Kaiho Public High School. It is one of the best preparatory schools in the prefecture, with a high deviation score. The club activities are also very active, and many of them make it to the national level. In order to keep up with Rinne, who was entering such a high school because it was within biking distance, I studied hard and managed to pass the entrance exam.

Haa….I was going to have a lovey-dovey lover life with Rinne at this high school if it were true. ……

I was thinking about this for 20 minutes as I rode my bicycle.

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’m going to have a great time.

I park my bike in the parking lot and head for the place where the classifieds are posted.

No one is going to school yet, right?

As I was walking along, I found a female student who was probably a new student like me. I found a girl in front of the place where the class assignment papers were posted.

“Good morning. You feel like coming early too?”

I didn’t want to stand next to her in silence, so I spoke to her in as friendly a manner as possible.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep the day before either. I didn’t want to be late, so I figured I’d come in early. I thought I’d just relax by myself and look at the assignment papers.”

The girl who turned around stared at me seriously as I said that.

…… Hmm? What is it? This girl looks like something I’ve seen before. ……
Wait, this girl, she’s so cute.

I was thinking that, and right in front of my eyes, the girl started to cry.

S-Something happened!!???
D-Did I do something??!!

“Sakurai kun….isn’t it? ……”
“………… what?”

H-How does she know my name!?

“When I was in elementary school. You helped me when I was being bullied. It’s been a while. I’m Kitajima Towa…..”
“Kitajima san!?”

That’s right. When I was in the fifth grade, there was a girl in my class who was being bullied. I helped her out of a sense of justice when I found out that someone had hidden her writing utensils and graffiti had been drawn on her gym uniform.

I almost got bullied because of it, but Rinne, who was in the next class, found out and snapped and that didn’t happen.
There was such an episode

“As I recall, you moved after that and transferred schools?”
“Yes, I did. However, there has not been a single day that I have forgotten about Sakurai kun. ……”

Kitajima san then wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her fingers.

“I was just looking at the classifieds when I found your name. I was really surprised. But from that moment on, I thought that maybe I could meet you. I thought that this time I would be able to express my feelings that I couldn’t say at that time. That’s what I thought.”
“I-I see. By the way, how was your class placement?”

To my question, Kitajima san smiles.

“I think God must be blessing us. We were in the same class.”
“T-That’s good to hear.”

I looked at the class placement paper after she told me.

It is true that she and I were in the same class.
By the way,…… Rinne was also in the same class.

Seriously? …… even though she dumped me like that. ……

I have never been in the same class as Rinne in ten years.
So I was really surprised at this result.

“Sakurai Kirito kun.”
“…… Eh?”

I look at her, surprised at the full name she suddenly calls me.

“From the time I was in elementary school until today, not a day has gone by that I haven’t forgotten you. You may say my love is heavy, but this is me.”
“………… Kitajima san.”

A look of determination catches my eye.
I understand. I know what she is trying to say.
Because she has the same eyes as I did yesterday.

“Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito kun with all her heart. Please make me your girlfriend.”

She said this and hugged me.

Her soft, girlish body enveloped me.

“K-Kitajima san….”

Dosari ……

And then I heard something fall behind me.


I turn around.

“W-W-What are you doing….”
“…..Rinne, why are you here”

Rinne, who is not supposed to be good at getting up in the morning, witnessed me and Kitajima san hugging each other.

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