Episode 8 – Time passed and I entered the third year of middle school



“Futaba kun …..? It’s morning already, you know?”

The morning sun is streaming in through the window and the only sounds are crows, cicadas and the air-conditioner.

There are only two people in this room. And the girl is talking to a boy.

“If you don’t get up soon …… I’m going to attack you. …..?”

Even after being told this, the boy was still sleeping soundly, not moving a muscle.

The girl was not annoyed by such a boy’s appearance, but on the contrary, she looked as if it was a good thing. And then, with a face that seemed to be truly happy,….

“Time’s up… Then itadakimasu♪”

Then she bit the boy’s neck. It was not a kiss, but directly with her teeth.

And of course…


“Oh, you’re waking up fine.”

“You, I’m going to blow you away!”

Unable to resist, the boy ─ ─ Shiki Futaba jumped up. It was the girl ─ ─Amano Saaya

Bitten Futaba put his hand on the bitten neck and stared at Saaya.

However, without paying attention to that

“Really, you don’t reflect on yourself, do you? I always tell you every night that I’m going to attack you.”

“I always lock the door, don’t I?”

“Well, we’ve known each other since we were kids♪.”

“Well, It has gone over the limit.”

This brat. ….not that, Saaya makes me lose my head day in and day out. …. How did this happen… Ah, so that’s why I saw my old memories, that makes sense.

“Hmm…? What’s wrong, you suddenly stared at me with a straight face.”

“No, I just had a sudden thought.”

“… What did you think about?”

“Honestly, I think it’s very unimportant, but since you seem to want me to listen, I’ll tell you.”

“You know, I’m …..a perfect, genius childhood heroine, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing like what I imagined.”

“Well, well, listen? Remember how I used to be so uninterested in everything, and how I used to treat you like a pest too, which is impossible now?’

“…. Well, yeah?”

“And then there was that bad man who kidnapped me, wasn’t there?”

“That was a close one, wasn’t it? ….”

“And then you rescued me with flying colours, and I fell for you. ….”

“…No, even if you give me that look”

“….. You’ve turned into a boring man, haven’t you?”

“Eh, that’s terrible, isn’t it?”

I really wonder why I’m being told all this just because I didn’t take part in such a conversation.

But, well, Saaya has a point.

“Well, there’s nothing I don’t understand.”

“Right? That’s why you, as the main character, will be liked by all kinds of beautiful girls from now on.”

“I’ve never been popular with anyone though?”

“….. Well, that’s because I’ve been working hard behind the scenes.”

“Did you say something?”

“No? Nothing. So, childhood heroines are usually the losing heroines, right?”

“Well, mostly yes.”

… Something about this person, she’s thinking the same thing I used to think, her eyes are in the same as mine.

“As it is, that makes me a losing heroine. …. Eh? That can’t be true, can it…? Futaba-kun?”

Saaya has said such things to me with eyes that have no lights at all.

But I see this state every now and then. This state is quite annoying… So.

“There you go!”


I threw the pillow at her head, made her lose her structure, and then took advantage of the opportunity to surround Saaya’s body with the futon in an instant and threw her off. I am used to this situation as it happens every once in a while.

But this time it was different, Saaya forced her way out of such restraints.

“Hey Futaba-kun, answer me? …. You won’t throw me away, will you?”

“What’s wrong, suddenly …… Of course I love you more than anyone else in the world…”

“Here, pillow.”


I was splendidly hit by Saaya’s attack. The speed of the pillow that Saaya threw at me far exceeded my own, and it clearly wasn’t the kind of power that a junior high school girl should be able to use.

“Haha♪ You’re still as easy to be fooled as ever, aren’t you?”


“Because how can I be a losing heroine?’

She said such things with a face full of herself.

No, but let me tell you something before that ….. I don’t even have any girl friends.

No, because the girl who spoke to me yesterday suddenly had a frightened look on her face and walked away from me. ….? Don’t you understand what I mean?

“Well, yeah, right?”

“Fufu, right? Well, there’s no reason why people can’t gather around someone as good as you, so I’ll get rid of them.♪”

“Hey, will you stop talking so much that I can’t hear you sometimes?”

“Eh? Is it okay if I tell you?”


“That’s a lot of bad things being said about you behind your back. …..”

“Eh wait, I’ve reached that level?!”

I woke up in the morning and was told that brutal truth. …. I’m going to tell her anyway….. This girl’s chest in the third grade…

“Hey, did you ever think about how small my breasts are now?”

“No, I never thought about that, believe me.”

” You definitely thought about it… Ah, I just thought of a good idea.”

At that moment, Saaya was on top of me and straddled me on my stomach.

What’s this girl doing? I was thinking, when Saaya suddenly pulled out her phone.

“What’s wrong? Suddenly.”

“Nn~, wait a minute, okay?”

When Saaya said that, she held up the phone and adjusted her body position while looking at the phone.

She then made a satisfied face, as if she had succeeded in something, and took a quick, selfie. Then Saaya looked at the photo of herself riding on top of me and said what she thought.

“Hey look, ….? Isn’t this a picture where it’s perfectly in?”


In the morning I had a brawl with Saaya to try to erase that photo.

Eh? Of course I lost, right? Sadly.

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1 month ago

Dang he lost the brawl. Even though he thrashed those grown men who were about to do some bad things to Saaya and who Saaya could NOT have thrashed. But it makes sense that she can thrash the guy who thrashed them. yep.