I asked Suzu nee about the book she picked up at the coffee shop, “How to Manipulate Dreams,” but she told me that it was not a book that was in the store, and she doesn’t even know how long it has been there.

“Someone left something behind? We basically only have magazines and comic books. If you like it, you can take it.”

Just by looking at the title, Suzu nee seemed to think it was a book in the occult goofy lineage, and she laughed and gave me the book.
And the book is now mine. …… A few days after owning the book, I already had no doubts about it.

I’ve been looking forward to bedtime lately.

“Yesterday it was a movie about rounding up a powerful organization with my friends, and the day before yesterday it was a royal story about defeating a demon king! Which one shall I choose today?”

I was excitedly going through the “Today’s Dream Candidate”.

Lucid Dreaming Applications
As a gateway to freely manipulate your dreams, place the story you wish to tell on the magic circle and go to sleep. The story will allow you to take on the role you desire.
Supplementation : However, we do not recommend stories that you are not knowledgeable about. You cannot wake up without bringing the story to an end in any way.

No~ I thought I was done with the chuunibyo, but this book has rekindled it.
I used to fantasize in my brain about stories in which I would appear in existing comic books and movies, adventuring and fighting alongside the main characters, but I never thought I would be able to experience such fantasies as dreams. ……
Thanks to yesterday,, I saw a story about defeating the Demon King the day before yesterday, but I “prevented the cause of the Demon King’s anger” and led it to “a story about a hero and the Demon King cooperating to destroy a vicious kingdom” in the middle.
That was very fun, but it was also a bit of a cheat in internal politics. ……

“Which one should I look at today: ………… this one……”

The moment I picked up the manga, I was dominated by an indescribable …… emotion that any boys would think about at least once.
That manga is a book that Kudo lent me at school during the day, a romantic comedy that is popular, but the only reason it’s so popular is because the readers who support it …… are almost exclusively male.
…… Well, in short, it is a manga of that type, but to be honest, I was surprised that Kudo promoted this manga at school.
After all, this manga is not a harem type full of cute girls, but a romantic comedy in which the target is only focused on one heroine, even though it is from that side of the world.

“Heee~, I thought you were a harem kind of guy.”
“I don’t deny it! But, Yumeji, while it is a man’s dream to be popular with multiple women, isn’t it also a man’s dream to be dressed up for a single heroine?”

In his tour de force theory he imagines …… the story of a hero who saves the world from a crisis, forsaking numerous courtships and rewards to take the hand of a girl who has been waiting for him in the countryside for a long time.

“I understand…”
“That happened….”
“Giving me chills…”

It’s also a kind of man’s dream form…… we nodded our heads with our respective fantasies in the void.

But put aside the daytime exchange for the moment.
I’m not imagining such a story right now. I’m more interested in following my instincts and dreaming of that kind of dream. ……
I’m going to have a little …… erotic dream…….
I was doing a lot of mongering in my brain and gently placed the sixth volume of the book I borrowed from Kudo on top of the book I had left open by my bedside. ……
Please note that I had so much anticipation that I couldn’t fall asleep during the day. ……

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1 year ago

So the guy dreams something different every night, it isn’t only one. So what was that 5 years thing about? Is that the dream he’s about to have, the one at the cafe or what? I’m confused