“I’m fine with …… checking up on Charlotte san’s feelings, but what does that have to do with me being knocked down on the bed right now?”

“Well, Al is going to have intercourse with me on this bed right now to see if my feelings are right or wrong.”

“I see, you’re going to have intercourse with me in this bed ……?”

I was no longer feeling surprised, I was genuinely wondering.

“What do you mean by that?”

“What …… do you mean? In the world before ……, there was a simple, easy-to-understand word for it, but in the language of this world, it’s …… a reproductive act, I guess.”

“Why would me and Charlotte san do that?”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m just trying to make sure I’m feeling the right way.”

“What do you mean by your feelings, Charlotte san?—-“

“I know Al has a lot on his mind, but I want to be sure of my own feelings right now ……, so Al just lie there and don’t move.”

With that said, Charlotte-san took off my butler’s jacket and began unbuttoning my vest.

I can say without doubt…… that Charlotte san is still not calm right now.

And whatever Charlotte san’s standard of value is, at least what Charlotte san is trying to do with me right now is not something you can do in such a state,…… I don’t know what Charlotte san’s feelings are, At least what Charlotte-san and I are going to do now with me is definitely going to be a bad thing if there is a right or wrong thing to do.

When Charlotte san had finished unbuttoning all the buttons of my vest and was about to touch the shirt with the collar next, I stopped her hand and said.

“Charlotte-san, please stop doing this. Charlotte-san is acting strangely right now.”

“It’s not right, so we’re going to find out why it’s not right, okay?”

“I can’t say that …… well, but it’s not like Charlotte san to do that.”

“It’s rare that I want to do something and Al interrupts me so much about it, but this time I’m not going to listen to him.”

“But ────”

“I say this as Charlotte Anastasia of the Duchess of Anastasia, but if you cross me now, even Al, I will know that you have crossed the Anastasia family.”


“I don’t want to say this to Al either …… so you just stay put.”

I don’t like Charlotte-san to worry about her position, so up until now I’ve been proactive in asking her if there’s anything I can do to help her as a butler.

That’s why it’s the first time that Charlotte-san has used the duke’s name to say something to me like she did now…that just shows that Charlotte-san is serious.

While I was thinking about this, Charlotte-san put her hand on my shirt and started to take it off… and said in a gentle voice,

“You’re thinking too hard Al, it’s just me and a part of Al’s body becoming one, right?”

If that was Charlotte san’s true intention, I probably would not have been so antagonistic to her, but if it really was as light as what she just said, there is no way that Charlotte san would have chosen that act for something so important as confirming her own feelings in the first place.

But if I disobeyed Charlotte san now, that would be disobeying the duke’s family, the Anastasia family,──── I’m sorry Charlotte san, but I don’t care about that kind of thing.

I grabbed Charlotte san’s wrist as she was trying to take off my shirt and said.

“Charlotte san, please don’t do that.”

“…… are you going against the Duchess of Anastasia’s family?”

“It doesn’t matter what your status is, it’s Charlotte san I’m talking to now.”

When I replied, Charlotte-san said with a cold air.

“It’s Al’s …… fault, you know? Because you say all those things just like him, over and over again, reminding me …… of his face!”

Charlotte-san said loudly and released an ice magic against me that didn’t hurt me but was enough to make me unable to move, so I quickly rolled my body and got off the bed to avoid it.

Then, I distance myself from Charlotte-san.

“Charlotte-san, please calm down.”

“Al, don’t move away from me …… because if you move away from me, Al will …… be just like him ────.”

Charlotte-san continued to fire ice magic, mainly at my feet, but I ducked all of it.

If Charlotte-san was serious, I don’t think I would have been able to at least duck all of Charlotte-san’s attacks in this room, but fortunately, Charlotte-san was only aiming at my feet, so I was able to avoid her,…… though, If I continue to do this, I may eventually get hit, and I, on the other hand, do not intend to attack Charlotte san…….

I opened the window of Charlotte san’s house and put my foot on the window.

“Charlotte san, I’ll be back properly,…… now just cool your head.”

“Wait Al, are you going somewhere? It’s dangerous to go out at night like this──── “

“I’ll be back tomorrow at the latest.”

Saying that, I got down from the window and started running to go far away from the Anastasia family mansion for now.

I’m sure it’s understandable that Charlotte-san is like this, because she lost the chance to meet the person she loved in her previous life in a way that was unreasonable for Charlotte-san.

It must be very painful for Charlotte-san, who cares about me so much,……, but I am sure this is the best thing for Charlotte-san right now.

“Oh no, wait, wait, Al…… Aruto kunn!”

I thought I heard Charlotte-san’s voice, but I ignored it despite my heartache and just kept running for now.

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