I gave my hamburger steak to Sakimiya-san, but was it really good? ……

I was eating the hamburger steak that Sakimiya-san made for me, when I suddenly thought to myself.

No matter how you think about it, it’s not as good as Sakimiya san’s hamburger, and I really would have preferred my own hamburger, but I wonder if she was just being considerate.

W-Well, I wanted to eat Sakimiya-san’s homemade hamburger steak, so the result was all right.

“Sakimiya-san, this hamburger steak is delicious!”


“S-Sakimiya san?”

Sakimiya-san is silently eating one bite of the hamburger steak, then another, while looking down on her face.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the hamburger?”

“No! Kazakiri-kun’s hamburgers …… are the best, that’s why!”

“Why are you crying, Sakimiya-san?!”

I thought I was looking down in despair, but the moment Sakimiya-san looked up, I saw tears in her eyes.

“Well, for now, wipe your tears with this handkerchief, Sakimiya-san.”

“Thank you, Kazakiri-kun. ……”

Sakimiya san took the handkerchief from me and immediately wiped her tears.

What really happened?

Did my hamburger taste bad?

But I only made the hamburger steak, right? Sakimiya san added the seasoning …….

I’m not sure why, but Sakimiya-san sometimes gets emotional, so maybe it’s okay. ……?

“A-Anyway, you should eat and take a bath soon. I made sure I put in the bath salts.”

“Thank you …… for being born, Kazakiri-kun.”

“F-For being born!?”

The strange looking Sakimiya-san finished her dinner in a nonchalant manner (while crying a little) as it was, and carried the dishes to the bath.

I was finally released from my nervousness when Sakimiya-san disappeared from the living room.

“Sakimiya-san is overreacting, isn’t she?”

I can’t believe she cried over my hamburger and ate it …….

I thought it was because it tasted bad, but she said, “No”

Sakimiya-san said, “Maybe he was pleased with it?

“Sakimiya san is eating my hamburger …….”

I couldn’t help but smile.

From now on, I’ll be living semi-living with Sakimiya san for a while…

I have to work hard to make her even more happy.



A high-pitched scream was suddenly heard.

F-from the bath…?


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