Episode 12



“I’m Natsume Sho. Nice to meet you.”

After Nakao san’s introduction, the homeroom teacher came in right away and the homeroom for the entrance ceremony ended. Since it’s the first day of school, it seems that today’s schedule was just meeting face to face.

After the textbooks were handed out, the students were dismissed. The club introductions were to be held after the homeroom, so the students who wanted to stay behind remained here.

When I was wondering which club to go to, Kou spoke to me in a low voice from behind.

“What do you mean, Sho……? How do you know that beautiful blonde girl?”

Kou said enviously. Even if you say that……. He poked me on the shoulder with the back of a mechanical pencil.

“We just live in the same building. Today is the second time I’ve met her. M-more importantly let’s go look for a cute girl, okay? Shall we?”

When I said that, Kou’s expression changed 180 degrees and his face brightened up. Then he picked up his backpack and stood up full of energy.

“You’re right ! Since the senior is there, let’s go check it out. I wonder if there are any cute girls there…..”

With that, Kou grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the classroom.

As I was being dragged away, Nakao san looked up from her phone, waved her hand slightly, and said, [See you tomorrow.] 


“Third grade seniors are impressive……. I would’ve been scared if I wasn’t standing next to you.”

Saying that, Kou stood a bit taller. Kou is  tall for a normal high school freshman, but he is short compared to the seniors. I’m about 5’8″, so I’m not so short. Or rather, I’m tall.

“Damn, There’s a girl with silver hair. I guess that’s because students with a high deviation score are free to dye their hair. I’m a big fan of that silver-haired girl.

“I think I’ll go with…..that girl.”

I pointed to a girl with brown, twin-tail hair. Her eyes were clear and looked a little bit mature. She looks like the kind of person who would order a long menu at a bar.

“Let’s go talk to them. Sho, you go. You’re the one with the cute brown hair.”

Kou pushed my back aggressively. Still, high school seniors are scary. There are also male students.

How could a country bumpkin like me have the nerve to do such a thing? I decided to turn around and protest against Kou’s suggestion, and when I turned around, I saw a familiar face.

“Sho, were you trying to hit on my friend?”

It’s my roommate, wiggling her eyebrows and welcoming me with an eerie smile. And the person I like.

“Sawa chan!”

“Boy, can I borrow Sho for a second?”

Saying that, Sawa chan gave me a look as if she wanted me to follow her, and Kou nodded repeatedly. Kou seemed to be afraid of Sawa chan somehow.

I followed after Sawa chan as if I was following a duck. When we reached the emergency escape in front of the rooftop door, Sawa chan stopped and looked back at me.

“What are you trying to do to my friend?”

“No, that’s not true. He asked me who was cute, so I just answered him.”

Using hand gestures, I try to clear up Sawa chan’s misunderstanding. Sawa chan still looked unhappy. Then she mumbled something to me.

“….Which one is it?”

“A-are you saying something?”

“Who is prettier, the girl with brown hair or me?”

What did she say? Was this jealousy? No, it’s not. It’s probably just girls fighting over who’s prettier. Well, I answered without time to think.

“Of course it’s Sawa chan.”

“I-I see. Hee.”

“Well, I’m going now.”

“Just so you know, I didn’t mean anything by that question.”

After saying that, Sawa chan ran away. I was separated from Kou, what should I do now? For now, let’s head back to the classroom. I made my way back to the classroom.

On the other hand, Sawa chan is…….

She was talking to a group of girls, including a girl with brown hair. The brown-haired girl was talking about what had just happened.

“That good-looking first-year boy who was pointing at me earlier, he’s got guts, doesn’t he? Maybe I should go for him.”

“……No, I don’t think you should go for that guy, okay?”

Said Sawa chan with obvious agitation.

“Hm? Ah, come to think of it, Sawa chan. You knew that guy, didn’t you? Hm, what? Do you maybe like him? How can that happen to the Queen of Thorns…hee?”

The brown-haired girl stopped talking when she saw Sawa’s face. Probably because she looks like a dangerous maiden.

“N-no I don’t///There’s…no way.”

All the girls who were present at this time thought. That she’s too precious.


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