“…..If you’re not cooking for yourself, then what did you eat for meals?”

“I eat lunch at a convenience store. Mostly I eat out.”

At the moment, I’m sitting straight. And Shinonome sat across from me, she asked with a smile.

The pressure is great. I broke out in a cold sweat

“….Convenience store meals. I’m not that familiar with it, but I’ve heard that it’s nutritionally unbalanced and high in salt. How do you really feel about it?”

“Y-yes. It is as you say, ma’am.”

At my words. The pressure emanating from Shinonome has increased.

“For now, there’s not much to worry about. However, there’s a great possibility that it will be worse in the future. I’m sure…..Minori kun understands this.”

“……I can’t say anything back.”

It hits me on the mark, though. It’s true.

But, Shinonome looked at me. She shook her head while making a slightly difficult face.

“Well, I can understand that living alone is difficult. It seems that you were able to do everything except for cooking.”


“And from a while ago, please don’t use strange honorifics.”

“Y-yeah. Got it.”

For some reason, I used honorifics. Shinonome told me to stop it.

“…… It can’t be helped, Minori kun.”


“Every Saturday. Do you have free time?”

I tilted my head at Shinonome’s words.

“I’m mostly free.”

“I see.”

Shinonome nodded once and looked straight at me.

“I don’t have any lessons on Saturdays either, so I’ll come over to cook dinner.”

She said. I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes. I don’t want my precious friend to get sick or have a lowered immune system. ……And.”

Shinonome continued to speak while her face was bright red.

“Minori kun, if it’s okay with you. Would you like me to make bento for you on school days?”.


At that time, I might’ve been showing my stupid expression.

Shinonome chuckled.

“Fufu. So you have that kind of face too, Minori kun.”.

I shook my head once to correct my expression. I looked at Shinonome again.

“B-but, it’ll be troublesome for you.”

“It doesn’t matter if I cook for one or two people. I’m the type of person who makes my own lunches. …If I tell the nanny, my mother won’t find out.”

I-is it really….okay?

“T-think of it as my gratitude. …W-well. I’m sure I have something to ask you again.”

……Oh, that’s how it is. No, but. I think I’m getting too much for that.

“……You want me to be your lap pillow?”

I unintentionally said that in a joking manner.

I looked at Shinonome, wondering if I’ve gone too far.

“Eh? ….I-is that okay?”

Shinonome was surprisingly enthusiastic.

“Y-yeah. If Shinonome prefers it that way…”

“Then, please.”

Well, at least that much, I thought. 

Did I decided to do something outrageous?

No, if Shinonome is going to make it for me, it’s a small price to pay.

“I’ll make sure to give it to you in the morning. The bento.”

“…..Oh. Thank you.”

“Fufu. You’re welcome.”

Shinonome smiled. Well, let’s stand up for now.

“Well then, that’s enough talk. Shall we go shopping together?”

That’s what I said.


“Ah, potatoes are cheap today, aren’t they? I mean, this supermarket is cheap in general. They’re cheap overall.”

“……It’s kind of unexpected.”

While watching Shinonome checking the qualities of the potatoes, I unintentionally let out those words. Shinonome tilted her head and looked at me.

“Shinonome, you look like a refined lady…. or rather, are you a refined lady? I know I’m completely prejudiced, but I thought rich people don’t care about prices.”

“My father taught me that. ‘You should know common sense, especially when you are young’.”

……I see. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but Shinonome’s father sounds awesome.

“I still lack a lot of common sense. But I can at least do the shopping by myself.”

“I’m impressed, Shinonome.”

I said so. Shinonome smiled proudly.

“Fufu, can you praise me more?” 

I feel like Shinonome has changed a bit since then. Of course, in a good way.

“Well then, the next one is……speaking of which. Thank you for carrying the cart.”

“Hm? Well, I should at least do this.”

I returned that to Shinonome who thanked me while putting the potatoes in the cart. We started walking.

Shinonome is still next to me. When we arrived at the place where the item was, she began to carefully inspect them. While looking at Shinonome…I suddenly had an idea.

I wonder if this is what it feels like if I have a lover.

I immediately shook my head to get rid of these evil thoughts. Don’t think of that, me.

