“Okay. Your timing is perfect.”

“Yeah. You surprised me.:

When the door opened, two energetic-looking people jumped in.

One is Eiji. ……..And the other is.

“Okay. Long time no see, Minorin.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while, or rather, it’s the second time we’ve met.”

She has wavy brown hair which has been dyed that reaches her shoulders.

Her ears are pierced, her cheeks are slightly red, and lipstick is on her lips.

Nishizawa Kirika. She is Eiji’s girlfriend.

She has an easygoing and cheerful personality. She’s the type of person who comes on strong even at first meeting. She’s similar to Eiji in that way.

“You’re right ! It’s the second time! !” Minorin doesn’t play with me often !”

“I’m not the type of person who plays with my friend’s girlfriend.”

“Eh !  Eiji said it’s fine if it’s you !”

“Yeah that’s right ! Please teach us !”

“I don’t want to study–“

“……You’re making a fuss a little too much.”

I told the two high-spirited people and let out a sigh.

They are like this. They both have a lot of friends, so they don’t seem to mind if the people they play with are of the opposite sex.

I asked them if they were jealous of each other.

[Jealous? I don’t get jealous when I know she likes me the most.]

That’s what he said. …..Apparently, they are quite in love with each other.”

Then. I shifted my gaze for a moment.

My eyes met with Shinonome’s. I quickly turned my eyes in the other direction.

After a short conversation, I decided to stay a little apart from Shinonome. I thought that as long as we didn’t show any indication of getting along with each other, there would be no problem.

“Anyway, Souta. What happened to your beloved girlfriend?”

Eiji’s words made Shinonome’s ears twitch.

“I told you she’s my friend. The station I just got off at was where she got off. She’s not here anymore.”

“Eh? I thought we could meet ! I thought we could have a study session at Minorin’s house like a double date !”


How many times do I have to tell them that it’s not like that? Shinonome was watching us from afar. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Well, I can’t go talk to her. As I was thinking. A notification on my phone rang.

……? Who is it?

“I have to look at my phone for a sec.”

“Hmm? Oh, you don’t have to ask permission.”

Eiji gave me permission to look at my phone. I looked at the notification and my eyes widened.

[So by errand you mean study session. And at your house.]

The person who sent it to me was Shinonome.

……Come to think of it, I didn’t tell her.

I spy on Shinonome so that Eiji and the others wouldn’t notice.

While her cheeks puffed out. She was peeking into her phone.

Even though my heart was making an unpleasant noise. I shook my head and turned my gaze to the phone.

This is. Is it that? But is it safe to say such a thing so easily?

No, it’s at times like this that I have to be brave.

[If you don’t mind. Won’t you come next time, Shinonome? After the test, maybe.]

[I’m going !]

She responds immediately. The image of her approaching my face with that hungry look on her face flashed behind my eyelids.

“Oh? What’s wrong? Is it a call from your beloved girlfriend?”

At Eiji’s words. I jumped. In the distance, I could see Shinonome’s body startled as well.

“L-like I said. I told you earlier. She was a friend that I made recently.”

“There you go again. I’ve never heard that before, but that girl is from another school, right? Is it possible that she goes to Kirika’s high school?”

“Oh? Is she a friend of mine?”

“No. ….She’s from high school in the neighboring town.”

When I said so, Eiji laughed in an unpleasant way. And then he put his mouth close to my ear.

“You don’t mean that one? Did you meet her through the {Ice Princess}?”

At those words. I froze.

“Oh, that’s a good response.”

“Well, …….If you said it was a hit or miss, it’s a hit.”

She’s certainly related to [Ice Princess].  Or rather, it’s her.

“I see. Well, good luck with that, I guess? You have to take your chances, right?”

“Sigh…..I’ll keep that in mind.”

I let out a sigh. I sent it to Shinonome, saying, [Don’t worry, this guy just misunderstood everything from the beginning.]

Then we arrived at the station where Shinonome was getting off. When Shinonome left….just for a moment, our eyes met.

[Thank you very much. See you tomorrow.]

That’s right. She moved her mouth to say that. I nodded my head so that Eiji and the others wouldn’t notice.

Then, after Shinonome got off, Eiji came close to me. I involuntarily jumped up and down on my shoulders.

“H-hey. That was the Ice Princess, right?”

“……Yes, that’s right.”

A bad feeling runs down my spine. I don’t think he found out. I almost let out a voice. 

“I see. She’s unbelievably beautiful.”

“Oh? Eiji, are you cheating? Shall I tell her?”

“Don’t do that, I’m scared ! And I love Kirika the most !”

“Don’t get carried away in a place like this. We’re on a train.”

I gently warn him that it would be a nuisance to those around us. I’m relieved that he didn’t find out.

“I mean. This is the first time I’ve seen her.”

