A few days after she started going out with Ryoichi, Misa stared at her phone and puffed out her cheeks.

She lies face down on the bed and flaps her legs. She seems to be expressing this frustration with her body.

“I haven’t received any messages from Aikawa kun.”

On the night of the day they started going out, he had properly sent her a message, but since then, not a single message has sounded.

She had set up a separate sound notification for Ryoichi so that she would know when a message arrived, but she has never heard that sound.

Misa had hoped that once they started dating, more messages of love would come flying at her, but now it’s the same as before they started dating.

“Could it be that what happened that day was just a dream?”

Shocked by her best friend’s heartbreak, she worries that she may have dreamed of connecting with her crush.

“No, that can’t be true !”

In fact, she can still recall the warmth of Ryoichi’s embrace that night.

Misa recalled that she had unmistakably become Ryoichi’s girlfriend……

“Aikawa kun’s girlfriend……”

She put her hand on her cheek and felt it heat up. Misa blushed as she thought about Ryoichi,

“If that’s the case, why hasn’t he contacted me?”

She raised her eyebrows and thought about it.

Originally, even before they started dating, Ryoichi had only messaged Misa twice.

When he told her about his fishing plans, the time he was meeting her at the aquarium, and other such extremely clerical details, he didn’t even pretend to expand the conversation.

“I’m the only one who feels this way…… It’s not fair, Aikawa kun.”

Misa recalls the warmth of Ryoichi that day as she presses her face against the pillow. She recalled the scene where Ryoichi, his body trembling slightly, told her that he wanted to go out with her even if he made enemies of the whole world.

Misa finished replaying Ryoichi’s manly figure in her brain,

“Haa, I want to hear Aikawa kun’s voice.”

She let out a sigh and fell madly in love with Ryoichi.

“…..Is it okay if I send her a message soon?”

A few days passed since we started dating, and during that time, I did not receive any messages, especially from Watanabe san.

She said she was helping her father with his work and had a lot of plans for the summer vacation.

In such a situation, I refrained from sending her messages because I thought it might be annoying if I did so.

“How often should I send her messages when we have just started dating?”

After all, she is the first girlfriend in my life. I didn’t want to make a bad move and have her hate me.

I still can’t believe that I’m going out with Watanabe san, who is called the Madonna of the school.

I’m sure if I woke up tomorrow and was told that it was all a dream, I would easily believe it.

“At the very least, I wish I could talk to someone about it……”

Normally, I have a good friend named Aizawa whom I can rely on at times like this, but now is not the right time.

Aizawa had just rejected Ishikawa san, so it’s hard to bring up this kind of love affair with him.

I have been too conscious of Watanabe san and have spent the past few days in a void, but since I have persevered this long, I think it would be acceptable to send her at least one message, right?

“What should I send?”

Sending a message is fine. But what kind of message should I send?

Since we are lovers here, should I send [I love you] message?

No, Watanabe san would be frightened if such a message came suddenly and without any context.

Then, how about starting with a light greeting before going on to the main topic?

[Dear Madam, how are you doing in these days of intense heat? I’m having a reasonably fulfilling day, working part-time and doing my summer vacation homework. As for you, Watanabe san–]

“No, it’s too long !”

I erase the sentence I’ve written halfway through.

I raise my eyebrows at the fact that it’s the kind of thing an office worker would send to a business partner.

“Let’s calm down.”

I put my phone down on my desk and took a deep breath.

If I don’t do something, I’ll end up sending an unfamiliar message to Watanabe san before I even know what it is. I had to avoid that.

“In the first place, I’m trying to send a message without a reason, so I can’t think of anything to write about.”

So far, I have sent her messages only three times.

The first was to confirm the meeting time for fishing, the second was to confirm the meeting time for the aquarium, and the third was on the day we started dating.

In each case, the message reads emotionless, conveying only the business in a concise manner.

Especially when I saw the message immediately after dating, I frowned.

“Thank you for today. I’ve arrived home safely too. Please take care of me from now on.”

Perhaps this is the reason why Watanabe san has not sent me any messages?

Isn’t she having second thoughts about dating a guy who sends her such clerical messages right after they started dating and is now enjoying her summer vacation, pretending that everything never happened?

