after school.

“In other words, my overwhelming victory ……

The game I just won is like my marriage is completely guaranteed.

And the match I proposed at the stepsister meeting wasn’t just for the sake of my brother, who has a traumatic experience with women.

In fact, there is another purpose.

It is to instill in my brother the tendency to “fall in love with his sister.”

By making him obsessively aware of me, I will instill in him the morally flawed habit of thinking that he is unable to love other women, but only his sister……

Then, when he loves me, I make him feel frustrated that he cannot have sex with his sister because she is too close …… to him, and when I tell him that I am actually his stepsister, he is bound to get very excited and become a handsome man. And his sexual desire will surely explode when he finds out the shocking truth.

“I never thought that Yuri was my stepsister,…… but in that case, I’ll go ahead without reservation,…… Yuri!”

onii chan in my fantasy straddled my sleeping body on the bed.

It definitely feels good……The greatest pleasure in this world should be there…….

Just the thought of having sex with my brother made my body tingle, and I unconsciously reached for my lower body.

“Onii chan is already mine and mine alone ♡”.

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Yandere Enjoyer
Yandere Enjoyer
1 year ago

I like where this is going. Thanks for the chapter!