Was Kakeru eating the eel by himself right now?

If it was okay, he would have liked to have just a piece of it, but unfortunately, Aoto was not in a situation like that.

“–Hey there, Aoto.”


The one who approached Aoto was his ex-girlfriend, Onodera Himari.

Aoto was speechless at the first contact by his ex-girlfriend.

“Hey, don’t ignore me!?”

With a slight blush on her cheeks, Himari is acting as energetically as her character.

As if answering Himari, Aoto also replied, “Ah…sorry.”

“Hnnn, but I’m not sure yet, so I’m going to give you a final check!”


“Are you Rukawa Aoto? You?”

“Eh, Y-yeah? Yes, I am though.”

“Are you real?”

“It would be scary if it was a fake. ……”

There was no awkwardness at all, and they proceeded with their conversation as if they were acquaintances.

After confirming that there were no people around, Himari stepped forward a little and said.

“–My ex-boyfriend!?”

Himari disguised her embarrassment with her voice.

“I-I told you so!”

“I knew it. ……Mouu, I can’t believe I’m meeting you here.”

“I’m surprised too,…….”

“Why don’t you talk to me? Himari has been waiting for you for a long time!”

“No, that’s too high a level, as expected.”

The two men and women talking in front of the restroom.

But there is no one around and no one is listening to them.

Then, Himari made a suggestion.

“Hmmouu. Aoto, do you have any free time after this?”

Lunch break, unlike the break between other classes, lasts about an hour.
There were still about 50 minutes left, so Aoto answered, “Yes.”

He’ll apologize to Kakeru later.

“Well then, follow me for a bit! Let’s go!”

“Heyy, where are we going?”

“Come on! Just follow me!”

As instructed, HImari pulls him by the hand.

The place they arrived at was a classroom with no sign of anyone at all.

“What are you going to do?”

“What you disappeared on its own, so I guess I should slap you or something.”

Himari mentions the relationship that disappeared naturally.

After all, Himari also seemed to have some feelings about it.

“I’m afraid it’s a little too serious.”

“Ehehe it’s a lie. I’m not such a scary girl.”

“That’s right, I’m glad that you are the same as usual.”

Ever since junior high school, Himari was cheerful and made everyone around her smile.

It doesn’t matter who you are, she really gets along with everyone and is like the sun.

“Hey, Aoto, aren’t you a little nervous when you introduce yourself?”

“Of course I was!”

“Because we were there? Eh?”

“……, well, that’s part of it.”

“Ehehe, but I think it’s good to be Aoto. Being yourself is the best!”

Himari hits him with a fact that he can’t deny.

With ‘we’, it is definitely the ex-girlfriends.

“Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve seen your face.”

“That’s also my line.”

“It’s been a while…but is that really that long?”

“Well, yeah. We met in middle school.”

“You never talk to me.”

“No, I’m really sorry about that.”

He was dating Himari when they were in the first year of junior high school.
After they were in the same class and on a field trip together, they became closer and became friends.

After that, their contact changed from “sometimes” to “always” and they started dating.

However, at the end of their eighth year in junior high school, they both began to study hard for entrance exams, and they stopped contacting each other at all.

As a result, they stopped seeing each other or playing together, and when they did see each other at school, they didn’t even talk to each other.

“……We break up, right?”

The cheerful Himari asked Aoto with a face she didn’t usually show.

However, it must not be ambiguous.

“……Yes, that’s right.”

Aoto had no choice but to answer that.

If he answers, “We’re dating,” that’s the worst.

However, when the atmosphere started to get a little heavy, Himari, with her characteristic personality, corrected the course.

“Well! It can’t be helped!”

“Y-Yes, that’s right.”

“I was thinking about Aiti so much at the time that I failed my first choice of school.”

“Eh, really?”

“That’s right! I couldn’t study at all!”

“No, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s totally fine. In fact, I’m having fun at this school!”

The two of them were alone in the classroom, their voices echoing in the air.

Normally, this would be an awkward space and relationship, but after all, Himari was brightening the air like a “fairy”.

It was not only between her and Aoto, but also changed the atmosphere of the entire classroom

“–But I didn’t expect those two to be there”

Himari knew about the existence of Aoto’s ex-girlfriend.

This is why they are not getting along well.

“Really, I was surprised too.”

“Did you talk to her? Noa and Koharu.”

“No, I didn’t. I can’t really talk about it. In fact, it’s scary.”

“After all, I am easy to talk to because of my cheerful mood, right?”

“Well, that may be true.”

“Ehehe, thank you~”

“The two of them are still not on good terms with each other?”

Aoto asked, sounding a little hard to hear.