When I picture her happily sipping tea on the terrace of a waterside café, I’m filled with a strange sense of unease.

“They say you lose a relationship when you fall in love, but this could be a serious matter…….”

After admitting my feelings, I find that my romantic feelings for her are growing stronger and stronger. I kept taking precautions and deceiving myself to prevent this from happening.

On the day we started dating, I barely managed to avoid sending her creepy messages, but if I were to follow my heart and send her a message now, there was a possibility that I would make her feel uncomfortable.

“At the very least, it would be a good start if she sent me a message…..”

I fell on my bed and looked at the screen of my smartphone.

The history of exchanges with Watanabe san does not change at all, and the same is true for group messages with Aizawa and Ishikawa san.


We had just started dating, but if things continue like this, our summer vacation might end without us ever seeing each other.

I decided to be prepared and sent a message to her.

“Whoa, that’s a long queue.”

Watanabe san tells me such an impression when she sees the entrance in the distance.

Today she is wearing a white one-piece dress, a straw hat, white sandals, and a straw braided bag slung over her shoulder.

It was a summery, ladylike outfit, but it fit the image of the innocent and gentle Watanabe san.

“I wonder if it was right to come early before the opening.”

I looked at the line and was convinced that my prediction was correct.

“Then again, when I go out with Aikawa kun, we always end up far away.”

She giggled and looked at me.

The reason we are doing this is because it’s a date.

A few days ago, I sent her a message to find out what she was up to, and she responded immediately.

After a few exchanges, we decided to see each other again after a long time, and when we adjusted our schedules and decided where to go, this leisure facility came up as a candidate.

“That’s because…..I couldn’t think of anything else, sorry.’

Up until this age, I had been fishing all my life, and I didn’t really know how high school boys and girls generally socialized.

When she asked me where we were going, I somehow managed to pull this place out of the database.

“No, I don’t mind. It’s not hard for me to go out far and above all, I’m happy to be with you, Aikawa kun…….”

She said this, and her cheeks blushed. There had been times when she had spoken these words in a roundabout way, but I had dismissed all of them as Watanabe san’s natural and unintentional way of speaking.

But now I know how she feels. Then, Watanabe san, who is also the Madonna of the school, said pretty words that pierced me and almost caused me to have an irregular heartbeat if I was not careful.

“I-is that so……? I, well…..I’m not bothered if I’m with Watanabe san.”

I lied. It’s true that at the point when we didn’t know how we felt about each other, I didn’t dislike when we were together in silence, I even thought it was comfortable.

However, perhaps because it was the first date since we started dating, I was impatient, and I was nervous on the train to go.

“I see, your expression seems stiff for that?”

Saying this, Watanabe san approached me and extended her hand.

I don’t know if it’s because I was overwhelmed that night, but today she insists on coming close to me, and our bodies often bump into each other while we’re moving. I don’t know if she realizes it or not, but she doesn’t seem to adjust her distance, and my heart has long since reached its limit.

If I saw her cute figure any longer, I would run out of energy before entering the leisure facility. If I lost my strength under the blazing sun, I would be doomed to dry up.

With this in mind, I tried to breathe to conserve my strength as much as possible…….

“Aikawa kun, may I hold your hand?”

Watanabe san smiled at me as she showed me her hand in a sweet manner.

“Of course, it’s okay.”

Inwardly, alarm bells were ringing, but there was no way I could refuse now, since we had held hands often before we started going out.

I calmly try to quiet my heart. If it’s something I’ve experienced in the past, I can deal with it.

If nothing more happens……

“Ehehehe, after all, I’m happier after I understand my feelings.”

From close range, I was told cute lines with a cute smile, and I averted my face from her immediately.

“Is something wrong?”

Watanabe san wondered, and then leaned in closer to look into my face. Our bodies touched and I could feel her warmth.

“I was just a little dizzy, that’s all. I’m sure I’ll get better if I swim…….”

“Please don’t push yourself too hard.

I’ve been looking forward to spending today with Aikawa kun, but Aikawa kun’s health is my top priority.”

Watanabe san pushes me further with a worried look on her face. I want to tell her that the reason I’m in this condition is because she is too cute.

Because of her nature, she unleashes critical attacks one after another,

“Thank you. It’s time for us to enter.”

Before taking any more damage, I urged her to enter.

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