I know this is out of the blue, but have I thought about a risky prediction?

I have been fishing since I was little, and I’m proud to say that I’m better prepared for danger than most people.

Especially when I was little, my father taught me the horror of marine accidents, and I have actually seen people fall into the sea and drown while fishing.

When I go fishing, I can act based on my own experience to enhance my own safety, such as [This bank looks like a bad place to stand.] [Be careful here because the bank is narrow.] [If the ground is wet, the waves will splash at certain times of the day, so be careful.]

Currently, Watanabe san and I are at a large leisure facility by the sea.

This place has a swimming pool that incorporates seawater, a heated swimming pool, a restaurant, and many other facilities for fun.

From what I saw before entering, there seemed to be a lot of parents and children here, probably because it was summer vacation. However, there are also bad guys in places like this, who are addicted to the feeling of summer liberation.

It was the same when I first talked with Watanabe san. I approached her and helped her out when she was in trouble surrounded by several college-aged guys.

High school and college students who come to recreational facilities with only boys are most certainly there to pick up girls. At the beach house, I was fine because Ishikawa san and Sawaguchi san were there, but they’re not here now. There was no guarantee that Watanabe san would be safe if she was approached by such people.

This is where the risk prediction I mentioned earlier comes in handy. It is a method of predicting possible dangers in advance and taking action to prevent them from happening.

Watanabe san is beautiful, so if she is left alone, she will be approached by men. They would swarm her like a school of fishes, just as if she were sprinkled with bait on the surface of the sea where the fish were active.

If this happens, she, being a kind girl, will not be able to refuse them and will feel uncomfortable before joining them, and may be exhausted before she can swim.

So I decided to take one countermeasure.

When men and women enter a facility together, they are separated to change their clothes, but in such places, men usually change faster than women.

I finished changing quickly before Watanabe san came out, shoved my luggage into a locker, and left the locker room early.

I then waited in a spot where I could see from the exit of the locker room where the girls were coming out.

Here, she can avoid the trouble of being hit on, since I will be the first one to spot Watanabe san when she comes out.

The problem is that the woman who just came out is looking at me.

Maybe she thinks I’m trying to hit on her.

I wait at a little distance to avoid unnecessary trouble, but the result is the same. The women who came out and looked at me, went to their partners.

“It’s hot…….”

I’m sweating just sitting still. I looked at my watch and saw that the current time was just before 11:00. I had to wait for a while before entering, but about 15 minutes had passed since I had left her by now.

Was it only a week ago that Aizawa told me that [waiting for a woman is part of the fun]?

Now I could understand what he was talking about. As a healthy high school boy, I couldn’t help but be interested in what kind of swimsuit Watanabe san would show me.

While I was thinking about this, two women approached me.

They were probably college students, short but mature and wearing bold swimsuits. The atmosphere they wore was different from that of the girls I passed in the school, and they were obviously used to talking to other people.

“Hey, you. What are you doing?”

“You’ve been there since a while ago, haven’t you?”

They looked around my whole body and talked to me.

“Erm, I’m waiting for someone.”

Could it be that they suspected me of being suspicious because I had been watching the exit of the women’s locker room all this time?

I was impatiently hoping that Watanabe san would come out soon.

“We’re thirsty, you know.”

“Oh yeah, I feel like having something to drink.”

However, the girls changed the subject and suddenly complained about their thirst.

I’m relieved that they did not think I was suspicious. If they had really thought so in the first place, they would have talked to the staff. If not, they must have another purpose.

And this is where my experience as a part-timer at the beach house cafe came in handy.

“If you want, you can come with us–“

“If that’s the case, I recommend the frozen cocktails at the restaurant on the second floor here. It has a good reputation on the Internet, and I heard that they freeze over a dozen kinds of fruit, shave them, and serve them, so they look good in pictures and taste good too.”

[ [Eh?] ]

I told them the word of mouth that I learned about in my preliminary research for my date with Watanabe san.

