Needless to say, Daiki and I didn’t get along. So Daiki doesn’t know where I work part-time, and if anything, he probably doesn’t even know that the allowance he get from my parents comes out of my salary. If he did, he would definitely try to dominate me. So I’m Sure that he just happened to come to the family restaurant where I work part-time. It was simply the nearest family restaurant from the school.

“I mean, senpai has a girlfriend. Even though you don’t look popular.”

“Well, I only got a girlfriend yesterday.

“Ah~All of the third year students know it, you know~? Rumor has it that you and your brother fought over her~”

“Damn……why don’t I have a girlfriend ……!”

Everyone who has too much free time on their hands gathers around Hikari. It’s a nostalgic feeling. When I became an adult, if there’s trouble, everyone tries to stay out of it.

“So what are you going to do? It wouldn’t be funny if he tried to steal her. Should I listen to what he has to say?”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll go directly to him. Hika…Echizen san, you have fake glasses, don’t you? The one you used as a disguise.”

“I do have them, but….eh? How do you know that? Don’t tell me you like me and….!”

“I told you I had a girlfriend. Sorry, but I’m going to be out for a bit. The manager isn’t here today, right?”

It;s unacceptable for a newcomer to suddenly skip work in his second year, but when it comes to part-timers, the second year is known as a veteran. I was able to leave easily, partly because I wasn’t busy.

“My brother is really irritating. He got a girlfriend and he’s getting on my nerves. He’s just a damn introvert.”

I changed into my school uniform, put on my glasses, changed my hair style, and sat down near Daiki’s seat. Apparently, he’s already at the top caste in the class, and he’s complaining to a guys who seems to be his lackey.

“But isn’t it bad to steal her? It might be awkward with your brother…..”

“Huh, that’s not a problem for me to be awkward with someone like him. Besides, I set my sights on Saki first. The Director of mechanical engineering daughter. Has a nice face and body. She’s too good for him.”

I see. So that’s why he knew Saki. It seems like rather than trying to dominate me, Daiki likes Saki’s family background and her appearance. If that’s the case, I can’t forgive him even more.

“Daiki, what are you doing here?”

I took off my glasses, brushed up my hair, and unbuttoned my uniform before sitting down on the seat in front of Daiki. It’s common sense for working adults to keep their appearance in order considering the occasion. It’s embarrassing to go out in public in such a sloppy outfit, but for some reason, these idiots think that the less they wear their uniforms properly, the cooler they look. This is the best way to teach them a lesson. To his lackey, about my relationship with Daiki.

“Big bro……why are you here……!”

“Not your concern, I’m not even doing any club activities. More importantly, what’s up with your club activities?”

“Huh? That’s more like none of your concern. Unlike you,  I don’t have to practice to be a regular.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to be impressed . I’m sorry, Daiki’s friend. He’s not a bad guy, so please be nice to him.”

“Hey, stop it, bro !”

“I have to say hello, right?”

No matter how bad he is, he somehow looks lame when he is with mother. By nagging him, I make his lackey imagine what Daiki must be like at home. I am sure this is how they see him. A normal high school boy who can’t stand up to his brother and has no choice but to complain outside.

People have more than one face. At home, at school, at a part-time job, in front of their girlfriends. Each of us shows another face appropriate to the occasion. And it is embarrassing to show the other faces. I can’t show my school mood at home, and even my 26 year old self would not allow my family to see my usual interactions with my girlfriend. Anyone can imagine how humiliating it was.

“So, what about Saki? Do you like Saki too?”

“Of course not. I don’t want your sloppy seconds.”

And here we get to the point. No matter how much Daiki is trying to hide it, from the outside, it looks like he’s embarrassed and trying to fool around.

“Well, whatever.”

And of course, there’s no way I would let it end here. I want Daiki to be humiliated in front of his friends to the fullest.

“Because Saki would never like someone like you, you know.”

I’m going to give Daiki the same insult that he usually gave me. He shouldn’t be able to say anything back to me. No, if he says something back, that’s fine. No matter what Daiki says, it’s just a howl from a loser. I’m not going to change the fact that Saki is my girlfriend.

“Well, do your best. I’m rooting for you.”

Then, in front of his lackeys, I mocked him with an adult aura, and walked away. I don’t even need to see his expression. He must be so frustrated and annoyed. I know. Because I’ve felt that way for a long time.

That’s why I’m going to win. That’s why I came back to the past.

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Mollosus de Jerivá
Mollosus de Jerivá
1 year ago

Lol. He work so his parents can pay with that none, an allowance to his dick brother? Hahahahahaja. This guy is such a simp.

1 year ago