Hi there.

After my status was raised? It’s me Kashiwada, a guy who’s labeled as a playboy.

The flame gossip that flared up with a lot of oil spread by the koala woman, and the members of the baseball club (especially the female managers) spreading good rumors about me, somehow, combined together beautifully to give birth to Kashiwada, the brave playboy.


I’m still a virgin.

The guys in the baseball team–

I’m grateful to them for putting it in a good light, okay?

But, you know–

What kind of play is this?

In a way, it’s embarrassing.

Also, I think–

The first year girls, the second year girls, the bitches, they’re licking their lips the whole time.

Hey, hey.

Let’s all be healthy and do it with your own boyfriends, okay?

Also, I’m not a brave guy.

I’m a fake.

Still, thanks to the birth of the (fake) brave guy, Tendo has become quieter, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

Moreover, Kurokawa san has left the trio and joined Kasuga san’s group, the baseball club manager, who often comes to my part-time job.

I’m relieved to hear that.


Me and the koala woman are……


Holding hands in front of me.

The happy face of Shimada, a member of the soccer team.

On the other hand, the depressed face of the koala woman.

From that day on, the messages stopped coming.

Koala woman, who even quit her part-time job.

Because it was always the norm.

Every day with the koala woman was a normal day for me.

All I could do was to be perplexed.

So, the day you died in the accident–

I suddenly thought.

That day—


What did you want to talk about in the club room?

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1 month ago

A choice that seems insignificant but also decided his fate.