“I-I’m sorry ! Really !”

“No, it’s okay. If you are tired, it can’t be helped.”

I woke Shinonome up at the previous station. After a few moments, she began to apologize.

“I-I did a very embarrassing thing. U-um. I didn’t do anything strange, right?”


She didn’t, though it’s easy to say that. I hesitated.

She looked at me like that. Shinonome’s expression stiffened.

“……I talk in my sleep, right?”

“Well. Most of it was inaudible, so I couldn’t understand it.”

At my words. Shinonome’s face came closer and closer to mine.

“Most of it, you say?”

“Don’t worry. You didn’t say anything strange. I didn’t even know what kind of dream you were having.”

“…..I see. I understand.”

She felt a little relieved. She exhaled. I was wondering what kind of dream she had. Well, I thought that she would forget about her dream after she woke up. Somehow, I looked outside.

It was a familiar sight. I see it every morning and evening, so it’s only natural.

However, I found something unexpected.  I wondered if there was a Teishoku-ya (set meal restaurant) in such a place.

I probably won’t go there, though.

“Um, Minori kun.”

“What’s wrong?”

I shifted my attention from the scenery outside to Shinonome as she called my name.

Shinonome glanced at me. Her cheeks were red, and she was trying to say something.

I wonder what’s going on. Well, there’s no need to rush…..


At that time. We arrived at the station, Shinonome’s destination. Shinonome hesitated for a while. She let out a sigh.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. Or rather, what I want to ask you.”

“Y-yeah. I understand. Well then, take care.”

“Yes, thank you very much. Take care, Minori kun. Bye.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

When she waved her hand slightly, I waved back…..I hope it’s just my imagination, even though there’s only few people on the train.

But what was she really trying to say? I can’t help but wonder.

……Well, I’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll take a good rest today.


[Oh? So? How was it? What did you think of your first date?]

[I told you. It wasn’t a date.]

[Don’t be stupid. If a man and a woman go out, it’s a date.]


As soon as I got home, I received a phone call from Eiji. On top of that, it’s been like this since a while ago.

[No matter what you say. I just did my studies like a normal person.]

[What about the hands? Did you hold hands?]

[We’re not supposed—]

I was about to say no. But I closed my mouth without thinking.

When I was being absorbed by Shinonome’s figure. I remembered that she pulled my hand.

[So you did? You had that reaction, didn’t you !?]

[…..It’s an accident.]

[And then? How’s your reaction? If she doesn’t mind, you’ve got a chance.]

[Life can’t be that easy. ……Sigh. That’s a lot to explain. Anyway, we’re just friends. I mean, I’m tired, I’m hanging up.]

[Okay. Let me hear from you tomorrow.]

I hung up the phone and lay down on my bed.

“…..Friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

It’s true that sometimes she got nervous. I’m sure that it wasn’t because of me, so there’s no problem.

And then…….about going out or not. Or lovers. I’ve never thought about it. ….I’m sure it’ll never happen.

“In the first place. I’ve never been in love with anyone before.”

I sometimes feel envious when I see a couple who are getting along well. I can’t answer when asked if I want a girlfriend or not.

I’m not a good communicator to begin with. I can only see a future in which I make my partner feel uncomfortable and get pity from her.

I hear that more and more single people are living for their hobbies these days.


It’s not good. It’s like an excuse, and I’m just a high schooler.

Someday……that time will come. If it doesn’t come, it won’t come, I’ll just have to think about it then.

I closed my eyes quietly. I fell asleep naturally.

Luckily. At that time, I had already forgotten what Shinonome was going to say. I was able to fall asleep without worrying.


“Good morning, Minori kun.”

“Yeah, good morning.”

The next day was another study session. I had a good night’s rest yesterday, so my head was refreshed.

“You look good today, too, Minori kun. You look great.”

“…..Oh, thank you. you look great too, Shinonome.”

Shinonome was also very beautiful today.