“Yeah, It was originaly sparkling, but after Aoto came, it became more sparkling!”

For some reason, Himari looks a little happy.

However, the truth is that all three of them have known each other since childhood.

They have been together since kindergarten, and attended the same compulsory elementary and junior high schools.

That is why they know each other’s and used to be good friends.

But that all changed when we were in elementary school.

Even now, Koharu, the perfect beautiful girl, has had that look since elementary school.

Koharu was a role model in everything she did.

When Noa learned that Koharu had dated Aoto, Noa’s jealousy became unbearable.

Due to this, she and Koharu did not get along well, and their conversations became minimal.

At this time, Himari was still in a neutral position and got along well with both of them.

But that would begin to change around junior high school.

Himari, who actually fell in love with Aoto behind the scene, confessed her feelings to him when she found out that Koharu had spontaneously disappeared.

As a result, they got together, but as expected, Noa and Koharu did not get along.

The talk group of the three had not disappeared, but it had not even been in operation for a while.

And so it has been up to now.

“I see. That makes me feel even more guilty.”

“It’s okay, girl fights are like this.”

“It’s too long for a fight,…….”

However, there are some things that are like this because Aoto himself did not make a clear move.

Aoto felt guilty for doing so.

“Hmm, don’t worry about it? You can just forget about it!”

Aoto felt even more guilty.

The face of Himari is filled with sadness, which makes him feel even more guilty.
Aoto couldn’t say anything to Himari.

“…Can I get into the main topic?”

“Oh, sure.”

The reason why she brought him to a place where no one would be able to see.

As if to reveal this, Himari opens her mouth.

“I said earlier that you can forget about it, but it’s about Noa and Koharu.”

“What do you mean?”

“…Don’t forget about me.”

The face of Himari, who looked away, is flushed.


Then, Himari said the true meaning of that statement.

“I still love you, Aoto! I love you, and I haven’t forgotten you at all! That’s why I will never lose.”

What Himari mentioned was “love”.

She was frustrated that her boyfriend had spontaneously disappeared.

As if to make it all go away, Himari told Aoto in a loud voice.

And – with a vow not to lose to the two of them.


“Well, I’m hungry, so I’m going back! Byebye Aoto!”

Watching Aoto fall silent at the sudden words, Himari left the classroom with light steps.

After saying everything she wanted to say and saying that she still loves him, there is no regret in Himari’s face.

There was no awkwardness, there was only a certain hope.

In the classroom.

He thinks about the statement from Himari with a calm mind.

“….What should I do?”

He thought about it, but no answer came to him.

The situation with three ex-girlfriends, all of which ended in spontaneous disappearance.

The more he thought about it, the more Aoto’s head was punctured.

Convinced that there was no more answer, Aoto stopped thinking and left the classroom.

There was only about 30 minutes left of the lunch break.

Aoto returns to his seat, and Kakeru says, “Welcome back.”

“Where have you been?”

“I had to go to the bathroom.”

“No, it’s been too long! No way. …….”

“I won’t let you say any more.”

Aoto interrupted before he could finish, as if to stop Kakeru from saying more.
The eel was still there.

“Seems good, I’ll give you my omelet, give me one of the eels.”

“No, no, no, it’s too little for the price.”

“It’s just to commemorate my new school.”

“……, I don’t have a choice.”

“Oh, thank you, Kakeru-sama.”

Aoto puts the eel, which makes him hungry just looking at it, on top of the white rice in his lunch box.

Seeing Aoto like that, Kakeru, not to be outdone, picks up the fried egg with his chopsticks.

“…… too good, these egg rolls.”

“Right? Isn’t my mom good?”

The taste was better than he had imagined, and Kakeru replied, “Yeah.”

“Hey, you look tired, Aoto.”


Suddenly, Kakeru said something like that.

It was too timely, and Aoto was clearly shaken.

“In the bathroom, it’s a long time, and you’re tired,……, no way”

“I’ll have the eel, please.”

Once again, Kakeru is having a bad imagination, so he interjects something to stop him.

He was glad that he was a short-sighted man.

By the way, the taste of the eel was so delicious that it washed away his fatigue.

After that, he spent a normal time and digested fifth and sixth periods.

“Yes, good-bye.”

After homeroom, he headed home.

It’s not far from home, which is about a 10-minute walk.

–I still love you, Aoto.

The words said by Himari.

He has no idea what to do.

Maybe the more he tries to seek an answer, the more he becomes unsure.

So, Aoto decided to let the future take its course and let his feelings take its course.

The sunset seen from the school gate.

The orange glow of the city shines brightly as if to push Aoto’s back.

-It is as if it is an omen of an event that will happen on the way home.

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