“What do you want for dinner, Sho kun? Want to eat out?”

Sawa chan, who must have been tired of playing with my hands until now, asked me. I only ate a rice ball that my mother had made for me on the boat on the way here at noon, so I was hungry.

“How about you, Sawa chan?”

“I don’t have any money so I’ll cook for myself…..”

“Then I’ll eat with you !”

I said as I interrupted her. Sawa chan’s homemade food….. I want to try it. A food made by my future wife. Though I’m not going to make her cook all the time, okay? Sometimes, I care about my wife, alright?

“I can’t guarantee it’ll be good, you know? Don’t get your hopes up, okay?”

“Ah, yeah.”

I remembered what she just said earlier. Memories from childhood…. I think I was in the fourth grade of elementary school and Sawa chan was in the first grade of middle school.

It’s raining heavily outside. In the midst of it, both man and woman are behind closed door…… Well, nothing strange is going to happen, okay !?

Sho is visiting Sawa chan’s house today. A study session is held around a table in the Japanese-style room. Sawa chan is facing her first regular test as a middle schooler and is totally focused.

Sho has nothing to do without Sawa chan, so he’s playing with his 3DS beside her. Sho is playing a game where all he has to do is collect yokai. When Sawa chan finished her studies and took a break, she spoke to him.

“Sho. I’ll cook lunch for you today !”

She said so and put her hands on her hips cheerfully. Hearing this, Sho happily puts his 3DS on the ground.

“R-really !? Thanks. I’m looking forward to it ! Sawa chan’s food.”

“You better look forward to it. I often help my mom, so I’ll make you something delicious.”

Saying that, Sawa chan moved from the Japanese-style room to the kitchen. She’s very excited to serve the food since she’s allowed to use the stove now that she’s a middle school student.

“I’m gonna wait here.”

With that, Sho sat down again in the Japanese-style room. Since he had some free time, he looked at the math problem that Sawa chan was doing, but it was too difficult and he found himself fighting with a yokai.

The only thing he could figure out was that Sawa chan’s handwriting was very mature. He heard something burning on the other side of the Japanese-style room.

After that, a smiling Sawa chan came toward him. She was holding a bowl of golden fried rice in her hand.

“Fufufu. It’s Sawa’s special fried rice. Please try it.”

Saying that, she put it on the table. The aroma stimulated the boy who was in the prime of his life, and he began to eat without even time to say ‘Itadakimasu’.

However, his hand stopped after a moment.

“…..Ough ough”


The moment he put it in his mouth, Sho choked. He still chewed and swallowed. Then he rolled his eyes and looked at the fried rice.

“W-what’s wrong?”

Sho made a big smile at Sawa chan, who looked at him with concern.

“It’s good ! Super good !”

And then he started eating again. Rather than eating it, the correct expression is that he drink it all up. Still, Sho ate it, saying it was delicious.

Sawa chan let out a relieved [Thank goodness] and smiled. Then he said proudly.

“In the future, I’m going to use this dish to get a good-looking guy to fall for me !”

She said that and laughed. Sawa chan is so cute when she puts her heart on the line. Sho was truly happy to see that.

After finishing his fried rice, Sho said.

“Rather than some handsome guy, you should be my wife.”

“After Sho became a good looking guy, okay?”

“…You meanie !”

Then Sho laughed. Then Sho took the empty plate and said.

“Thanks for the food, it was delicious. Make it again, okay?””


After receiving a reply, he went to wash the dishes. When he finished washing the dishes, he opened his 3DS and started playing a game next to Sawa chan, who had already started studying.

After Sho came back from Sawa chan’s house, Sawa chan was helping her mother again.

“Sawa ! Can you pass me the salt?”

“Yes !”

Sawa took the one that was marked with “Sugar” from the seasoning container.

“I got the salt !”

“This is sugar, you know? Look, it says “Sugar”, right? If you make a mistake, it’ll be troubling. Salt is ‘SALT’, okay?”

“Eh, really?”

Sawa chan made a sour expression . The reason was that she had sprinkled sugar on her fried rice.

“What would happen if I put sugar on fried rice?”

“Well, it wouldn’t taste good.”

“I’ve done it.”

(Sho probably ate all of it, even though it didn’t taste good, he ate it all for me…… He also said it was delicious.)

That’s what she thought. Sawa chan thanked Sho.

That kind of thing did happen….. It’s definitely not good……. Well, if Sawa chan makes it, I’ll eat it, okay?

“Well, shall I make you a hamburger? You liked it, right? You used to brag about it when your mom made it for you.”


“Then, wait for it.”

With that, she put on an apron with a bear picture on it and headed to the kitchen. While thinking that she likes cute things, Sho was waiting, fiddling with his phone to distract himself from past incidents.


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