Yesterday was sunny and the sun was strong, so it’s a rare summer day for fall. Today was cloudy and chilly.

She was wearing a white blouse, a dark brown cardigan, and a long black skirt. Today, she has the appearance of a young lady, with an air of elegance around her.

Her hair is also different from usual, shaped like a ponytail but braided.

“Thank you. I’m grateful to the staff.”

“You’re right. ……Well, I guess there are things that are good for you.”

Honestly, she looks good no matter what she wear. The rough outfits will be more foreigner-like combined with her look. Boyish clothes would also emphasize her coolness.

However, did Shinonome not understand my words? She looked puzzled.

“No, it’s nothing. Never mind.”


I had recently forgotten that Shinonome has a phobia of men. Now that we’re in a position to be friends, I guess……she doesn’t have a problem with it. There’s a possibility that she thinks I looked at her as a woman, and she won’t trust me.

“Ah, come to think of it. Minori kun, you also put on perfume, didn’t you?”

“Hm? Yeah. I remembered that my mother gave it to me before I came here.  I was too lazy to use it, so it was in the back of the drawer.”

“I see. ….Is it okay? To use something like that for someone like me.”

Shinonome asked with anxiety, I replied with a smile.

“Yeah, of course. I guess there’s no way to use it other than times like this. How is it? …..Do you smell anything bad?”

It’s a citron, citrus kind of smell. But different people like different smells.

I asked.  Then Shinonome brought her face closer. I cursed my own remarks…at the same time, she smelled softly.

“Yes, it smells very nice. I like your usual smell, Minori kun, because it’s calming. I like this one too, you know?”

And at close range. I was told so with a carefree smile on her face.

I can feel my face getting hotter.

“…I-I’m glad to hear that.”

From now on, I’m going to think before speaking.

While studying. Shinonome and I went to the same café as yesterday.

Hm? I think I’m forgetting something……


“Ah, I remembered now.”

While studying with Shinonome. I remembered something that had been bugging me.

“……? What’s wrong?”

“No, I thought I forgot something. Or rather, it’s you, Shinonome.”

Yes. That’s it.

“Yesterday, you were going to say something, right? What was it?”

When I asked that. Shinonome’s body jumped.



Then, she suddenly turned her head down. She kept silent. I panicked for a moment, thinking that I had said something bad. I couldn’t swallow the spit I had thrown up.

Just like that, I waited for Shinonome to say something.

After a little while…..Shinonome raised her face and looked at me. 

“M-Minoti kun. I have a favor to ask you.

“What is it?”

Shinonome stared at me. She took out a certain thing from her bag.

It was a smart phone.

 “C-could you tell me your….contact information?”

I froze. I looked at Shinonome, who had a bright red face and was straining her hands to hold the smartphone.

I covered my face with my hand.

She’s too cute. What’s with this gap? I thought I was attracted to her cool beauty, or rather her cold atmosphere.

“…..D-do you mind?”

Shinonome looked at me with a glance. I exhale once. I let out a breath to release the heat from my face.

“Of course I don’t mind. Or rather, I would like to ask you the same.”

I said so.

Shinonome’s face brightened up. She smiled cheerfully.

“I’m glad……um. What’s wrong?”

Shinonome asked me while I’m still covering my face. I replied [Don’t worry about it].

After calming down a little, I removed my hand and I took out my phone from my pocket.

It was a common chat application to exchange. It took us both a while to figure out how to do the exchange, which was fun.

“……Seems to be all right now.”

“Y-yes. It’s my first time exchanging contact with people other than my family.”

Shinonome’s words made my heart skip a beat. Calm down, today…..or rather, I’ve been acting strange since yesterday.

“….Finally, I was able to say it.”

I smiled bitterly at Shinonome’s words. The feeling is painful. I don’t have many friends either.

At the same time, I feel sorry for her. 

“Okay. Then, shall we continue?”

Unlike before, she looked somewhat cheerful. 

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