While working part-time, women like this used to ask me, [Is there anywhere nice around here?] [Is there anyone who can show me around?] I naturally became good at telling them about places of interest and good restaurants.

“Ah, if you’re on your way, you’re close to the stairs over there.”


“Thank you.”

The two college girls looked a bit puzzled, but still took my advice and went upstairs.

I felt a sense of accomplishment at having shown a stranger around , and when I let out a sigh of relief…….

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Aikawa kun.”

Watanabe san called out to me, as if she had come out while I was explaining to the college girl.

She puffed out her cheeks and looked up at me.

“What’s wrong, Watanabe san?”

“No, I was wondering what Aikawa-kun was up to…….”

She turns her crystal clear eyes on me in a probing manner.

“Ah, you know, just now some college girls were talking to me because they were thirsty, and I was just telling them about a restaurant upstairs that has a very popular menu.”

I told her what happened while I was waiting. Then Watanabe san seemed convinced,

“……Well, that’s right. That’s the Aikawa kun I know. If it weren’t for that Aikawa kun, I wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble.”

She lets out a tired sigh.

I wondered if she had been hit on as soon as she left the locker room. 

Maybe she was fatigued because she had answered the call herself when I was supposed to be protecting her.

I check on her.

Today, she is wearing a floral print swimsuit with various colors. The top and bottom are separated, and the edges are decorated with ruffles.

Watanabe san is wearing a see-through top over it, and her hair is tied back with an elastic band, so unlike usual, the nape of her neck is visible.

There is no doubt that I thought she looked great in her swimsuit at the beach. However, I found that today’s swimsuit looked even better and prettier than that time.

Aizawa once said that women’s swimsuits should be praised, and I act accordingly.

“Watanabe san.”

“Yes, what is it? Aikawa kun?”

I said to Watanabe san, who radiated beauty like a goddess.

“T-that swimsuit…..i-it suits you…..i-it looks cute.”

My face is hot, not because of the summer heat.

It took courage to speak my thoughts straight.

Somehow I managed to tell her, but by the time I did that, my mental strength had been drained so many times that my embarrassment is now at its maximum.

As I listened to the sound of my heart thumping, I wondered what kind of face Watanabe san was making right now.

Is she looking happy because of the compliment, is she unconcerned because she is used to getting compliments because she is beautiful or is she dumbfounded because of my lack of vocabulary…..

I looked at her fearfully,


She covered her mouth with both hands and her whole body turned red and panicked.

“W-what….t-that’s….out of the blue…..”

When her eyes meet mine, she makes a pouting sound and freezes.

“I-I’m sorry ! I didn’t mean to be so weird all of a sudden.”

Seeing how she was, I apologized in a hurry.

“No……..I’m happy, I never imagined that I would get compliments from Aikawa kun.”

“Well of course I compliment you, I was looking forward to Watanabe san’s swimsuit, and I was extremely happy that you came all dressed up !”

“Ugh……please don’t say any more. My heart will stop.”

Watanabe san turns her back and I turn my face away and we become silent to each other.

After a while, she moves her face to look at me and I look at her.

Watanabe san takes a deep breath, as if she has somehow calmed down.

Then, as she approaches me, she reaches out her right hand and grabs my finger fearfully.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

I could see her face getting closer to me. As I was puzzled, Watanabe san put her lips to my ear and said,

“Aikawa kun, you also look good in a swimsuit. You look great today…….”

She whispered in a voice that only I could hear.

Watanabe san’s unexpected surprise shocks me this time.

I can still feel her breath in my ears along with her voice.

My eyes meet with Watanabe san’s, who is looking at me with an upward glance, but looking shy.

I think I must say something back, but any further exchange could be fatal. In the end, after we both stared at each other in silence,

“For now, let’s go swimming, shall we?”

“……Yes. Let’s do that.”

With an awkward atmosphere left in the air, we still walked next to each other and headed for the pool.

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