After the lunch break, afternoon classes begin.

In the auditorium, the lecturer continues to change and explain nutrition and other topics…….

Perhaps because it was after lunch, some of the students could not resist sleepiness and were sleepy.

The same is true for those three students, which allows me to enjoy the lecture in peace.

When I looked at Sawaguchi san, I saw that she was also bobbing her head up and down, not knowing when she might hit her head on the desk.

If she accidentally hit her forehead on the pen, it would be red and swollen. I thought that might affect her job as a model, so feeling guilty, I took out my phone and sent her a message, [Wake up !] I sent her a message.

“Huh !?”

Sawaguchi san’s voice echoed through the auditorium.

“Um……what is it?”

The lecturer stopped her lecture and looked at her in surprise.

“Nah, it’s nothing !”

Sawaguchi san answered the lecturer with a wave of her hand and took out the phone she had in her breast pocket and looked at it secretly.

Maho: [Don’t send me strange messages out of the blue !]

Ryoichi: [No. You were sleeping…]

Maho: [I wasn’t sleeping ! !]

Ryoichi: [No matter how you look at it, you were sleeping ! Otherwise you wouldn’t be so surprised, would you?]

Suddenly, I started exchanging messages with Sawaguchi san.

Apparently, she has woken up, but it seems to have ignited her boredom.

I interrupted the constant messages from Sawaguchi san,

Ryoichi: [Sorry, we’re in class, talk to you later.]

With that, I terminate the conversation. The only purpose is to wake her up, and if it’s more than that, I want to give priority to the lecture I can only listen to today.

When my eyes meet Sawaguchi san’s, her cheeks puff out. But I guess she understands, and she too returns to her lecture.

“Ah, I’m so tired. Aikawacchi, I’m tired.”

As soon as the lecture was over and it was time for a break, Sawaguchi san came over here.

Unlike before, there are still many students in the auditorium.

Sawaguchi san is someone who is looked up to in the school, so all eyes are on her.

“Yeah, thanks for your hard work. Next is cooking practice, so let’s do our best.”

I encouraged her by saying so, as I felt guilty for being salty toward her earlier.

“Ehehe, I’ve put up with a lot for this occasion. I’m going to cook and eat something delicious.”

Sawaguchi san has regained all her motivation.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of two men.

They were clicking their tongues and staring at me. Apparently, they didn’t like the fact that I was with Sawaguchi san.

“What’s wrong, Aikawacchi?”

While I was distracted, Sawaguchi san looked into my face.

“No, it’s nothing.”

The guys from earlier have already left, so there’s no need to tell her about it.

“Well, we should move to the cooking lab soon.”

I urged her and left the auditorium with her.

The chime for the end of break time rang, and the instructor entered the cooking lab.

“Okay, everyone has brought their aprons, right? If anyone has forgotten their aprons, we have a few to lend out. Please come and get them.”

“Here. I forgot it.”

“Well, I only have my mother’s apron, so I didn’t bring it because it was lame.”

“Ah, me too.”

The three of them raised their hands and went to get aprons.

It is obvious that they had not prepare it from the beginning, and the people around them also have a bitter look on their faces.

“Ahem. Now that everyone seems to be ready, I will announce the group assignments. Those whose names have been called will come to the place I have designated.:

The instructor said, and the called students headed for the cooking table one after another.

“I hope we’re together.”

In the midst of all this, Sawaguchi san sneaked up on me and whispered.

Even now that about half of this place has been called, we still remain, so the possibility of that happening is not low.

The problem is, I’d rather be with Sawaguchi san than with a bunch of girls I don’t know at all.

The only problem is that those three people are still there.

I was hoping that they would at least disperse,

“Sawaguchi san.”

“Oh, I’ve been called. See you, Aikawacchi.”

Sawaguchi san’s name was called, and she waved her hand and walked away.

Finally, I was getting a bad feeling and I nervously waited for my name to be called,…..

“……Last is, Aikawa kun.”

I walked to the table when my name was called and there it was,

“Tch, a guy.”

“Huff, so boring.”

“For me, though, it’s okay.”

The three guys and two other girls are there.

“Then, I will start the explanation of the cooking.”

I had a bad feeling that the six of us would be doing cooking training.

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