“Yeah. I’ve only heard a lot about her. She looked like a foreigner, but she’s Japanese, right? Is she adopted or something?”

“…..Well, I don’t know.”

You are correct, though. If I told you that, you would’ve asked me how I knew.

“Come to think of it, her parents are amazing. I heard he’s famous out there.”

“Oh, I heard of that. I heard that he is a famous businessman and has connections with various companies.  …..In that case, it looks like she’s going to a high school for young ladies or something.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

……Now that you mention it. I think she went to a much higher high school.

But I’m completely imagining. I can’t imagine Shinonome relying on her parents to get into high school either.

“Even so, Ice Princess, huh… you love Ice Princess, Minorin?”

“L-love, you said……no. I just like the way she looks. She’s a feast for the eyes.”

“You said that you enjoyed looking at her every morning.”

“So you love her. I mean, is that okay? Aren’t you too attracted to her?”

“Stop it. It hurts my heart.”

At that time, I was looking at her as much as I wanted because I didn’t have anything to do with her anyway. I regretted it so much right now.

Well, it’s too late to regret it now.

…..Somehow, I have to apologize.

As we were talking, we arrived at the station closest to my house.

“Here it is. Let’s go, you two.”

“Yes sir !”



“I’m tired–!”

“Studying is hard.”

“…….Well. If you can do this well, you won’t get a red mark.”

We studied hard for the next two hours. They didn’t seem to be able to concentrate, though, and tried to talk about other things along the way. It was such a dangerous situation.

“Then, let’s order a delivery. Pizza is standard. Is there anything else you want?”

“Pizza ! I want a Coke !”

“I like nuggets and fries on the side ! I’ll have a pizza !”

“All right. I’ll check the menu–“

I looked at my phone. There was one notification.

[The dance rehearsal has just finished. What are you doing now, Minori kun?]

It was from Shinonome, who had sent it about ten minutes ago.

[I’ve just finished my studies and am about to order a delivery.]

I sent it to her. The message was immediately read.

“Ah-….. sorry, Eiji. Can you make the order?”

“Hm? Oh, fine by me.”

I said to Eiji. I turned my gaze to my phone.

[Good work. Delivery, huh? I’ve never ordered anything like that before. What kind of things do you order?]

[Good work to you too. Pizza. It’s high in calories, but it tastes good when you eat it once in a while.]

[I’ve never had it.]

To Shinonome’s reply. I let out a voice.

…..Surely not. Though she looks like she never had any before.

[Next time. Do you want to try it?]

[Yes !]

At those greedy words. I smiled.

“Oh, what is it? Is that your girlfriend?”

“You’re so easy to read, you know?”

Eiji and Nishizawa came right next to me. I hide the screen of my phone.

“I told you we’re friends.”

“Eh? But you don’t make that kind of face with me.”

“I don’t make that kind of face when I’m on the phone with Eiji either.”

“Eh? But I’m smiling like crazy, though.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Eh, it hurts, you know?”

“Don’t flirt whenever you get a chance.”

They’re like this. I can feel how well the two of them get along.

[Let’s eat a lot next time.]

[Yeah. You’re right.]

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll have a drink, too–

[Oh, by the way. There are many kinds of pizza, just like pasta, right? I don’t know much about it, but do you have any recommendations, Minori kun?]

I heard the sound of a notification. Shinonome sent that.

[I guess so. I like basically anything, but I like orthodox Margherita.]

[Ah, I’ve heard of it. Let’s try it together next time.]

[Let’s do that.]

That’s the end of the conversation. I put down my phone–

[Hearing this, there are a lot of things I haven’t eaten yet.]

[There are restrictions at home. I’d be happy to have you eat with me from time to time if you’d like, Minori kun.]

At those words… cheeks relaxed.

[Yeah, of course.]

“Hey, that’s the face of the guy who fall in love, right?”

“Ah, that’s right. That’s it.”

“Why does he insist on saying that they were friends?”

“You know. She must really like Minorin if she keeps in touch with him like this.”

“Hey, you’re so noisy.”

“Oh shit, we’ve been caught.”

When I said this to Eiji and the others, they laughed.

“Minorin, do you have anything you don’t like? If not, I’ll order it as is.”

“……I don’t have any.”

“Is coke okay?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’ll have.”

“Do you want a side?”

“I’m good.”


Nishizawa then tapped her phone several times.

“Then just tell me your address. Once that’s done, you can keep in touch with your girlfriend as long as you want.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” “Never mind about that.”

They grinned at me. I gave her the address.

I wanted to say, [Mind your own business.] but I didn’t want to stop communicating with Shinonome here…..

I continued communicating with Shinonome as I was told to do.

……No way. I didn’t think the exchange would continue until the pizza was delivered and we ate it.

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