“Which meat is…..Minori kun? What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

Is that so? said Shinonome.  And we started walking again, but……

Once I thought about it, it didn’t go away. My heart is beating faster than usual.


As soon as we got home. Shinonome started making curry. I was called out by her to help out a little, but there wasn’t much I could do to help… I was just there to talk.

Shinonome proceeded with the cooking skillfully. It’s not like I doubted her, but it seems that she’s really good at cooking.

And then, she finished cooking. It was after six o’clock.

“Okay, it’s ready. Minori kun.”

“Yeah !”

Saying that, Shinonome put down the plate and steam rose from it.

The spicy aroma pierced my nose and my stomach rumbled, just as it was beginning to empty.

The meat and vegetables were all over the place. The rice was shiny and glistening.

“Here’s your water. Shall we have some then?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

I was going to help with the preparations, but Shinonome declined, saying it would be over soon..

After saying, “You’re welcome,” Shinonome sat down next to me.

We looked at each other once, smiled at each other, and clasped our hands together.

[ [Let’s eat.] ]

We began to eat.

First, I scooped up rice and a small amount of curry. Steam was rising, so I cooled it down. I brought it to my mouth.


It was tangy, painful and spicy, it’s burning my tongue. The rice made it milder. The flavor that seeped out from the meat and vegetables stimulated my taste buds.

“……It’s delicious. It’s so good.”

“Fufu. I’m glad to hear that. It seems to have suited your taste.”

It seems that Shinonome was watching me eat. After hearing my words, shi smiled as if she was relieved.

I continued to take my second and third bites.

The meat that was used is beef, and it fell apart when I chewed it. The potatoes were so hot and juicy that I almost burned my tongue.

“There’s plenty more. Please eat slowly.”

Shinonome said this to me with a warm look in her eyes, and she himself was eating it while letting it cool down.

“Amazing, it’s so delicious. Shinonome.”.

“I’m the one who should thank you. Thanks.”

While tasting the food properly. I ate at a very fast pace.

Seeing me like that, Shinonome narrowed her eyes happily. 

“You told me that my food is good and ate it deliciously. It makes me very happy.”

……Ah, I see.

“That’s why you eat so deliciously, Shinonome.”

It’s pleasant to watch Shinonome eat so well. However, Shinonome made a strange voice,

“S-surely, I tried to put it into words, but. Was it that obvious?”

“….You didn’t notice?”

“R-right. Y-yeah. So seeing me eating like that…….”

Shinonome’s face immediately turned bright red. Then she covered her face with both of her hands.

“I’m a bit embarrassed.”

“I think it’s fine, you know? When Shinonome ate it deliciously, you looked cu…..I’m feeling full just by looking at you.”

I was about to say “cute” unintentionally.  However, Shinonome’s face turned bright red…..and her eyes peeked out from between her fingers.

“Ah, do you want more?  I’ll go put it in!”

“Y-yeah. Thanks.”

Then she took my plate. And headed for the kitchen.


After we had finished dinner, I took a little time to relax before sending Shinonome on her way.

“Thanks for everything, Minori kun.”

On the train. Shinonome suddenly said that while bowing her head.

“Minori kun, thanks to you, I was able to enjoy my weekend. ……I think it was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

‘Thank you too. It was a lot of fun, and your food was delicious too. I’ll be eating that too tomorrow.”

The curry was made in a pot, so there’s leftovers for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it even now.

“And the bento, too. Thanks.”

“Fufu. I’ll put my best effort into making it.

And when we arrived at the station near Shinonome’s house.

“Minori kun.”

 She called my name happily. 

“Thank you. And although I miss the timing to say it, you’re welcome.”

“……Yeah. You’re welcome, too. And thank you.”

 I replied to her. ……Shinonome held out her hand.

“From now on, please continue to take care of me.”

I waved back at her.

“Yeah. Me too, Shinonome.”

My daily life has changed a lot since then. However, I can’t let go of this daily life….I’m completely tainted by Shinonome.

But I don’t think that this is bad. I smiled.

…..At this time, I didn’t know yet..

In the near future. The new daily life will show its face again.

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