Next morning.
The first day before high school is spent all night long. I stood in front of the bathroom sink with dark circles under my eyes.

Oh man, I can’t go to school with a face like this. ……

I used my sister’s concealer to quickly cover up the dark circles under my eyes and then used hair wax to lightly move my hair.

Well, …… this is what it looks like.

I check the clock on the wall.

The time is 7:30. I can ride my bicycle to the high school, so if I leave the house around 8:30, I can make it in time.

I was really going to go to school with Rinne, but I’m not brave enough to ask her out after such a big rejection……
I mean, it would be awkward to see each other. ……

Thinking this, I decided to quit going to school with Rinne, which I had been doing since elementary school, for the first time in ten years.

Grabbing my bag that I had prepared since yesterday, I decided to leave home about an hour earlier than I had planned.

Being late is a problem, but there should be no problem with being early!

“Huh? onii chan, You’re coming to school at this hour?”

My younger sister, Misuzu, who will be in the third year of junior high school this year, spoke to me from behind.

“Rinne chan is not good at mornings, and I don’t think she can get up at this hour, so have you made a promise to someone?”
“I don’t have any plans with anyone. I’m going to go to school alone…….”

Misuzu is pleasantly surprised by my line.

“W-Why ……?”
“Because I confessed my feelings to Rinne yesterday and she dumped me. ……”

I’m not so thick-skinned that I can say Let’s go to school together the day after I was dumped.

I said that, and Misuzu held her head.

“You’re too much of a tsundere, aren’t you, Rinne chan? ……”

It sounded like she was saying something, but I couldn’t hear her.
I don’t want to be a hard-of-hearing protagonist, but I can’t hear what I can’t hear……

“So I decided to go to school by myself. Also, I was too shocked to sleep last night, so I took the liberty of using Misuzu’s concealer to remove the dark circles under my eyes, so I’m sorry for using it.”
“I-It’s fine, that much….”

“Well, I’m off to school now. This is my first time going to school alone in ten years. I hate to put it this way, but I’m even a little excited!”

I said, trying to be strong.

“Yeah. I understand. Rinne chan is going to regret it so much later, but she deserves it. ……”

As I walked to the front door, Misuzu arrived behind me.

“Then I’m off, Misuzu!”
“Yeah. See you later, Onii chan”

I opened the front door and it was a beautiful sunny day outside.

The weather looks like it’s celebrating my new beginning!

Forcing myself into a positive thought process, I unlock my mom’s bike, which is sitting next to the front door.

I glanced at the house next door. The curtains of Rinne’s room on the second floor were still closed.

She is probably still sleeping. ……

I shook my head lightly to remove Rinne from my thoughts.

Don’t you dare be bitter! You’ve already been dumped! Give it up and find another love!!

…… can’t do that, can it? Because I’ve loved her for ten years.

I let out a sigh and rode my bike alone on my way to school.

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1 year ago

Haaa……the b>tch gonna regret her decision…