Episode 15 – Idol And Club Activities



I’m already full of a lot of things today, but there’s one more important event.

It’s my first meeting with everyone in the club.

“My name is Otonashi Naru. My part is guitar. please take care of me from today.

The light music club welcomed me with applause. It seems that I am the only new club member of this year so far.

Nice to meet you, Otonashi kun.

“The four of us are in one band, I’m Furuya from the 3rd year.” “I’m Hayashi, I’m also a 3rd year,.” “I’m Kurumaya, 2nd year.” “Hello, I’m Tanaka, a 2nd year student.”

“Naru, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Misaki, 2nd year.” “I’m Tomoko, also a 2nd year student.”

And I’m Yui, the president. The three of us are forming a three-piece band.”

“Yui san, you’re the president even though you’re a second year?

“That’s right, by the request from the former president.”

“Kawase, do you think we can take care of Otonashi kun?

“Oh, Naru’s already decided, Furuya-senpai.”

“Oh my, so three-piece also has it’s limit”

“Unya, that’s wrong.”

“No that’s not it, I mean, are you going solo too, Otonashi kun?”

“No, Naru is going to form a unit with me.”

[[Eh !]]

The club members were surprised by Iori san’s statement. I wonder if Iori san was so obsessive about her solos.

“Kubota san, come to think of it, you and Otonashi kun were rumored to be in a relationship……. Is that why?”

Iosri san glared at Kurumaya senpai.

“Kurumaya kun, do you think I would choose a member just for that reason?

“Oh, no, sorry …… that was just a common saying.”

Kurumaya senpai was completely overwhelmed.

I wonder what the rules are for calling each other by names. We usually call each other by our last names.

“I mean, Is Naru’s guitar great enough to be recognized by Iori?”

“It was amazing, Misaki.”

“I want to hear it !”

“That’s right, can I have Iori and Naru to do it instead of self-introduction?”

Me and Iori san looked at each other.

[[Of course.]]

—Iori san’s singing was different today.

I don’t know how to describe it, but it feels like I’m being pulled.

Yesterday, I was performing with a tingly tension, but today it was as if Iori san was wrapping me.

I had given up on this dream once, but if it was with Iori san, I felt like I could go anywhere.

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